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2023-2024 Shawinigan Snow Reports


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22 November 

-2c snow   3-4” overnight 

I like what i am seeing so far. Winter setting in slowly. Some freeze some thaw makes for solid ground. 

Not our first snow but first one with real quantity.



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27 November 

0c    rain /snow mix

close to six inches of white wet overnight. 
rain snow now mostly rain 

still think you will need to wait longer than two weeks. 

Nice to look at. 

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In Clayton near Watertown it has been raining for 4 or 5 days not hard but steady.  My thoughts coming home Today was if we had the same temperature as last year we would have 2 feet of white stuff.  Just thinking what a difference a year makes.  But next week is going to be different. 


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38 minutes ago, sledfarmer said:

Iceman, there looks to be a decent amount of snow in your back yard , possibly one big dump of snow and groomers be going???

I think it will take a real big one or two. They need one just to fill ditches etc. 

many places are down to grass. 

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9 hours ago, iceman said:

Has the groomer gone by? 😉

If this Chez Ice grooming chat takes on steam (or diesel), I'll take January 15th please, just because, that's when I've waited for each year, regardless of my out of control internal itching & squirming & whining...

Looking forward,


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