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  1. Pirate ride.

    Looks like we will be in RDL Friday night. Easter is early this year. Stay up for another week, due beleive we will be hooking up with Eddieskidoo at some point this run
  2. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Capes are essential after unloading your sled for your ceremonial Braaaap around the parking lot, very common in upstate NY. Generally worn by parking lot superstars with loud pipes before Braaaping off down the trail!
  3.  Pourvoirie Windigo.

    Dam Thats a long vacation, doubt the ice is gone before May
  4. Pirate ride.

    ARRRR! LOL! Looks good fellas Who's the 4th, I thought it was just the 3 of you. No first week of April Gaspe run?
  5. Trip 3/16/17-3/19/17

    Looks great! We stopped twice this year at that trestle and both times a train went by. I've probably stopped there a dozen times over the years and never a train before
  6. Pirate ride.

    Give you credit riding with one eye. My buddy had to give up riding when he lost an eye. Was fine when sunny. But flat lighting and dusk was too much for him.
  7. Pirate ride.

    Looks like BJ took lessons from ya. You taught him well!
  8. Reverse issues reminds me of this one!
  9. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    If all goes well will be there in 2 weeks for the annual end of season run. Someone has to roll up the carpet and turn out the lights!
  10. You sure you dont want to give it another shot? Was looking forward to a nightly bedtime story!
  11. Back to the Delta Next Year

    90% female guests? Is that a bad thing? We stayed there a few years ago, expensive and I think there where only 3-4 people there.
  12. ?? Early happy hour?
  13. Lost gloves, sweatshirt, oil, etc.

    Yep, You usually learn after the first time! I rememeber finding a trail of bud cans and mittens one time. LOL! Knew it was Eric ahead of me.
  14. Rabaska/Parent/Kanawata/Manawan loop

    Thats why its great to have the bags on the sled. You can always stop when you want!
  15. It is an option. This model had a small bar, leather seating for 8 and a wood burning fireplace. There was a odd brass pole in the center which I assume was to help support the roof under snow load. Supposedly stable at speeds up to 60mph