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  1. Wont say on the first one as my sled is there!
  2. You think this is enough for the show thats about to unfold?
  3. Motel royal in Cabano stayed there last year
  4. It's the 1.6 which was available on the 19's. They did away with it for the 20's. I believe there where to many issues with it. Ice build up is huge in the tunnel. Have to beat the tunnel good especially in the mornings and after lunch stops.
  5. Both mine and my buddys with identical mileage are missing at least 20 lugs, most on the outer
  6. About 7500 miles on mine, other then a broken secondary spring no issues. The track on the other hand is a different story.
  7. Just a few trump supporters in DC yesterday! nothing to see here, no fraud Biden won! LOL!
  8. With 7 guys on that sled I would think there would be a tunnel through that drift !😳 I wonder how many would be left on the seat going over the bridge by Bae Comeau?
  9. For added fun make sure the seat has a fresh coat of Armor All!
  10. One way to save money on trail passes!
  11. Watch what happens if Trump ends up winning as he should! You'll be able to see the flames from North of the border! Looting will be at an all time high with Xmas around the corner! LOL!