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  1. 60 miles local! Basically just to try out a new set of carbides. Thought about Maine but didn't want to make the trek plus travel restrictions. Far cry from my 3000 mile average
  2. Gaspe in March, the only time to ride there for me! Nice pics!
  3. http://www.pourvoiriesduquebec.ca/prop.php?type=3&region=all
  4. Have a feeling alot will be up for sale if this continues. 1.2 mil canadian
  5. Lotsa ice in the G4's have to bang the tunnel with your boot every morning and after lunch breaks. My track shows the ice results!
  6. While smoking a cigarette to boot!
  7. I thought that was for loading it on the trailer?
  8. Opening day of the pool
  9. Hey Mike Is it true there is a 2 week quarantine for out of stater's, other then NH, VT and maine?
  10. Wont say on the first one as my sled is there!
  11. You think this is enough for the show thats about to unfold?