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  1. Anybody use the snow trackers on the pilot 6.9'S
  2. He is a good one to follow! I can attest to that
  3. It's an option for $299, just like the windshield. $15,000 sled whats a couple hundred more eh?
  4. I'm sure you probably could access the trails from the Marineau in mattawin
  5. Had Fxrfor years, jacket and bib very warm but heavy. My biggest complaint was not waterproof. Got caught out in the gaspe in rain, gave new meaning to the saying soaked to the bone. Have Klim now definitely not as warm, really have to layer up but staying dry is a plus. Still using the Fxr bib but will probably replace, tired of the wet ass 😧 when snowing!
  6. I heard they come with 6 shields from the factory for 2020😮
  7. Doesn't come with a windshield at all! Optional
  8. Should probably think about tuning up the mower and sharpening the blades. Looks like a week or so and you'll be ready for the first cut
  9. We've also gone there from RDL down the 85 through Edmunston to Moose valley. If I remember it was a little over 100 miles
  10. Something tells me he can probably afford it. Heard his next goal was to see how much fuel you can burn in a summer season on a formula Fastech
  11. That's what i thought it could be also when I googled NY snakes. Sent the pic to to neighbors here that trap. They said copperhead. Whatever, certainly don't belong in the basement!
  12. Had an awesome time with a great crew, a lotta laughs and great memory's for sure. Finished up with 1580 miles on this run. March riding is the best! After staying at camp in Lake George get back home today to my wife telling me there's a snake in the basement! Sure as hell. No expert but checked with the locals here and agreed it was a Copperhead. One of three poisonous snakes in the area. Luckily by a window I was able to hook it and fling it out the basement window, not a snake fan!
  13. We where probably still there. Changing in the rental building. Trailblazer walked over as he was just about to leave and saw us pull up. Would have loved to finally meet you after following all your posts!
  14. Yep, Especially when your solo, A lot more time on your hands