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  1. Maybe Team Ice can haul you around in this. Safely cruise up to 70mph they claim!
  2. Jackstraw

    What is your favorite snowmobile gloves?

    I have those same gloves and my hands are always cold. Just bought the ski doo leather ones. Hope there warmer. I'll know next week
  3. Jackstraw

    Oxygen Helmets

    To me it seems like the old deep sea diving helmets with the air hose. Can you stop and talk on the trail? Can you take a drink or have a smoke with it on?
  4. Jackstraw

    Suggestions planning Gaspe trip the end of January

    Perce yes if the weather is clear. We leave from Rdl . depending on weather we go clockwise or counter clockwise. The north shore is spectacular. Want to be there with clear skies if possible. have been to the gaspe at least 8 times now and decide on the fly which is why we go end of season
  5. Jackstraw

    Suggestions planning Gaspe trip the end of January

    That is my preferred loop x2 except in the end of March when everyone is gone.!
  6. Jackstraw

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Your dad was lucky to live to 95. My sister in laws twin sister just passed away this week at the age of 60. Had a small lesion removed from her thumb which turned out to be cancerous, Did MRI's and cat scans and found cancer through her whole body, stage 4. No symptoms, 8 weeks later gone. Life is short, enjoy life while you can! To say my sister in law is devastated is an understatement. They where in separable
  7. Jackstraw

    Suggestions planning Gaspe trip the end of January

    Why trailer all the way to Matane? Start in RDL. 6 days is plenty from there
  8. Little bastards is an understatement. Try staying on the same floor as them. You'd rather ride to the next town! Unless you like a hundred kids swinging hockey sticks in the hallways til midnight, never seen anything so crazy
  9. Yep Don't think there is a Doo dealer I haven't visited in all of QC. Even with new sleds this year I will be amazed if we can complete the week without a visit. Pretty sure it's never happened LOL!
  10. Jackstraw

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Think that one pic sums it up nicely!
  11. Jackstraw

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Enjoy Mike, look forward to your reports!
  12. Never make reservations in advance either, never works out. Headed up end of next week for 9 days. Don't know which direction we're going yet as usual. Generally deceide on the way up. usually book the nights lodging at lunchtime. Unless a popular small outfitter.
  13. Jackstraw

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Sorry to hear that JG, to live to 95 is a great achievement. He lived a great life
  14. Jackstraw

    la cache !!!

    X2 we stayed there last March upstairs. Great food and very accommodating
  15. Jackstraw

    When will it stop?

    We could give out an annual end of season QR Dumbass of the season trophy! May need more then one trophy though?