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  1. Amazing no one around with the lack of snow in the states, nice! 5 of us are headed up in the morning for a western run out of st come, it’s time!
  2. Personally have never heard of it. The Tremblant area is generally not sled friendly, that I do know
  3. Think it depends where tq3 is closed and for how long. Orange local looks to loop around
  4. I hate that little piece of paper, have seen it too many times!
  5. https://youtu.be/ojCPd-_vtJQ JG don't know if you've seen this video from a few days ago by st Zenon pulling a Honda off the trail, too funny!!
  6. That's the party day, strippers and open bar on the ferry!
  7. Roqumont in St Raymond Have left trucks there many times, great place
  8. It'll never happen, no way to run it on pump fuel at sea level, couldn't warranty it
  9. Wait till the snow melts and hike in with the wheels
  10. Weather channel is showing 8-12 Saturday night and 3-5 on Sunday for Shawinigan. Those guys are never wrong😲
  11. 2 weeks for my pass to arrive in NY, Took 4 weeks for my reggy renewal to arrive
  12. Yep No hurry, waiting for everything to open up
  13. Yep, Prefer to hang out with my 3 pups more so then ever!