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  1. Love march riding! Leaving saturday for a week!
  2. When mine was over reving it was right before the clutch grenaded
  3. The trail into Bae St Paul is a dead end now. Landowner doesn't want the trail on his property anymore. We where just there a few weeks ago.
  4. 16,000 miles on a 2 stroke is a ticking time bomb! Not worth taking the chance grenading 800 miles away from the truck. No thank you!
  5. Plenty of snow leaving next week for cote nord
  6. I would think with a heavy sled like that the best way would be to hit that drift at about 30mph. Should plow right through it with minimal air time😲
  7. I'm super happy with the 900T. Definitely lighter in the front end then my 1200. Plenty of power even at 60-70 MPH hit the throttle and there is still more unlike the 1200. My only complaint is the ITC throttle. Not much of an issue on open trails. In really tight twisties it's really twitchy and tuff to keep a steady pace and that's in standard mode. I'm running the 6.9 pilots and still trying to figure out the right carbides. Shapers don't work in the center. Putting 6" round bars in the center and the shapers on the outside per recommendation from Dootalk. Will try it out in 2 weeks. Can't comment on fuel mileage, have't checked. For saddlebagging in QC I think it's the perfect sled. Done with 2 strokes, lugging oil and worrying about when she blows 800 miles from your truck. Loved my 1200, put 20,000 miles on her, this sled just feels better!
  8. So did you boys remove the cup or wait for it to dribble down his leg?😯
  9. Nice adventure, enjoyed following along. I think more then a few hours with 10 guys in that cabin would be plenty!
  10. Jeepers, is it really that big a deal? You don't have to fill the tank, what is it an extra $10 for fuel in the middle of no where? Ain't a cheap sport if $10 breaks the bank maybe this ain't the right sport! LOL!
  11. Looks like you had a great trip, enjoyed reading along. La Coulee Douce looks like the place we stopped for lunch years ago late March after getting caught in a torrential downpour. Stopped there and they offered to put our gear in the dryer as we where soaked. Proceeded to eat lunch in our underwear, at least we where the only ones there!
  12. Was one of the only rides I wasn't on with Eric. That would have been a solo truck to Shawinnie! How many miles now on the 850?
  13. Except when your on a bag trip 800 miles from your truck. Happened too many times with us in the last 12 years. Not worth the hassle. Fine if you do day loops