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  1. Team Travels

    Negril, My favorite place, been there more times then I can remember. Enjoy! Put a sticker at Ricks Cafe after a back flip off the cliffs!
  2. look what I've found.

    The dog looks like it's saying I'm gonna piss on this Yamaha
  3. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    What kind of animal is drilling those holes in the tree? I have the exact same holes in a huge pine that's 3ft from my cottage upstate. Does not look very safe
  4. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Think those pics are from 2016
  5. HAPPY summer sports to all .

    Just go to st raymond and ride up. Thats got to knock a few hours off. Looks like the 23 recently groomed to boot
  6. One More Ride-Still Grooming??

    To keep the drive time down probably St Raymond. See the tq23 was just groomed last night. Still plenty of snow from RDL and also see fresh grooming but another couple hour drive.
  7. One More Ride-Still Grooming??

    I don’t think I would worry to much about grooming. There’s no traffic. Think we passed 10 sleds last week in 1250 miles
  8. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Haha, I was only joking about the hi jack. I’m sure your right about the hotel parties but unless you speak French I think your shut out. And after 6 days of riding and a 10 hour ride in the morning, wasn’t in a party mood. Especially getting up at 5:30am. Actually thought it was pretty funny at first. 2 hours later not so much
  9. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Holy hijacked thread Batman!
  10. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Remind me never to stay at a hotel with a hockey tournament there. WTF! The third floor was complete kaos! There must have been 20 kids running up and down the hallway. Wacking balls with hockey sticks. I think every luggage cart was in the hallway. Parents drinking and shouting in the hallway. This went on till almost 11pm security was a grey haired lady, I think the kids bound and gagged her. I was ready to grab a luggage cart in my undies and start mowing people down like a plow! WTF!
  11. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Yea was hoping to get a ride in with ya also. Couldn’t hit the 20k mark on mine this trip and now probably never will. 900t is where I’m leaning, but the price has me thinking of other options
  12. Gaspe- Season Ender

  13. Gaspe- Season Ender

  14. Gaspe- Season Ender

  15. Gaspe- Season Ender

    Day 6 Its a wrap. Back to the truck safe and sound. Left amqui this morning with freezing fog for the first half hour. The plan was the 587 towards st Irene and deceide to drop down to New Brunswick or not. 587 not a ripple sweet. Decision made to stay in QC this time. 587 to 35 to the 85 . All absolutely perfect, o traffic, passed only 4 sleds 10 miles from rdl. Stopped at ski area in biencourt for lunch. 6 sleds from New Brunswick there. Girl there that works at moose valley said it’s a zoo there, no Phil not Josie! But Just as cute and works with her. Its boys week there Everything is full including all local camps. Glad we didn’t drop down this time. 199 miles today, 1250 miles for this run. 4100 miles for the season. Ready for summer and boating season! If anyone is interested in a 2012 1200 with 19,600 easy Canadian miles on her she’s parked out by the road in front of the hotel with the key in it. Please let me know. Would like to get rid of it tonight. No questions asked