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  1. Yeah great ride. Thanks for taking us along. When I was in Manawan years ago I got the same vibe. Filling up the sleds guys were pulling up to the store in white cargo vans just watching us. Never took their eyes off us. While getting gas the kids were hanging around jumping on the sleds, eating bags of chips and just throwing the empty bags on the ground, dogs watching them, drooling all over waiting for just a crumb. Then heading out of town kids were lined up along the road slapping high 5's with us as we rolled through. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they are good people but man it has the vib of don't take your eyes off anything you don't want to grow legs! The cages on the gas pumps and on every wall in the store says there is good reason to be concerned IMO.
  2. Super sneaky. We said if these were in NY they'd have a helipad right next to the first one.
  3. Being careful on the hills before the reservation is an understatement! Especially the first 1 you come to. Get ready to change your drawers if you come at it with any kind of speed.
  4. I have Klim Fusion gloves. Didn't like them at first but now they are ok. On cold days I put my gauntlets on the handlebars anyway and I barely need to have the heated grips on. I never could find another pair of the old Ski Doo gloves I use to have. I would have bought 10 of those and stock piled to have the same ones the rest of my life. Those were great gloves.
  5. Head north. Free weekend this weekend. The western loop to St Michel I would avoid like the plague!
  6. Slow to post anything but here it is. Stayed with Reggie and did loops from the Drakkar. Thursday went west on 23 to La Cabanon up 345 and back on 360, 23. Chased Shaggy and his better half around on their new Assaults but couldn't keep up . Conditions were good. Loved coming back on 360. Glad we did St Michel area on Thursday as you could tell there was more traffic in that area. Weekend prob would have been miserable. Friday nice and cold! Ran to La Tuque via 351, 355 back on 73, 353, 23, 302. 1 crew member blew his 800R next to the airport in La Tuque after lunch. Couldn't have happened in a better place. Could literally see the Motoneige clubhouse from where his sled sat. Made a few calls and turned out the president of the club had a truck and was willing to drive him back to Drakkar for $150CAN. Couldn't beat that! Nice guy too from what I was told. Again trails were nice. 351 clearly had not been groomed since the weekend even though the map showed it had been groomed. Was still fresh snow from the week and had a single lane running it. Was smooth though so no problems. 355 was a blast! 73 was a great run back too. We really enjoyed this loop. Saturday was again cold but no problems. Ran back out 302, 353 to 23 and back around on some local trails. Nice easy day. Traffic was picking up by end of the day so we hit the train station and back to Drakkar before Pascal took us out for a wild night not suitable for this forum. All in all a great time. Beat looking at the grass at home for sure.
  7. Very dooable loop. I did something similar last year in reverse order and started from Shawinigan. On way to Lac St Jean I would go to Mont Apica for gas vs. L'Etape. Easier in and out. There is also a neat overlook at Mont Apica (dead end orange trail opposite side of road from outpost). Your day 2 through Mont Valin is a great ride and fast from there down to Sacre Coure. From the Ferry into the casino it's pretty twisty and slower but nice scenery. Casino is best place I've stayed in Quebec. Bring your swim gear for the the outdoor pool. From there back to casino the first and middle part of the leg is nice in the mountains. I find the power lines the last stretch of the way in the city a little boring but that's just my preference. Still a great ride.
  8. Just booked with Reggie for Jan 9-13 and it was the last room for those dates.
  9. Hope it was the sweatshirt and not the hat she got you!
  10. Looks like a good reason to keep right on going!
  11. Oh momma! I'm drooling here.
  12. Dec 23 looks like a nice date to get the groomer out!
  13. Will I have to show ID to vote? How long will it take to count all the absentee ballots? Will ballots be found after the groomer has gone by?
  14. I'll believe it when I see it!