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  1. Make sure to go on Presidents weekend to get full effect!
  2. Looks like you got your wish! Best of luck getting back!
  3. Although I am going to argue that snowmobiling is essential traffic!
  4. Safest place to be is on the trail! #NoCOVID-19ONSNOWMOBILETRAILS!
  5. This is an understatement!
  6. Yeah but how many kids are riding your sled while you sleep?
  7. I've done Forestel to Draveur in Maniwaki in a day before. Was a long day but doo-able.
  8. Are the beds any softer at l'Ombre du Vent than they were 3 years ago? Nice places.
  9. Here in NY with the new bail reform laws, this guy would be back out on the street without bail right now.
  10. I will vouch for the accommodations at Ombre du vent. Great place!
  11. Yeah great ride. Thanks for taking us along. When I was in Manawan years ago I got the same vibe. Filling up the sleds guys were pulling up to the store in white cargo vans just watching us. Never took their eyes off us. While getting gas the kids were hanging around jumping on the sleds, eating bags of chips and just throwing the empty bags on the ground, dogs watching them, drooling all over waiting for just a crumb. Then heading out of town kids were lined up along the road slapping high 5's with us as we rolled through. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they are good people but man it has the vib of don't take your eyes off anything you don't want to grow legs! The cages on the gas pumps and on every wall in the store says there is good reason to be concerned IMO.
  12. Super sneaky. We said if these were in NY they'd have a helipad right next to the first one.