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  1. JBlavl

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Dec 23 looks like a nice date to get the groomer out!
  2. JBlavl

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Will I have to show ID to vote? How long will it take to count all the absentee ballots? Will ballots be found after the groomer has gone by?
  3. JBlavl

    Winter forcast

    I'll believe it when I see it!
  4. JBlavl

    Matane Hotel

  5. JBlavl

    Gaspe- Season Ender

    Wow great pictures! Perfect weather for sure.
  6. Everything Triggerhappy says is your best bet IMO.
  7. JBlavl

    Reggie Strikes Again

    For sure. Reggie could not be a nicer guy. Everything was nice clean and well taken care of at Drakkar as well. Ran east on mostly 3 yesterday with a few sidetracks and shortcuts. Couple fresh inches most of the way to QC. Trails in good shape and mostly groomed. Ran into some freezing rain before QC which was a nuisance. Stopped for lunch at the golf course. Nothing fancy just wanted to put something in our tanks and keep moving. East of QC snow started piling up after the power lines. Some areas id say picked up at least a foot of snow Wednesday night. Thankfully people ran through there in the morning and broke the trail open otherwise we'd been blowing through the 91 octane. Sections of 3 were choppy. Others were down right rough. Still a good run. Needed fuel so ran down 378 to Baie St Paul. Looked at the grooming map hoping 378 had been groomed more recently than 3. White line. Opted to go back to 3. Got to 377 and fresh groomer tracks! Yatzhee. Down 377 and 378 groomed all the way to Fairmont. Ran into NH Moose and crew in the hot tub. Nice meeting those guys and talking sleds. Off for Sag today.
  8. JBlavl

    Reggie Strikes Again

    Didn't even have our gear in the room yet. My brother Drewski got cut off in this one.
  9. JBlavl

    Ride Suggestions Ideas 3/11 - 3/17

    I'm heading for the Casino tomorrow then up 3 across the ferry before heading up to Mont Valin. I will give an update when I get back on how much snow there is from Casino heading up 3. Posts by Quebec Bob and Sno Horse suggests that Cote Nord has more snow than they know what to do with.
  10. JBlavl

    Hotel Cancellation Policies

    I have not called anyone yet. I noticed their website prices are higher than those listed on priceline and sites of the like.
  11. JBlavl

    Western Quebec

    A report from Timberman on Friday suggested that if you are heading north to the Mont Laurier area don't get off the black trail till Sainte Anne du Lac.
  12. Starting at Drakkar on Wed night then heading for the Casino then the Delta and back to Drakkar on a 3 day loop. Already book at Drakkar both start and finish days. Figure small place and want to get the place I want. They have a reasonable cancellation policy (24hr). When I went to book at both the casino and delta it was either pay up front, non refundable for lowest fare, or pay a little more for no fee cancellation. But fine print says only no fee cancellation up to 48 hours in advance. So question is are these places large enough that I shouldn't have a problem getting a room if I call at lunch day of our ride there? Casino will be a Thursday night, Delta will be a Friday night. I'd hate to book ahead and have weather or a break down etc change plans and still get boned with a room I don't use. Also don't want to not book then get stuck without a room because of a hockey tourney or something.
  13. JBlavl

    2017/18 Quebec Trail Passes

    They've never put the time on the 3 day passes I've got the last couple years. Just the date you want to start riding and the date you finish.
  14. I have a couple bottles of that Maple Whiskey at home. I better drink one before I head up to get good an acclimated!
  15. Just booked with Reggie for the 28th and 3rd. Doing a loop up to the Casino the Delta and back. Sounded like a nice guy on the phone.