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  1. That poor Bastard ! ! 😱 I can’t wait to get home and give the bride a hug 😘
  2. Oh yes it is. Always loved that trail !!
  3. Although I’m still able to work some.My shop and truck have never been this clean !
  4. Yea, that's one shitty " driveway " Mrs. Pipemaster would not like that one at all !
  5. Plus gloves on hands and feet , should look great !
  6. Yum Yum ! That‘s on a lot of people’s menus these days. Enjoy
  7. These two Jerkoffs have been pissing on each other forever. Andy has had his troopers on the bridges, city beaches and even roaming around in our small Village in Nassau county for years now.. Warren Wilhelm Jr. ( DeBlasio )is a Joke ! They need to work together on this !
  8. After starting in the Catskills, Old Forge & Pittsburgh wife and I went to Idaho/ West Yellowstone on our own and had a blast. Then a Decker tour of the UP and the wife liked the tour thing. Then on a trip to Pittsburgh wife and I and my 2 brothers rode into Quebec and did a loop back through Vermont back to Pittsburgh and I knew I was on to something ! Our first trip to Quebec was in 98 on a Nordic Evasion tour from Montabello to Fer Chavel and back and that was it ! The guide was Lawrence Langevin who was the first ever President of the FCMQ, Great Guy ! We rode with Lawrence a couple years and unfortunately he passed away. ( Lawrence was on that ride in 1975 that Iceman posted a video of )Then heard about New England Bob and rode with him a few times and then we were off to the races ! This was season 22 for the wife and I in Quebec and it’s still as good as it gets ! Thanks to all the Clubs ,volunteers and all the Great people of Quebec who make it all happen. And of course a big thanks to everyone on Quebec Rider Dave & Sharon
  9. Pretty crazy. Is that video taken recently ??
  10. We did a few trips with Bob probably 15-18 years ago. learned alot and met some great people with Bob. Good to here He's doing OK This site, and quadding the Mass state forests (or any motor toys anywhere) are the methadone/binky.
  11. SHIT IS getting real !! Very Funny, had to listen a couple of times. GREAT STUFF. People are getting real creative during these times.
  12. WOW ! sounds like my Man needs some coloring books, and maybe a Puppy
  13. I'll be there with the wife on Monday night. Sounds like a nice place. I'll report back. Dave & Sharon
  14. Same here. I'll be rolling into the Double Tree with the wife on Sat !
  15. I don't plan on being out that way this year but that's good news. We stayed there when it was much smaller. We returned to new owners and big renovation, a pleasant Surprise ! I thought the place was Great, owner, barmaid and staff very nice. Food was good as far as I remember. Good to see them getting some business this season.