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  1. trails officially opened in Lanaudiere!

    Great news there Mr. Towing !! Good to see you posting so early. I'll take that as a good sign. Enjoy the Holidays ! Thanks
  2. St.Zenon area boxing day

    Real Masse would be a great choice. We have stayed there more than a dozen times over the last 15 yrs or so. Great people, a nice choice of good food and you can hit a bunch of trails from there and do some nice loops. Stay away from weekends if possible. Good luck
  3. St Raymond North?

    We have a trip planned out of the Roquemont on Jan 15 with a group of 9. Sure hope things shape up before then !! 17 F and snowing now, bring it on !
  4. Mt Valin looking good

    I'll second that. Great report. Thanks
  5. Ice’s new ride

    and how nice and green the grass is
  6. Wow, so early in the season !!! RIP
  7. Where is this?

    The back of Canada Adventure ??
  8. Meanwhile today at the Delta...

    Looking good !!
  9. On line trail permits

    Well that's GREAT news then !! You certainly don"t want the clubs to get less than what they get now.
  10. On line trail permits

    do the clubs loose out on anything by us buying passes online ???
  11. Slow Times

    Patiently waiting for SNOW
  12. My Name is?

    Me too. I guess we're a Team now If you would like to know what your Porn Name would be. Your first name would be the name of your first pet. Your last name would be the name of the street you first lived on. My Porn Name would be "Coco Buckingham "
  13. SkiDooing to the North Pole - Snowmobiling.com

    Cool read, all that and those sleds were dinasours ! Those Boys had BALLS !
  14. DRC Alma fire

    JFK was shot !
  15. Iceman's Season Ender part deux

    New 600 SDI in the ole' Girl ??