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  1. X2, Thanks Towing. Happy Birthday Kriki. Picked up my new 900T on Saturday and can't wait to try her out ! Our first planned trip is Jan 20 however the way things look maybe sooner. Thanks again
  2. LOL ! I thought the same thing.
  3. I think this was a pic to show how much snow they got ?
  4. Yes, that's were we met. Maybe more than once. Good Luck
  5. Best of luck with your new ownership ! My first trip to Quebec, 20+ yrs ago we stopped there for lunch and have launched from and stayed there a few times. I assume you'll have the same rooms in the main building and in the back ? We used to park sleds in garage across the street, will that still be an option ?
  6. LOL, I was thinking the same thing ! You never know what's on the other side. Great video,Thanks
  7. WOW, That's too bad. We stayed there the year they expanded and thought it was great. The night we were there the place was full. Thanks for the info. Let us know if you find out why ?
  8. It looks trail 322 crosses the Baskatong at different location also
  9. Martin is a cool , off the beaten path kinda place. Rustic yes, but food and hospitality are great ! Cabins only,no lodge. We have a group of 8 staying there in January. First time we headed there the groomer was down and it was a bitch getting there and we took a road back to Clova the next morning. I believe it's just under 30 miles from Clova
  10. Pics are GREAT as usual. Thanks Groomer !
  11. Count Me in for a couple of shirts 👍
  12. You going for a ride or to the electric chair ??
  13. A group of us rode Tug Hill a few years back, never go back. We rode up in New Hampshire ( Ride the Wilds ) a couple if times, very nice ! Last year we did day trips out of Rabaska. Now that was a Blast ! First time ever in Quebec for most of the group so Rabaska was a Grand Slam, I looked like a hero. Hope this helps out
  14. I was told by my dealer last month that they"re only getting 6 helmets, all in WHITE !