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  1. Wow, that's to bad. I have stayed there with the boys and the wife many times. Real was always good to us,food and service was good. In the 25 years going to Quebec, Real's was the only place we ever got a drink on the house ! RIP Real Masse'
  2. No, we jumped on 33 at North end of resivoir.
  3. Any idea the mileage of local trail from Fontbrune to Notowassi ?
  4. We parked in St Michele last week. Jumped on the reservoir and off and running north, cutting quite a few miles off of 63 & 33. Worked out well.
  5. What’s the story with Real Masse ? I was told last week from another outfitter that they weren’t going to open at all this season . I believe they were only open on weekends last year .
  6. I agree, however that’s always a gamble. It also depends on how many in the group.
  7. We just ran from Clova to Pensive and on to Club Gatineau on Friday. Pretty straight run, not groomed but beats the shit out of 83. The new orange trail from Gatineau to Notowissi is nice !
  8. I like the glass sculpture you have with you 😁
  9. We unfortunately had lunch there twice last week. The best part of lunch was the 2 cute waitress.
  10. Not something you want to come across at night 😳 And who leaves that in the middle of the road ?
  11. I'll second that. We came down Lepine on Friday from Clova to the new orange trail to Club Gatineau for lunch. No way were we going back on 83 east !!
  12. I can’t believe they actually opened this section ! Trail is a mess, no snow on the road and logging trucks flying down the narrow road. Very dangerous
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