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  1. Our group is planning on a Maine trip for January and see how things go for February and March. So much still up in the air.
  2. WOW ! A lot of imagination there ! Great pics as allways 👍 Thanks
  3. Hey Groomer , I figured you would get a kick out this picture.
  4. For all those nut jobs that are offended by our great flag, this pic is for you !
  5. I stand corrected, WE got !!!
  6. It looks like Hillary is having a Grand old time out in the Hamptons. I guess this is how you dress for the beach if your from Arkansas !
  7. I think 80 million voters voted against Trump rather than for Biden and this is what they got !
  8. A Great thing to do with the family ! The wife , my 2 brothers and I rode dog sleds years somewhere near Manawaki. Definitely was a very cool Quebec experience
  9. Wow ! I certainly don’t remember that. That must be 30 + yrs ago We may all be needing a nursing home pretty soon . 😁
  10. Wow, The Roquemont has really changed in the last 20 yrs or so ! ! I guess for the better, Microbrewery is real nice but the restaurant is always busy now. Can’t wait to get back !
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