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  1. Thanks for report and pics. Wife and I stayed at Vilain and didn't get out of breakfast until 10:30. I wish they gave us that option, nice of them ! A Happy sled in the morning is always a good thing. :) Is Celine back at Kanawata ??
  2. Patent Pending !!!!! LMAO !
  3. THAT is what I need to know !! That setup defies everything I ever learned about snowmobiling LOL ! Thanks for the report and pics
  4. X2 , I've seen people at Real Masse using them to hump their gear from the parking lot. But to have them supplied and hanging in place you can't beat that !
  5. Quite a while ago I believe ?
  6. That’s Awsome ! And everyone is safe, no harm done. Thanks
  7. Wife and I stayed there a few weeks ago. Real nice place, hot tubs,good food and right on trail. We stayed in one of the condo like units , very nice. I would go back for sure !
  8. We need an address and postal code ??
  9. I got one also. Right away the wife thinks I did something stupid ! LOL Thanks for saving me a phone call.
  10. No kidding ! I just figured Icemans posts would get funnier and more creative after that little dig ! maybe he’ll reconsider ?
  11. I was wondering why the Iceman wasn't posting. Wow you think Iceman would have a little bit thicker skin than that. One little insult and off he goes. Very dissapointed in both parties. Iceman and his reports are missed very much. Too bad for all !
  12. Yea I was there 2 weeks ago with the wife and she commented on how much $ . Still not that bad with exchange rate it's $120.00 US
  13. I have left truck and trailer here a few times and no problems.