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  1. We just booked our January trip for Maine. This would be 18-20 yrs that we have done our January trip in Quebec with the same group of guys. With the uncertainty with crossing the border we decided to do Maine. Maybe February or March we can get back to the Real thing ! Thinking about Wyoming in February with the bride, it’s been 25 years. We were there for our 10th wedding anniversary. Man time flies ! !
  2. NYC is a mess. Drove the wife into Manhattan this morning to drop off paperwork and this is what is going on in Midtown at 8:00 AM. Both guys shooting up. Real Nice ! Ironic how there is a giant needle in background. Didn’t notice at first
  3. Thanks Mike,New Whalers are very pricey. My buddy has a 1973 17’ center console also. Hard to kill
  4. Thanks Ice, BOAT , I wish it was a thousand. It always seems to be much more ! The bigger the boat the bigger that hole gets ! I’ll post a pic when she’s in the water
  5. My buddy had this sitting in his driveway over 4 years so I put some air in the tires and off to my shop. 1988 boat motor and trailer. 15’ Boston Whaler Sport , 70 HP Johnson and Highlander trailer. Boat used in salt water so trailer got new tires, rims, bearing & races, bearing buddies, new wiring & lights, used SS winch and carpeted runners. Boat had small fire from fireworks and has been siting since 2013 so lots of elbow grease, new mahogany, new battery,new lenses And LED bulbs for lights. We had motor running with ear muffs so it’s off to marina for final checkup and She should be in the water maybe next weekend as the marinas are very busy.
  6. That poor Bastard ! ! 😱 I can’t wait to get home and give the bride a hug 😘
  7. Oh yes it is. Always loved that trail !!
  8. Although I’m still able to work some.My shop and truck have never been this clean !