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  1. Pipemaster

    Conditions around Saguenay and Mt.Valin

    Wife and I will be at the Delta Sunday. This will be her first trip to Paradise and with new sled. She should be very happy with both. Looking foward to meeting some of the other QR's Dave & Sharon
  2. Pipemaster

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    This is starting to sound like an episode of Seinfeld !!
  3. Pipemaster

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    LOL ,I was thinking the same thing. Maybe showering together ......
  4. Pipemaster

    Jackman Maine to Quebec City help/suggestions

    Check out the web site for the Carnival as it has full schedule of events etc. Maybe try to be there while it's dark as everything is lit up really cool . let us know how you made out. Have Fun !
  5. Pipemaster

    Those Damn Canadians .....

    SEE !!! They're at it again !
  6. Pipemaster

    Redscreen Riders - February 20th-24th

    P/N 860 200 623 They go over the back of the seat and have straps on each side that connect underneath seat and another around the back of seat. Add a ratchet tie down to running boards and your go to go. I think they work great. Lots of pockets and some dividers inside.
  7. Pipemaster

    Redscreen Riders - February 20th-24th

    Did you look at the Ski Doo comb saddle bags ? They sit a little further back and have quite a bit of room. Just got a second set yesterday the wife’s new sled. Heading up the 10th !
  8. Pipemaster

    Those Damn Canadians .....

    ALWAYS !!!!!! One of the reasons we keep going back. This is our 20th season in Quebec and still lovin it !
  9. Pipemaster

    Those Damn Canadians .....

    Are the Best ! A Big shout out to Stephan and his crew at Le Pub Hotel and Resto in Riviere - Rouge right on trail 63 next to gas station. I left my phone in the restaurant at lunch on our last day. By the time I realized the phone was missing the sleds were in trailer and we were racing home to beat a storm. No time to go back by sled or truck. I called that night and the girl said it was there, call back tomorrow. A couple of my guys were Way more concerned about me getting my phone back than I was. The wife called while we were driving home the next day and spoke to Stephan the owner. Stephan would not take a prepaid Fedex or money. Well needless to say I have My phone and a shitty pair of readers to boot ! The postage was $46.00 CA to send the phone ! I have a nice note and a little something for Stephan going tomorrow. Gotta Love our friends in The Great White North ! Dave L , "Pipemaster "
  10. Pipemaster

    Jackman Maine to Quebec City help/suggestions

    Wife and I will be riding out of the Delta Feb 11-14 and will be in Quebec City for the Winter Carnival Feb 15-17. We have been to Carnival twice over the last 15 yrs or so and it's a Blast ! Lots to see and do in and around Carnival and Old City. Dress warm, lots of walking around. Have Fun, Safe trip
  11. Pipemaster

    ON MY WAY!!!

    Much worse !
  12. Pipemaster

    Fer A Cheval or 100 Lacs

    If Ben a rather heavy set fellow who has been there for a few years then yes he's still there. Great food !
  13. Pipemaster

    Fer A Cheval or 100 Lacs

    Both are great in their own way. Cheval has a newer section with condo like rooms the wife may like, and you don't have to go outside for drinks and food. We had great lunch at Cheval last week. Haven't stayed there in 15 years or so but it's a nice place. Have a great ride !
  14. X2, Was there 2 yrs ago with the wife, very NICE !