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  1. If we get you one of theses Bad Boys you can bring along a honey or two ! Maybe you’ll reconsider grooming ?
  2. I agree, this should make for an interesting season. Wife and I were planning on going out west in February, that's on hold for sure. Wait and see 🙁
  3. Same thing happened down here on Long Island with boating. Lots of boat traffic, newbies and boats and boaters coming out of storage.
  4. That's so funny it could be true !
  5. I'll take one for the wife and one for myself !
  6. I’ll second that. Just ordered new version.
  7. I’ve been to 5 Lakes with the Wife a few times but never further North that Libby Camps . Just snooped around on the old intraweb and came up with this plan. We have a big group ( 8-10 guys ) so I like to make reservations early. We have done a January trip 20 plus years in Quebec with the same group of guys but I don’t see that happening this year. Let’s hope for cold and snow.
  8. Our first trip up North in Maine. We had the same problem with putting together a bag trip. So far our plan is : 2 nights at 5 Lakes lodge in Millinocket 1 night at Hewes Brook Lodge 1 night at The Inn at Acadia 1 night at Homestead Lodge 1 night 5 Lakes Lodge Maybe this will help some. Any input is welcome.
  9. I had the same issue. The ITS map shows distance if you scroll in closer. Some of the local trails you'll need a club map.