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  1. Have a 17 X and 18 XRS both have TS skis, have shimed skis for many years, I like the idea of adjusting the carbide for conditions, they do push in soft snow, so I updated to the 20 TS ski. But not many miles this season for a few reasons, so I can’t be sure if they are any better.
  2. I never say it’s over till sometime in May as it makes next season not so far away.
  3. My first time was with a buddy that would do 3 or 4 day minimum rides, and huge miles, he and his buddies all had RX1’s and only wanted to let you ride with them if you had newer 4 stroke, i worked in a family business and was not able to do that many days away from work. For years he kept telling me how great the riding was, so finally he had a spot open for a 3 day, we drove to Thetford Mines it was 2004, I had a 03 F7 and the first morning I thought the pull start rope was going to break took me a dozen pulls just to get it loose enough to start, it did finally start, and was amazed at the trail system, signage, and views. Have been riding in Quebec every year since.
  4. Ride out of Jackman a lot and saddleback to Quebec, tend to take Friday off and come back Sunday afternoon in less than 10 minutes pass more sleds than the 3 days in Quebec, and the trails in Jackman are beat up, unless it’s a cold under 10 degree day. Always curious if everyone in Jackman have DUI’s or is it they just don’t have passports?
  5. Over the years trying to keep the family in current sleds has become really tough, trading up has gotten very expensive, especially when accessories won’t fit the new sled, plus daughter in college was going to be hard to justify spending the money anyway. Never felt so unsure of the future, and it’s not only the virus, as I am close to 60 and starting to feel older. So I will be keeping what I have, which is a nice 4 sled stable, just wish I had a cabin somewhere so I could get out more often, trailering every ride is getting old.
  6. Jean, doesn’t look that bad, but this weekend looks like some rain, but after that cold again! Thanks again for all you do!
  7. Riding buddy says it won't be worth it as you be able to ride a little but gates will be mostly closed?
  8. Wish it wasn't 11 hour drive, as I really would need 4 - 5 days, between work and family stuff will be hard to put it together any time soon
  9. From the temps. they are forecasting it looks like more riding this weekend?
  10. How many hours coming from Massachusetts?
  11. Rode Friday and Saturday Jackman to Cabano and back to Jackman trails where perfect, 2 days 600 miles in the truck and 600 miles on perfect trails, even nice in Jackman. Hope to do this again next weekend but looks like jet stream is not going to cooperate. I hope the forecasters are wrong!
  12. 4:00 Friday morning 5 hour ride to Jackman, on the trail by 10:00 just over 300 miles to Cabano all trails perfect, Saturday on the trails at 7:30 again trails perfect back to Jackman, home by 8:00 Saturday. Hope to do this run again before it's over but the weather doesn't look good. Was a perfect last ride if it's over for me.