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  1. Thanks to all my Quebec Rider friends. Have meet so many great people while touring around. Hope to see all of you soon. Might even have to think about retiring soon. Winter is just to short. Thanks again Ed
  2. Great job as usual Enjoy your summer Is't today a special day in your life??? HAPPY BIRTHADY MY FRIEND !!! Take today off and relax . Ed.
  3. Any guesses as to what burnt. Maybe another team gutz project??? Sorry Don, I just had too. LoL
  4. Looks like it was done about 3days ago. Not much traffic in that area. It to get your self the l motoneige app
  5. Blue monkies are bad luck . You'll see . I would ditch him asap.!
  6. Thank you Don.!!! The groomer package came today . Got all kinds of stickers . gift certificates to aristocrate pizza in Shawinigan and a fuel card . Also 2 nights at the motel Drakkar for 2 people . IT was just a lucky guess. IT wasn,t like hitting power ball , but a lot of fun . Gives us something to do till the snow flys Thanks again , Eddieskidoo
  7. hey , JG , you been in the wine bottle this after noon?? Looks like that pic was taken from your easy chair ..
  8. Giraffe??? spent 3 days there a few years back ... and never saw a giraffe .,Must be a personal joke .
  9. Merry Christmas to all , and happy new year
  10. PHIL , 2 sleds ??? I know your past history LOL. Have fun and speed safetly
  11. Everybody gets lucky one time in there life . Was in the area wed night on our way to mattiwin, and saw that a groomer crossed highway 155 in shawinigan and said maybe tonite ... Dave and myself road all around the lecabinon area thurs and fri. then home yesterday. Don, thanks for the fun before the season starts. Hope to see all of you guys soon. And to all the other people who guessed ,there's always next yr , Ed
  12. One of my best ridding buddys She never gives up !! if your cooking I 'll be there. When???