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  1.  Pourvoirie Windigo.

    We were there sat nite , for the second time this year .She put us in the cabin to the left , looking at the lake . love staying there. Her helper stephenie not shabby to look at either. lol
  2. Redemption Radar tower

    once you get to the intersection of 587 and 591 , its about 10.6 miles. the trail goes hard left , keep going str. sometimes the groomer will take you right to the tower.
  3. Westbound from Shawinigan

    looks like a little rain today ??? for that area ?? HATE IT!!!. will look for a report tonite. have fun and be safe.
  4. 2018 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions/Gossip/Tidbits

    Looks good mike . there's 3 guys that I call the replacements there tonite. I told them what room ur in . good people . glad your back at the office , How many more day till the big one ?
  5. Village Grande near Cap Chat

    I did hear that the owner or manger when we went ,was getting ready for his vacation . ...and he was a one and done . if your not on snowshoes tough s...t
  6. Village Grande near Cap Chat

    its about 7 miles off tq 5 ... .trail is usually quite good. always seem not interested when you call and ask about rooms . stayed there once and cabin was very nice . I wont go there again. but that just me.
  7. Bombogenesis?

    must be fan cooled ..LOL
  8. la cache !!!!

    might be making a loop by there this coming Friday . has anyone bin by this year yet ? . open or closed ????
  9. Ahead of the Pack!

    mike, dave, and myself will be there also ... roadrunner , would like to meet man behind that name . will look you up ,when we roll in . ed
  10. Good Snowmobile jacket suggestions

    dog, that's what I got . great jacket for the very cold , but to walm in march , love the zip in liner to . im not a very big guy, but got the xl. just because the high pant take up some room at the top . you cant go wrong with jacket.
  11. Merry Xmas Everyone.

    Merry Christmas to all. See you all soon . Ed
  12. Season opener Eddy skidoo and skidoo420

    yup!!! love the new xs skid . your going to like the fly by wire throttle too , glad skidoo change it last yr so I here your travelling .with the pa hoodlems . in early jan ??? we might cross pass lol till later ed
  13. Season opener Eddy skidoo and skidoo420

    dave just figured out how to post pic lol . your going to see a lot of us this year on here . .it was worth the trip !!! hope to meet many of you on the trails too all my quebec rider friends ,have a great Christmas and happy new year ......... eddieskidoo
  14. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    new years day eve .dec 31
  15. Slow Times

    steven, your photography skill are getting better . maybe you should talk with mr halley for some tips !!!lol nice pic anyways .