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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Amazing old pictures JG. Always like to see them to remember and appreciate the history of an area - I wonder now though with so many taking pictures that stay in devices, (digital) what people will be able to see in say, 50yrs?
  2. Sad news to announce

    Very sad to hear this. I’m sure many of us have no idea the debt we truly owe to Rob for all he did through the years for snowmobiling. I know he wasn’t as active in the sport in recent years but he was always “behind the curtain”. Thank you for everything Rob. You will be missed. R.I.P.
  3. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Hi Phil - There will be sticker shock when you look at a 2017 Pilot too since it will be ridiculously more than what you paid for the '03. All new SUVs + trucks are commanding crazy money IMO. Bottom line is buy something you like and won't hesitate putting some money into after 3-4 years if you tend to keep a vehicle awhile. As you said, its a declining asset so you need to get something that makes you happy while all that money flies away.
  4. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Nice looking trucks Teet F8S + nyskidooerinnewhampshire! No doubt that the GMC/Chevy2500s w/DuraMax and Ford F250s w/PowerStroke diesels are very nice tow vehicles but I would add some caveats: Unless you are towing something bigger than a 2-place trailer (or a big boat/horse trailer/camper in the off-season) and driving more than ~25k miles/yr its very hard to justify the extra $$. Diesels are built for big miles and unless you use it for that, you definitely won't see a benefit. Diesels require different maintenance and care than gas engines and are best cared for by a mechanic with specialized diesel training. Modern diesels are fairly trouble free but when they aren't running right, most mechanics have no clue. Lastly, an unfortunate fact is that these trucks seem to be a particularly high ranking target for auto thieves in Quebec.
  5. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    January 10th - actually later than I think it will happen but hey, that's what's left.
  6. America getting softer

    If we really had "journalists", we would know allot more about groups like 'Antifa'. For some reason, there is no investigative journalism anymore so unless you take initiative to look into some of this stuff on your own, you will never know what is REALLY going on. It is a very scary situation when so many are 'spoon fed' what "the media" want to put out there rather than present all the facts and let us form our own conclusions then let things fall where they may. (This wouldn't seem political - just stating facts really.)
  7. Lucky Lady

    Another moral to the story is the leader shouldn't lose track of his/her companions. If you are either riding so fast, or get distracted and you lose track of the person behind you, something is wrong. Leader should match the pace of the slowest member of the group. Safety first.
  8. Cruisin

    Many positives when a local business that caters to snowmobilers does well. Says allot about the owners when they also do well in the 'off season' too.
  9. Tragedy in Murdochville

    Prayers for the families. CO is truly a silent killer -
  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Glad for your family to be able to expand their business. We are losing many ATV/SXS, snowmobile, motorcycle, boat, etc. dealers in my area so that you usually only have one choice for a manufacturer.
  11. From Floods to Forest Fires

    Don - You said one of the fires was a trash burn that got away but are most of the summer fires lightning caused or man caused?

    What is that a 26 or 28 Tom? Twin screw? Enjoy the summer!
  13. the one lane bridge is gone on TQ 83

    Almost unbelievable how much the water rose. Unless you knew the area or saw the first part of the video, you almost wouldn't know that the bottom of the bridge had been 2-2.5m above the water!
  14. Duhamel and surrounding area

    Well, God Bless them! I hope they enjoy their next chapters. Running those places is an almost 7x24 job and for not much reward. Unfortunately, the stores can also be the heart of some of the small towns they are in. Hopefully, someone will want to take it on and re-open it.
  15. Communication systems for Ski Doo Modular

    I have used the Collett units for about 20yrs. I am on my third or fourth unit. Only had one unit fail (it was a circa 2001 unit?) and it was due to moisture getting into the unit from the microphone tube and running back into the unit. My current unit is a Platinum 900+ (Bluetooth enabled). I use Bluetooth it to listen to music and not for a cell phone. Any device that supports Bluetooth will pair and work so cell, GPS, iPod, iPhone, etc.While technology has generally advanced through the years with these - as with everything else - in my opinion they are only good for short conversations like to alert others of a hazard or approaching turn. Since they are voice activated, it takes a bit of time to adjust the unit and 'train' yourself for getting your voice to transmit. You will need to need to raise your voice and keep it at a certain level in order for others to hear you consistently. The 2 mile range is not realistic and I would say that depending on terrain and conditions, under 1 mile is about it IMO. I have a HJC modular helmet and my riding partner has a BRP modular so I can share a couple of things. Collett makes a unit specifically for the BRP modular as Mr.Gutz said. It uses a small disk type microphone that you fit into the breath mask. This frequently freezes up in cold conditions (below about 15F) due to all the moisture in the mask. I am not sure if it is due to his breathing or the lack of being triggered from not talking but it stops working. Sometimes this means stopping briefly to thaw it but other times, he is able to make it work again on the go. The battery packs with the newer units will last for a 10+ hour day in cold conditions. A couple more things - The main channel provided on every unit sold also receives the groomer warning beacon signals. Collett has provided clubs and grooming contractors with transmitters for grooming equipment that send a 'Dee DA, Dee DA' tone but we have frequently come across groomers (QC, VT, NH) that weren't transmitting. So while it is reassuring to hear a groomer warning, it isn't 100%. Since most folks leave their units on the main channel, you will know about other riders in the vicinity but if it is too 'chatty' it is nice to have the option to switch to another channel. The other channel should be chosen and specified by everyone that you will be riding with when you order your units or you will be limited to the main channel. (see the website for more info) Les Collett and his employees are great to deal with. There was an odd situation where their facility was locked down a few years ago b/c of some kind of an inventory valuation dispute with a bank(Canadian thing??) but it was straightened out over a few months. IMHO, the units are a bit overpriced but if they save someone from a mishap, it is truly a small price to pay