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  1. Wifey made the FCMQ news letter

    Props to your wife for making the effort to get back out there! Very inspirational
  2. Iceman a’ Indy

    Wow. Always interesting to see the new equipment. Takes allot of time to shine one of those boys up! Thanks for sharing Don.
  3. Gaspe trip

    Hotel Fraser is a good stop. Good pics; thanks for sharing and glad you didn't get knocked off your trip plan by the storm. There were quite a few years that the trail into Perce wasn't being groomed - or was only being groomed about once a month. Too bad b/c places like Roland's and Fleur de Lis Hotel got hurt by it. Maybe others can chime in but I believe it was some kind of landowner dispute(?)
  4. Spending a extra day at the Delta

    There's really nothing to gain, and much that can be lost when the weather turns up there. The combination of wind and just a few inches of 'forecasted accumulation' creates potentially life threatening travel for snowmobile travel. Nothing to be ashamed of. You made a good decision.
  5. Hôtel Lac Carling to 100 Lacs

    Thanks for sharing Jack. Many of us feel your pain b/c it was shaping up so well and so early that we all had high expectations for the season. The rain event was particularly bad b/c all the cold weather preceding it locked everything up and all that water had no where to go. Sorry you rolled a bad one -
  6. 1/20 day trip

    Thanks for posting Pullinfront. Lucky for you to have this playground so close by.
  7. Recommending Businesses on QuebecRider

    Thank you Steven - and everyone else (some “behind the scene”) that keep QR relevant, positive, and informative for the rest of us.
  8. An Apology In Order

    We have valuable resources in all the great people here that are able to cover a large part of Quebec’s trail system with very current reports on conditions, closures, fuel, and services. Like everyone else, I find this invaluable and wonder every day how I snowmobiled before I had it. i have never been aware that this site was having any financial difficulties - and if it was I am quite sure most of us would do what was needed to assist and “keep the lights on”. All that being said, it isn’t really fair to those who have chosen to sponsor this site for any member to do advertising for a business or service who isn’t paying for it.
  9. Best weather forecast

    Haha The phones also are showing different networks - 1 is 'LTE' and the other is not. The app/data from TWN may not report the same b/c of that (?) LTE has significantly higher refresh/bandwith/updating rates.
  10. to get to RDL

    Beauceville Clubhouse is a great starting point. Although it isn't "secure" (gated, fenced/locked up) Mike, I and many others have left our rigs there many, many times without incident. (and I have never heard of any issues there - ever) I believe someone is there 24x7 and the HUGE lot is lit. We unload, go inside, get dressed, and grab something to eat before heading out. It is also right at the junction of 55 N/S, 75 N/S. I like to support these clubhouses because when they close, it hurts all of us.
  11. Best weather forecast

    Historically (over about the last 10+yrs) I have had very good luck with The Weather Network. They have Android + iPhone apps and reporting for most cities/towns in QC. I can't recall a time when they were very far off and the 14 day forecast gives a reasonable outlook when trip planning IMO.
  12. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Don’t know the YamiCats well but this was a common issue on any of the Yamaha’s with fuel injection. If you turn the key ‘on’ and don’t hear the pump, don’t bother to turn the key further to crank it: you’ll just drain the battery The issue is a badly sealed electro-mechanical relay that gets moisture inside and freezes. It was replaced by a solid-state unit. The solid-state unit can be identified by its red color.
  13. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Hard to make progress with so much wind, eh Groomer? Be careful out there friend!
  14. Gaspesie Trail Conditions

    Dale + Louise - and before that, Dale and Patsy - were a great resource to anyone snowmobiling in the Gaspe. You could call the 800# and get anything from a suggested itinerary for a trip, to help with a downed sled or suggestions for places to stay or eat while on your trip. If they are shut down, it is a very sad event for Gaspe tourism. They functioned much like a Chamber of Commerce in the US.
  15. Balmoral Hotel

    Wow. That's the end of an era of snowmobiling in the C/A region. I stayed there a couple of time but was never too keen on the place - kind of dated, crazy busy and too far west in the C/A region for me. Wonder what will happen to the collection of antique sleds they used to display?