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  1. We've seen several clubs either disband or merge in the past few years - on both sides of the river. Is it because of the same issues we see here in the US (no younger folks joining, expensive sport, inconsistent snowfall, etc) or is something else going on in Quebec?
  2. Here is a link regarding a class action lawsuit filed against GM for DuraMax engine failures they say were caused by the Bosch injection pumps failing b/c they weren't designed to run on US diesel fuel. It seems a stretch to me that Bosch would supply an injection pump to GM that they knew would be used in the US and not be aware of potential fuel differences - if indeed the fuels are different(?) https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2019/08/07/lawsuit-says-gm-sold-trucks-not-compatible-american-diesel-fuel/1943084001/ I know many here have had issues with their diesels and it seems to be across all brands - not just GM. Ford now 'recommends' injector replacement/rebuild at 100k, Dodge/Ram have had many diesel issues for years, etc.
  3. Dealerships seem to be an endangered species. 10yrs. ago, I had 6 dealers - each representing one or more of the 4 brands - within 25mi. of my house. Today there is only a Polaris dealer. I do know one of the dealers that went out was due to similar tactics described in the OP. The BRP rep showed up late in the season and discussed the number of sleds that the dealer had sold that year. He followed up by telling the owner that they would need to take 30% more sleds when he placed his Spring order. The owner decided it wasn’t worth the financial risk. This was a brand new facility with multiple brands represented including 2 snowmobile brands. Beautiful building with lots of showroom and clothing display space. Its just too bad. I’m sure there are many of us that travel a distance to buy a new sled due to lack of dealers and then face the dilemma of buying parts/accessories on line vs. traveling the distance back to that dealer.
  4. Key points are no injuries and no property damages/loses. Some beautiful days, some ugly ones. You’ll have the memories forever. No debating your group had one of the more challenging weeks for weather. I always feel it is important to warn folks how even a small snow storm in Quebec can make snowmobiling very difficult - even dangerous. The wind can transform vast areas into alternating mountains and valleys of snow - covering all trail markings and signage. Safe travels as you head home and thanks for sharing your trip and pictures
  5. Congratulations Bill! There isn't anyone I know in snowmobiling who has given so selflessly of themselves, and their time to promote and share the Saguenay region with others. From helping with points of interest to finding a local vendor to provide needed parts or equipment to allow a trip to continue, you have always stepped in. Happy trails my friend!
  6. Pace yourselves and don’t be pig headed about turning back rather than bulling ahead if it gets bad. Be safe and enjoy your trip.
  7. Off-trail riders many times do use trails to get to a place to ride - whether it is a legal OT area or just somewhere they choose to jump off. Paddle tracks do far more damage to a trail than normal height lugs. The point they jump off the groomed trail also becomes a danger point for trail riders who tend to hug the snowbank on the right side of the trail because they create a hump,of snow.
  8. Looked like a great trip. The ‘little camera’ took nice pictures and must have functioned well in the cold - unlike most of our phones. Thanks for sharing.
  9. There are many sleds that are taken care of and we can all agree that maintenance generally adds longevity but there are certainly other things that are also in play. Design, quality/strength of materials, and build quality are a few that come to mind. I realize there are strong feelings in the 2-stroke vs 4-stroke camps but from a purely engineering standpoint, a 2-stroke will never last as long as a 4-stroke because the 4-stroke has the advantage of consistent lubrication. The consistent lubrication also provides consistent, distributed cooling which always makes engines last longer - period.
  10. One thing not mentioned that can be a real PIA is the guy wires for the ramp doors. They can be a serious hazard when backing a sled out - especially if the initial lineup is off just a bit or the sled shifts in the glides on the way out. That, and whether all sleds always get unloaded or not would make the V-nose door(s) a consideration for me. I second Mr. Gutz's endorsement of ProLine trailers. They are made in NH by a family of snowmobilers and they are a first class operation. They make other trailers too and many go to Canada. Talk to them and compare their product to others; you'll be glad you did! https://nhtrailers.com/
  11. I know Vermont and NH state in the OHRV regulations that chasing/harassing any wildlife is a fineable offense. I would guess it also is in Quebec and anywhere else. My encounters have always been resolved by stopping completely, shutting the machine off and staying seated until they are out of sight. Following them slowly on the trail can sometimes have a bad outcome if they decide to turn back so I don't recommend it. Just be alert to the surroundings as there can always be another animal in the area that you DON'T see!
  12. Your Dad was a remarkable person and I know you and the family will miss him. Take comfort in the many memories he gave as you celebrate his life and say your goodbyes. My thoughts are with you my friend.
  13. Yeah, scratching my head a bit on that but he definitely asked about Domaine Valga in the first post. Anyway - I have stayed at Domaine Valga several times. The food is excellent, the rooms clean and comfortable. Eric and his wife are great people. Recommended. IMO, you can still experience great views of the mountains without going all the way around the peninsula. Traveling east on TQ 5 and taking the 597 trail will still check the views boxes.
  14. The 14 day weather for RDL shows temps going back to teens (and single numbers at night) by Sun 12/23 and staying cold thru the week until another brief warmup (30s) for Sat 12/29. This, and the snowcover will help take care of absorbing the rain and most of the attendant runoff IMO. Groomers will be able to go back out as soon as the temps allow so it should be OK (but might be hard). There is lots of good riding in the Montmagny area IMO and if you are only planning on a couple of days to ride it might not be worth going to the Universal. Currently the C/A area map shows very good conditions in that area.
  15. 12/11. Late to the party so not the date I wanted but I'll be optimistic and go for an early opening!