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  1. There still seems to be folks in the snowmobile community who are continuing to promote hand signals to approaching sleds about the number in your group. JUST STOP IT!
  2. A curiousity question for our Quebec residents: When a path across water is staked, does that mean it is safe and/or checked periodically for safe passage? I always respect the saying “no ice is ever ‘safe’ ice”
  3. Just incredible pictures! Hoping everyone stays safe and gets dug out ok.
  4. Very heartwarming story about your daughter. Glad she bounced right back and is doing well!
  5. Great pics and travelogue Ice. Looks like a hard base and only about 25-30cm total(?)
  6. Very sad that a guided trip would end like this. Praying for a good outcome for all. Here’s another link to the story: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/snowmobile-ice-fall-1.5435756
  7. I’m glad everyone got out ok and a huge congrats to the Canadian military and the first responders. BUT this should start a discussion about off-trail riding and how to fund worst case rescues like this. Many states encourage back country adventurers to purchase cards or contribute to funds that supplement local S&R groups’ funding.
  8. Mike I think he’s looking for a place to stay on a Sunday night before leaving on a Gaspe trip but I second your thought of the Beauceville Clubhouse as i have also parked there while riding for several days. JTD0314 - in addition to Floridasnowman’s excellent hotel suggestion, there is an Econolodge nearly across the street from the Oiseliere as another choice.
  9. Just senseless vandalism. Really makes you wonder what these folks do for work. Obviously they knew the place well enough to do their dirty deeds when they wouldn’t get caught Disgusting.
  10. Another point to consider while on the subject of medical care: 1). If you are a US citizen covered by Medicare, your coverage may or may not cover you when traveling outside the US so check! 2). Some of the US healthcare policies may or may not provide coverage when traveling outside the US so you may want to check on supplemental travel coverage.
  11. Very glad to support la coulée verte d Albertville again this year! Good for you to not get all the emails ha ha
  12. I know I've always felt a little guilty emailing my information to Groomer because I knew all the other steps he and the Albertville club would have to complete to get my pass to me. Yes, I was supporting their small club but someone still had to fill out the form, deal with FMCQ, fill out the Canada Post forms, etc., etc. Volunteers everywhere have enough to do so if the burden of trail permits can be eased let's embrace the change!
  13. So sorry to hear this Andy. My thoughts are with your family as you celebrate the great memories he leaves behind.
  14. Like your picture tours Alan, the video was great. Those pressure ridges came up quick and it must have been nervous moments until you could see what was on the other side!