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  1. bonjour smclelan !!! great observation !!! fun to see moose....different wild too !!! i ve been lucky ...even if it was windy ...they could nt smell me...i could approach them very closely...😛 same guy who harvested the trees before hill with antler... back from camp...brought my 4w....raining !!! jean-guy
  2. bonjour neksledr !!! merci' re better than me....did nt notice about the doe....thats why i guess she s not moving too fast...she was still there friday when i came back home...lot closer to the road...did nt stop went to check the road yesterday for a friend .... .....i might bring my 4w today at my camp ....road is almost dry everywhere... next weekend ...there will be still snow in the woods... jean-guy
  3. bonsoir !!! aujourdhui dans la gaspesie .... last long ride....back to work monday !!! jean-guy
  4. bonjour !!! half a mile lower than '' school bus '' !!! jean-guy
  5. bonjour !!! to farm ....vrooooommmm !!! jean-guy
  6. bonsoir shore1066 !!! haaha...always fun to find one when its not expected !!! the earliest one i ever found ...back in 00 or 01 ...while looking for moose ...about 35 miles from home....dec 3 th ...there was already a few inches of snow !!! ill try again for my camp as soon as possible...maybe tomorrow if weather permit !!! jean-guy
  7. bonjour !!! went up to lake yesterday pm... frost this morning !!! jean-guy
  8. hi jackstraw !!! ahaha.....but most of the time i feel guilty not to take a few mins and look around on that map ...about 10 years ago....for 3 years in a row , found one in that spot ...within a radius of 100' of the other ones.. thats at the '' border '' of duniere reserve and park matane !!! 1 hr ride north of my camp !!! jean-guy
  9. hi playhard and neksldr !!! yaa...hope it ll bring luck !!! first one in a few years ...before i was riding a lot more...75-100 miles a day look for antlers i know a few spots where moose spend winter ....the problem is....still cold at this time of the year...put extra clothes , im not much interested to walk half or 1 hr to look for them ...when im 25-40 miles from home not interested to freeze on my 4w on my way back ... yaaa...always a good thrill when i find one...not too many guys looking for them ...1 guy i know and maybe a few guides from duniere reserve... that patch of wood ,north of the road....few moose spent winter there....just looking at the trees...and there s another spot about 2 miles north ...need to check at least on the road... i wish i could walk 1hr or 2 ...but im not interested...rather ride !!! jean-guy
  10. bonsoir !!! me more ride before the rain !!! jean-guy
  11. bonsoir skidoo420 !!! thx...good for you !!! i on my way to post ,saw that you replied ... back from another ride...still winter...few more days before landing at my camp ...lots of rain lately ...but cold...saw 2 moose this afternoon !!! jean-guy
  12. bonjour !!! ducks at the farm....deer ....1 mile lower than farm !!! jean-guy
  13. bonsoir !!! went to check how much snow left.... should be able to make it at the end of the week with my 4w at my camp....unless of a storm !!! and not before 2 weekend with my truck...road still frozen or full mud !!! jean-guy
  14. hi signfan !!! there s a thread about that on the french forum ...but way too many replies .... a reply from one of the guy who worked on that project .... Hello As promised for those who are interested ... .. Here are the latest news in the file of Route 117! For your information I needed to have the OK to make the path of the authorizations of the following ministries and municipalities: THE MELCC .. THE MFFP ,, THE MTQ ,, THE MRC DES LAURENTIDES ,, THE CITY OF TREMBLANT ,, THE CCU DE TREMBLANT ,, THE MUNICIPALITY OF ST FAUSTIN LAKE CARRÉ ouf! as well as the acceptability of residents in the 30 meters! As of today, March 19th, I received all the authorizations of the speakers and the resolutions and the OK from the Ministry of Transport (MTQ) for the realization of the project. Here is the calendar: Invitation submissions by week of March 25th .... opening of tenders in the week of April 22 .... start of work as soon as the weather permits Here I will follow up during the course of work! jean-guy