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  1. bonjour !!! 2 moose friday .....1 yesterday at my camp....lots of rain !!! jean-guy
  2. good morning pipemaster !!! great thx !! bienvenue !!! just checked....-3c right now ...getting closer to winter !!! jean-guy
  3. bonsoir artsled !!! merci !!! im doing not too bad !!! rode with my tuque last friday night....cold in the lower elevations !!! back to sunshine today ...water level must be 6'' higher since friday ... pic with mom + calf....saw them in the darkness on my way back to camp friday night !!! jean-guy
  4. bonjour !!! came back last night......heavy rain !!! jean-guy
  5. groomer

    sold !!!

    bonjour gary and gutz !!! thx... great that there still 2 members of the family ...son of my youngest sister and son of my oldest brother... they are working there since a few years now .. yaaaa...thought about that ...might be tougher to borrow a sled..lets wait and see !!! and yes ...still the oldest ski doo dealership in north america !!! jean-guy
  6. groomer

    sold !!!

    bonsoir !!! just to let you know...its now official brother sold both dealership in amqui and matane !!! the new owners are 2 of my nephews...felix and phil ...including the owner of the harley davidson dealership in rimouski , alain landry !!! jean-guy
  7. bonsoir !!! few moose this weekend...lots of fun last night friday , i was too far a bit or coyote crossed the road with something in his mouth !!! jean-guy
  8. bonjour playhard !!! great thx for the bigger still angry that i was nt ready to take better pics.....because i knew the otter was coming toward me... getting ready to go to my summer residence on the south branch ..... jean-guy
  9. bonjour artsled and quebec bob !!! thx... yaaaa....moose runs are getting shorter...if cloudy 7 45 pm .....kaputt ....darkness...leave camp usually around 6 30 pm... soon , i ll switch ...moose run first ...then supper !!! 8c at 6 am this morning ....saw my first nest of bees this morning ... jean-guy
  10. thx guys !!! sunset last night ...... very windy friday night...but i did nt can have nice surprises looking at moose !!! the otter the old dam ....lake frenette....just too bad...i guess i was still asleep ...she just surprised me...and she had kids !!! the pic with mom + calf and the stand...thats the road i use to go back at my camp ...late 4w know the road very well.... soon , i guess...ill ride with my tuque !!! jean-guy
  11. congrats steven !!! jean-guy
  12. bonjour !!! great weekend...12 moose...few partridges and an otter !!! 3c late last night coming back from the lake !!! jean-guy
  13. bonsoir pinkm1 !!! great thx... as far i remember ...never been chased...summer time ain t bother me much ..moose can be very curious and friendly...... from late sept till moose hunting , i m more careful ..their attitude change....i don t have that extra knowledges about , im careful i don t tease them for fun...during rut season... like i said, on the other thread (hahaha ) if they have a '' face the boeuf ''....i keep my distances...i don t want to look like a '' clown '' you can see on some videos...and im always alone but over the years...i saw some very closely ... i forgot....friday for supper , while having rouge.....i noticed that a bear scratched the window..forgot to take pics jean-guy
  14. bonjour !!! few pics from the weekend....friday , as soon i entered logging rd...missed a lynx twice... 4 moose and a partridge jean-guy