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  1. bonjour !!! freezing rain since i woke up ...mollo to heavy ....+1 c jean-guy
  2. good morning playhard !!! hahhaha......always take care of the parking at the bridge...when i started grooming ...the ex operator was turning around and backward to the was only 9' , i decided to make it wider to make a parking !!! back from grooming local trails....there s a part going up to the lake ...about 6 miles....wooowwww...tons of moose there.... colder tonight ...way better !!! jean-guy
  3. they just found a body ....2 km away from where they had found the sleds !!! jean-guy
  4. hi viper !!! ahhah...absolutely right !!! a bit of exercises before starting riding ...great way to get in shape !!! jean-guy
  5. pic worth a thousand words !!! congrats to the photograph !!! you guys looks like quebec d o t workers !!! 4 looking and 1 working !!! to the photograph , don t forget to ask your prize to the administration of this site....1 grosse poutine extra fromage with a grosse biere for your awesome shot !!! jean-guy
  6. good morning !!! back from tq 5 ....mild temps ....-1c when i came back a bit after midnight ...windy drifts on the edge of the trail on my way back ... moose still do their jogging on the trail at many places !!! jean-guy
  7. bonjour !!! went to albertville quickly this morning ...stopped at the clubhouse for a min ....waitress gave me money .... just to say thank you to that person who offered me a glass of wine !!!.....merci !!! few random pics from last few days !!! grey sky .....0c !!! jean-guy
  8. good morning jackstraw and playhard !!! saw the video during the weekend....ahaha...must have been funny for the operator when you have the bigger side of the bat !!! back from grooming tq 5 ...nice in town ....but once in the back country ....very bumpy !!! there was a sled on the rd for windmills before ste marguerite......guy from nb...when i came back there around midnight ....they had picked up the sled... left at 3 45 pm ...back at 1 30 am ...almost non-stop ...took 2 pics !!! jean-guy
  9. bonjour snowmaster !!! whooops !!! hahha...if he does nt know how to operate it...he just need to send me a pm ...i have tons of experience with a honda one to bs your neighbors !!!😀 must not be shy to bury up to handle bar !!! jean-guy
  10. guy with the biggest smile right now in newfoundland !!! honda snowblower !!! jean-guy
  11. bonsoir playhard !!! wish i could ride off the trail ....12 '' + ... tq 5 tomrorrow !!! could nt see the face of the operator.....hmmmm...could be from nyc....the way is parked !!!!...aahhaa jean-guy
  12. bonsoir !!! back from local trails...lots of snow !!! jean-guy
  13. salut smclelan !!! he was struggling a little....around 7 30 am ....gorgeous weather...super nice !!! few pics from this morning and yesterday !!! yesterday morning ,stopped at the post office to say hello to the ex secretary ...she was all smile !!! jean-guy
  14. bonjour !!! while cooking eggs and bacon !!!😀 jean-guy
  15. good morning !!! back from tq 5 ...little bad luck last night ...started again this morning ...lots of snow...not much cold....-9c at 10 pm ....traffic is very low... saw a few local tourists !!! climbing hill with antlers and down to the cb ...a foot of fresh sow !!!...started snowing while extra 3 '' !!! jean-guy