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  1. its has been a great laugh.... +3c right now....sunny and cloudy !!! jean-guy
  2. bonjour playhard !!! hahahha !!! first of all , don t get mad for the choice of my pic.....the only one i had left .....buuuuuuuttt , honestly , fit very well with the context of your post !!!😁 what happened , at my camp with ontario friends....sledgirl fell down in the '' driveway '' of the door....exiting the door... so, i went to help and ...don t know how you say that in english...'' lost my foot '' and fell between the steering and the windshield of her beard got stuck in the glove box....aahahahaha have a great day !!!....snowed a bit this morning !!! jean-guy
  3. bonsoir pipeman and zeusand !!! yaaa....very pre -historic....1954 , if memory still good... pics...just next to tq 5 ....he was stuck ....helped him .....drove the blower for 20'....not much suspension and power steering !!!! jean-guy
  4. some great shots steven !!! different from what we used to see !!! a little reminder...during summer if you ride 4w or s x s ......practice not to show your footprints....aahahha....i could nt resist !!! another great day to ride today !!! jean-guy
  5. i was deleting pics earlier this week ..... landed on that dinosaur !!! feb....2013 jean-guy
  6. bonjour !!! just for fun ...earlier this week ....i was outside shoveling and saw that big bird flying ....too many trees to get a close shot... , he landed about a 1000' away ... another blue sky day !!! jean-guy
  7. operator is ok ... i guess , its a must for all clubs to have insurances and yes...pb are nt the cheapest !!! pic of march 24 th....2012 ....when all snow melted in 2-3 days !!! jean-guy
  8. i just read a few mins ago they were cutting branches to prepare trails for next season jean-guy
  9. according to someone at the club.....mechanical problem !!! and probably bringing the groomer back outside matane, at their to big bridge over matane river if operator took the pic...he s awesome not to let us see his footprints on the trail !!! groomer was at ruisseau gagnon in st rené groomer was a pb 100.....2019 jean-guy
  10. bonjour !!! this afternoon around st rené...groomer from matane jean-guy
  11. im not shy to say that ....( hahaha ) best season in many years....about 400 miles...maybe a bit more riding with ontario and nova scotia friends !!! chez nous c est ski doo !!! jean-guy
  12. bonsoir mcstar !!! i guess so !!! i ll try to find a way to take have a private link....for the club only ...never used it that much ....but i can see exactly where the groomers are on the trails.. for sure i ll take less pics...but ill do my best to give some info !!! jean-guy
  13. bonjour paddy o !!! great thx for the concern...but i think it ll take a miracle to come back .... keep in mind , im grooming same trails since the last 20 years....getting older....getting tougher to spend 10-12 hrs in a row in the cab...and tougher to come back to life the next day ....but stubborn enough to do it.... but like i said before ,all good things must have an end...i never liked both sides of ste marguerite......since the windmills...where the trail is next to the road for the windmills.....way too narrow...trail come rough very fast ....very discouraging ...for me and sledders...too many '' quebec words '' there while grooming in the last few seasons .... if one day i come back ....i ll groom only local trails....only !!! and honestly going to miss taking grooming pics !!! great day for riding !!! jean-guy
  14. bonjour !!! traffic jam in town !!!😀 jean-guy
  15. good morning artsled !!! hmmmmm.....don t think so too stubborn !!!😀 i learned a few days ago that they are going to fix my ex-groomer ... blue sky day this morning and - 30c !!! pics from last march 27 th......tq 5 jean-guy