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  1. bonjour playhard....blueblood and quebec bob !!! yaa..great dudes !!! don t ask why guys had big arms back then...hard work...heavy chainsaw...etc !!! that tractor operator...heard stories of him...moving car in a parking because they were in his way...him and his brother...coming from a strong family those guys could spend few days in a row on the beard.... the last of the group ...was the cook ...with all his stuff to prepare meals along the river !!! just too bad...since last night , im trying to find a pic of those boats....flat bed wood....close to 30' long maybe pic with the car ...back in 1929 , next to where i turn around at the lake ......cabins by lake casault ...nice place.... logs on the river....about 1.5 miles lower than the bridge ......shortcut for albertville !!! cloudy with a bit of sunshine...0c !!! jean-guy
  2. bonsoir scorpionbowl !!! i remember seeing log jams at the bridge for the lake when i was a kid....back then, dad had a cabin at the lake .... even in to city hall or close to auberge...just next to the bridge...log jams there and using a td 25 bulldozer to push the logs.. guy operating the bulldozer could lift a 45 gallons drum of fuel to fill his tractor...get out of the way kids !!!! at the bridge for the lake....causapscal river was owned by americans back then...70' s and lower... pq government bought it back and i guess its about that time floating stopped on the river ...early 70's river was at the back of the house of my dad ...could see those guys pulling back logs stuck along the river using long boats......drave !!! even in my street late 60's early 70's...they were dumping logs in the river...i was maybe 8-10 y / o...i remember that very clearly back then , they were calling my street ...the street of the compagnies !!!...and there was even a wood mill !!! at my camp ...about 7 miles up the brook ...brought steven and linda there...back in the old days...there was a mini dam ...then spring time ...they were floating logs in the brook connecting with the river !!! at the 18 miles on the logging road...remember that ...big hangar for those boats they were using on the brooks and rivers!!! i just noticed...on the were 3x that length jean-guy
  3. bonjour !!! back from the clubhouse ....went to meet nh-moose + 2 friends !!! great to see you again ...thx for the visit !!! and awesome weather for you guys !!! jean-guy
  4. could be interesting to know !!!! back in the 60's and 70's ...they were floating logs on the river !!!right there at the bridge...there was often log jams !!! 10-12 miles up the bridge...there was '' dumps '' for truck to unload logs in the river...few miles from my camp !!! looking at one of the pic....road for the lake ( the one i groom ) not built yet ...can see road is turning hard left ...for lake casault ...remember being there with dad....they were still working with horses...early 70's !!! jean-guy
  5. just for fun!!! 1922 and 2019 !!! jean-guy
  6. hi quebec bob !!! ahahha...i guess i was falling asleep !!! 1 dead deer on the trail on my way back ....2 miles before gas station !! jean-guy
  7. forgot a few.... cold last night ...-25c....-14c right now.... gorgeous day for riding sky day !!! jean-guy
  8. good morning !!! i misread yesterday morning.... but it happened tonight !!! et walla !!! jean-guy
  9. i did nt check much ... on the news...i don t know how to say that more sailing for the apollo ......last week , ship was leaking ....+ the bumpy ride in the dock in matane !!! jean-guy
  10. yo gutz !!! i like b / w pics too ...different and can have a great effect on the eyes !!! should take more often !!! between st francois and matapedia........many great spots to take pics ...lots of maple trees in that area !!! on my way to see the mechanic of the club at gas station...something strange happened with groomer on my way back sunday night.... groomer ....slowed down almost stalled himself ....just like he fell on reverse.... by the time i put my foot on the clutch ...i saw the red light for reverse was on .... need to check a few things !!! jean-guy
  11. bonjour nh-moose !!! sure !!! that pic with the bridge...super nice !!! maybe go up to clubhouse later...on my way to fuel the machine !!! jean-guy
  12. bonjour playhard !!! if we re talking about the same moon...i remember the next day seeing pics of the moon and saying oooohh tbk ...i missed the moon and i think i was nt grooming !!! i was mad at myself !!! summer pics of the moon , on my way back to my camp with my 4w !!! nice day for riding ...not full sunshine...but nice...-17 c at 7 30 am....-9c now !!! jean-guy
  13. bonjour nh-moose !!! many thx !!! grippe is worse than when i left yesterday for grooming...not my greatest monday !!!...and i ve been careful not to open window of the groomer !!! just up from a nap ... if not bad lucky with weather we should be able to make it to first week of april !!! merci !!! jean-guy
  14. bonjour yeti !!! normally , depending of the weather and blah...blah ...blah ....we groom into the first week of april !!! colder this morning ......-15c and grey sky !!! jean-guy
  15. good morning !!! back from tq 5 !!! trail was still soft for the machine at many places...only -7c at 3 am ...snowing a little on my way back ....windy !!! on my way back ...climbing first hill west of st fidele cb ...right in the sharp corner with the tree stand on the left side....fell off the trail...almost looked like the driver of the apollo .....ahaha went slowly to have grip to come back on the trail !!! jean-guy