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  1. Jay yes it's warm at 20 below and it will loosen up.Mine was tight at first but by season end and many thousand of miles it is loose fitting, and I didn't wear a balaclava at all last season.
  2. MIKE Worry less and ride more
  3. Check ferry schedule it only leaves at 8:00 on Mon, Tue. Fri and Sat and goes to Godbout then on Wed , Thu leaves at 8:00 goes to Baie Comeau.
  4. Sure was lot more snow their that day Jean Guy. Enjoy your pic keep them coming.
  5. Little late but still wish you happy brithday
  6. farmerold


    Thank you all and Ray of late have been out-standing in my fields a lot lately.
  7. :good:Thank you all ,glad that I 'am still around to enjoy. Not quite ready for winter yet still got Spyder riding to do. For those of you that have never done the Gaspe in the summer you should try it ,it is awesome we did Spyder ride last year and one again this summer. Groomer that pic is that where we met on trail? Again thank you and have good day and we will be on trail's again this winter. 2015 rush adventure
  8. Agree with you 800steve' we just got back from 3000 mile saddlebag trip through Quebec. Like I said in early post just trade ski's and track for three wheels called Spyder. We have put 10000 miles on it this summer just getting started. When snow come's we will just put it away and get the Rush out. No dreaming for us.
  9. He keep's on riding .Just change from ski's and track to three wheels.
  10. Would that be the one just east of Baie Comeau on trail 3 ?
  11. Trail 3 just east of Baie Comeau heading for Godbout Great place to stop for lunch before the roller's.Don't know name of relay or club but have stop there many time's.
  12. Happy Birthday and hope you get that new groomer