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  1. SOME might have only one year . a lot of visor problems but some were good.
  3. gain one back then loose another , when will it stop we have to get more govt, land and avoid private land when we can and sign up all the rail beds we can. before we lose them..
  4. MY OXY. heimet is in . I will pick up this week alone with new sled. hope it all works good.
  5. Aluminium 5 by 12 feet with nose cone , jack , glides , traction aids , new LED lights , ty bar. spare wheel & tire & mount....ASKING $1600..
  6. SLIGHTLY USED fits Grand Touring models ... $200.00 SOLD..
  7. THANKS for info .. it will be good when done .. trails are closing every where . we had some re routes this year and even had to move our Warm up hut / relais do to trail closure.. No help at all from fcmq. infact they were the cause of a lot of problems in our area.. Not at all sure of the direction of FCMQ.
  8. COMES with attachments for a lot of sleds incl. grand touring and expeditions . this is the older style .not linq sys, asking $100.00
  9. Slightly used fits lots of sleds with mount kit incl. grand touring and expeditions up to atleast 2018 SOLD...
  10. Sorry just back from vaca.. theses are new never worn , so no tears or marks etc..
  11. TOO BAD. but some ruin it for us all.. there is a time to go fast but just shows lack of respect for land owners..
  12. I believe the stopped that trail up by the saw mill the guy had in his back yard and not much chance to get back unless they change land owner,, but it was sweet and short, now just way out of the way.. I did some work with RB Gauthier ex. when there were down here working on house development at the whitlock golf club.. hope it works out.