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  1. PRAYERS for her recovery and i am not religious, she did not deserve this,hope he gets to pay for drunken behavior..
  2. I am with you PLAYHARD , it could have just been my imagination and that's all i got to say. I was told by one of my rescuers that another sled crashed in same spot in less than a hour and kinda scraped his sled..
  3. yes but had to trailer to st. raymond.. 1100 km on sled
  4. NO pictures were taken to show me upside down on my head.. the sled went off and i had to tread a fine line to ripe across two huge boulders that were buried but i kinda knew they were there , i rolled sled on side and it threw off in snow thank god.. nothing broken on me or sled. i needed help to get her right side , then had to go further down the hill to get turned up the hill , but this was not a problem for the expedition ...Thanks to those that stopped to help this old man.. We had a good time and both headed home last night.. before the freezing rain.. hope to hook up again at the end of the month..
  5. Well we were up for 4 days of riding and to break in the new sled with 1100 km. Only one off trail adventure and no one was injured in that unexpected experience.. As for trail condition 23 was bumpy to l'tape but good north to hebertville , all lower LSJ is just passable . L'tuque. north to is ok not great and the trail from relais 22 to hedgewick has the first 20 km torn up by bulldozer for some logging. You have to go more north of LSJ. to get good snow,we stuck mostly to the west side and did the tour of the 49 th. passere // e du , big push on this year to promote this side of Mt. valin area. and definitely worth it.. MT. vilain was good and met some nice people.. Not the same crowd that you get on the west side.. GOOD to get out for the first time this year and meet CT rider to do the trip together .They are expecting 30 plus cm of new snow in next couple days ..We headed out before the freezing rain , just got a touch friday morning leaving hebertville .All is good can't wait to go again after this weather settles down..
  6. PRAYERS are with her and the others that got hurt...SHOULD never happen.
  7. SUPER STORY and PICS. you are brave to go there with no sat phone alone.. IF you are ever looking for a sled partner please reach out to me.. on QR. or call 514 867 6211
  8. 514 867 6211 . its brion..
  9. ok i will call this afternoon .. you know my number and my email is
  10. CT if you want to buddy up , i could meet in st raymond..
  11. Happy new year to all.. enjoy the white gold
  12. HARD to get a day off. Don