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  1. I have seen some icing on front lower section but its open in cold and freezes the breath and won't close all the way and gets more ice ...never seen the ice around the hinge..
  2. TRAILS LOOK GOOD but not much base..I took a pass on this winter , cannot not see me eating on sled and then hibernate in room all night.
  3. Motel Chandler is good place and good food , new richmond has a couple good places . copper is ok but wife might not.
  4. great ride to come up to laCache and head right up to matane if thats where you start..
  5. Two places to stay both motels not high end.. but motel st. pierre is getting run down , nice people though . but was not great last year. so i would stay at the other one..
  6. ALL good info . i love mine best helmet for sled ever..
  7. Nice video Alain . I got ride report from cnc .Tremblant area .Yesterday and he said , No base at all and trails tore up by noon and bumpy with 3 times the normal traffic with some yahoos 4 wheelers and sleds..
  8. USED , best bag i ever owned. like new . 55$ can.
  9. UPDATE i just received notice that he has been found dead, and i reposted on my FB. page..
  10. Story on facebook no other info at this time...CHAD. Appalache..area.
  11. we are not making it easier to keep trails,, they will learn when they can only ride in there back yard...hope all is good cnc. down here all our lakes are still closed so SPECIAL people will just not care and run all over
  12. Lake Macdonald open aready but slush