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  1. Big wow ...good few bucks spent there.
  2. Sorry for your family loss. did not know him but my condolances to you and the MRS ICE.
  3. Nice trip and HI 5 to the OLD guy..
  4. I actually walked right thru opening but did not drive thru because of falling rocks and rocks on the ground, u needed a helmet to walk thru. I don't remember it to be real cold but we were young and took the chance to go out , i have been back many times and its never been frozen.. as for the shot of Phazer it got a little bent up on the rear on landing. i split the sled in half and brought the rear section to a frame stretcher.
  5. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_03/P3140003.JPG.887898676ef48a2fac716be9f8fea1d0.JPGhttp://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_03/P3140001.JPG.24d0e2ac4a437a1a889125ae259d2d48.JPGhttp://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_03/P3140002.JPG.05f61eaafddde6bf5a86bda18385de79.JPGTwo pics of the ROCK ..... One year only ride right to the Hole , never possible again.. the other is mt. RADAR http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_03/P3140003.JPG.887898676ef48a2fac716be9f8fea1d0.JPG http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_03/P3140001.JPG.24d0e2ac4a437a1a889125ae259d2d48.JPG http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_03/P3140002.JPG.05f61eaafddde6bf5a86bda18385de79.JPG
  6. My idea of a fun day when i was young , long time ago.
  7. Rain no snow and now NO trails in Hudson quebec.
  8. Great video's and story .guys.. I think you need a new set of carbides..enjoy ' love the ile biz. club house.
  9. I heard Clova was closed til mid jan.
  10. Might be time for glasses..
  11. Had to run the Hwy . once since i did not gas at the sawmill..it all worked out cause that year they had a little relay with a gas tanker parked to sell gas. I was lucky.
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