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  1. same here alain , i could pull her out and go with just a slight invite ...
  2. NEXT YEAR. will not be too far away great job.
  3. HAPPY summer sports to all .

    still lots of riding possible if u want to trailer 3 hours.
  4. HAPPY summer sports to all .

    IT was s good sled season !
  5. Joncas

    was this not the second time it burned ?
  6. laval sled show pics-2019 sleds

    CAT used to be the best looking but no this year , if u have a pic of a yam u have a pic. of a CAT and viseversa.. SRX going for top speed only with that 1" track
  7. laval sled show pics-2019 sleds

    yes love the blues like poo / titan and brp , bcx. BUT some are so ugly like the expedition se ,, not anything i like esp . not 18000 plus .. new grand touring limited . well they took so much off it , the turbo should be free..
  8. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    I HAVE BEEN HIT , head on by a group of 3 , going like crazy no studs on icy trails around cabanon in st zenon , and i only had 40 km on my new sled . when the came around the corner on my side , not even the middle , first two missed me but not the third and i had even driven off the trail to avoid the yahoos , and please keep both hands on the bars , i don't care how many are behind you , USE common SENSE
  9. Trail report

    i was in mt . laurier a week ago ,so in town getting brown and a little low on snow , so its better to get out of town
  10. Trail report

    st anne de lac good jump off parking motels.. good trails at your door.
  11. Nice report and pics. like usual , too bad about bumpy trails but i hope u enjoyed the week off with your partners. I was off to mt. laurier and further north for 3 days last week and the trails were groomed smooth as u could ask for , good snow but not much sunshine.. u can't have everything..
  12. 100 Lac Suds vs Mekoos

    MEKOOS fancy compared to 100 lacs but you pay more.
  13. On Star members

    hope people are not paying for service they can't get
  14. Threesome to Lac St Jean and Charlevoix Feb 26

    Don't get a splinter on that bridge it bit my partner and ruined the rest of his trip remember ICE MAN .