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  1. grumpysanta

    Looking for a Snowbike partner

    A snowbike for a week trip WOW
  2. grumpysanta

    Trailer advise

    3 sleds in a 14 ft. wow must have been elans.
  3. grumpysanta

    My new Mistress...from the beginning.

    NICE , truck AUTO u will get to like , worked great for me on 12 wheel dumper . but they are hard on fuel..
  4. yes for sure TRAILBLAZER is supposed to be up around matha auberge on a couples weekend with his wife and Linda and her husband
  5. SUPER looking pics. and good to see u can leave from home.. Hope to see u soon..
  6. grumpysanta

    Oxygen Helmets

    gkw u can leave the neck collar in , just dont pull it down after u put the helmet on and it will be a little cooler in helmet with less moisture because some air can escape.
  7. grumpysanta

    mini report & oxygen review

    SNOWMASTER.. good to know about new supermarket . already new about gas . but we carry spare gas so no need for detour..
  8. grumpysanta

    mini report & oxygen review

    WE were up that way over a week ago and was all good except no gas and poor food at repo.. glad to hear helmet worked on i am still looking..
  9. grumpysanta

    Suggestions planning Gaspe trip the end of January

    BEST place to tour , u have to adjust for snow and weather. always ask questions of people everywhere u stop. to make sure of closures and fuel stops and possible broken groomers, but it can be the best week of the year..leave time dont rush trying to do big miles..
  10. like the old tower we used to visit up on MT. valin
  11. grumpysanta

    A newbie just saying hello to everyone

    WELCOME to QR .. enjoy quebec , maybe hookup sometime..
  12. grumpysanta

    Trailer advise

    SUPER GLIDES 2 on the floor , the best and super clamp for at least for your regular sed u haul . good floor mount ty downs. some cabinets in front, buy or build .. coat the floor before u use it to keep it looking new for years with out oil spots etc.
  13. grumpysanta

    Oxygen Helmets

    doo4adoo what local dealer u talking about ? got to give them a pat on the back when they are good to customers.. We sure complain when they bad.
  14. grumpysanta

    Trailer advise

    my 2 cents. i had a blizzard was not over impressed ... 18 would be min. if u are getting expedition.. torsion is the only way . alum. wheels .no front door , no gas doors. center latch on back door. , side door latch able to open from inside .. all led lights inside and out. I have and had other triton , no a bad product. but we are in canada , so if i could get good quality and price here in canada.. PROLINE supposed to be good. I like Stealth alum. but the BECKER seems to be what i would look hard at.
  15. grumpysanta

    Hotel Marineau Mattawin

    yes u can leave truck and trl.