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  1. Big fuel stop just on west outskirts of lachute, trail goes thru parking lot. lots of trucks , just ask the owner . mgr if you can leave for couple days.. its right by HWY 50.
  2. Montpellier or du hamel or lac simon have places to park some safer than others and all can reach mt, laurier in a couple hour ride .. my choice would be montpellier. resto . and motel parking across street ..
  3. 3 pc alum. CURVED. adj. width or fixed..the 2 outer ramps have ski slides .... 8 feet long and 2 pcs. 9" and center 18 " can be spread apart to fit any ski.. 300 $ firm
  4. doo4a doo u still need bigger . are they that small
  5. its from brp accessories but they took it down soon after.. cause it must have been a slip.
  6. JUST a little info on Expeditions .....900 sport ,se ,le, and EXTREME will all be in G4 chassis for 2020 NO word on SWT.. and the 550 fan stay in the old chassis.
  7. THE cold is FREE the warmth you have to pay for .
  8. yes now he is stepping up.. ordered a new shiny trailer , will have to guard with a shotgun...
  9. Thats what J.G says about his trailer , looks like no one would want it
  10. I never had a problem staying any were there maybe they just don't like my shit
  11. A snowbike for a week trip WOW