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  1. Which trip is best???

    GASPE . the most scenic ,day after day .
  2. Shield Heater Tester

    where are they in quebec
  3. Whose Ex is This?

    never too big MR. G
  4. Man Down

    YOU have time to recover . before season opener.. could have been worse , could have been on a ride to the country side in pieces...
  5. Trailer for sale

    sold i guess
  6. Quebec - Remote Cabin Rental - Sled In Only Wanted

    u can look online for quebec rentals in mt. valin area. the group i rode with 2 years ago rented a cabin for week... ride in only . about 5 km. from passion q, ski hill.. not expensive.
  7. same here alain , i could pull her out and go with just a slight invite ...
  8. NEXT YEAR. will not be too far away great job.
  9. HAPPY summer sports to all .

    still lots of riding possible if u want to trailer 3 hours.
  10. HAPPY summer sports to all .

    IT was s good sled season !
  11. Joncas

    was this not the second time it burned ?
  12. laval sled show pics-2019 sleds

    CAT used to be the best looking but no this year , if u have a pic of a yam u have a pic. of a CAT and viseversa.. SRX going for top speed only with that 1" track
  13. laval sled show pics-2019 sleds

    yes love the blues like poo / titan and brp , bcx. BUT some are so ugly like the expedition se ,, not anything i like esp . not 18000 plus .. new grand touring limited . well they took so much off it , the turbo should be free..