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  1. I HAD 2020 exp. se . loved it very practical , do almost anything with, did not feel like it handled bad. great if you like to travel for a week , carry everything u want good on gas and you don't care if you wake up to a big snow dump. i would choose EXP. over renegade but close.
  2. OVER 5500 deaths in Quebec. No motels or food if it does not get better and maybe no trail grooming
  3. YES I remember TIM PARK and was up there for his maps and sweat shirts , boy times have changed and i hear Cabanon might be sold.. I wonder if new owner will have the same dedication as Denis..
  4. ALL is good ICE MAN until it bites Trump in the ass because canada stops shipping much cheaper drugs to the usa , and see how they cry and then Trump will try and pull another bone ass move.. 3M currently does not make masks in canada but i bet they sure could . and in the end i think it would hurt the usa more.
  5. Well its not just a helmet ... but if can get for 750 you get a real good it 750 + tax 100 so 850 just the helmet,, i guess we pay more in quebec even at our shows..
  6. yes MR. Gutz. made the big leap after i got back from gaspe , back thurs nite sold saturday by noon. guy is crazy happy..
  7. it cost me over 950 will sell 800.
  8. I loved it but decided to sell everything .SLED and TRAILER gone now just the little stuff to sell.
  9. I have a red /orange XL with extras for sale pm me please
  10. Yes was just there for a week.. mt. Joli hotel not what it used to be and the same for MT. st pierre , would not stay at either place . ans yes quality in gets groomed trail looks nice and also Gaspeiene hotel groomed..
  11. I got quick stop and check there too. same day i missed you at hotel.
  12. lucky there for sure . so the moral of the story is to go fast in the middle of the lake and not when you get near any shore , where they could have a car to drag you to jail.