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  1. St Raymond North?

    good news i hope . ,,que. motoneiges shows still closed

    I agree 100% , you have to take care of land owners , i remember the trail to the relais now u have to do a fifty km. detour and axcees to st adolfe de howard was lost so no way to get to ste. agathe . another closure now that dead ends in village of---------- . also st jovite have problems .. hope for the best . what club do u belong.

    yes i would agree , the pine hill club is trying to fix the problem with meetings with fcmq . the trails around lachute have taken a hit in last few years.. if all clubs thought i that we will no longer have inter connected trails.

    TQ 3 might not open to go north this winter , CLUB Lynx says they do not want to groom that way , to connect St Canut to lake Louisa area . FCMQ and HIBOU BLANC are trying to work something out . This is a important trail to the North . PLEASE help by sending email to the Lynx club and the fcmq. U can check this out on FB> club hibou blanc
  5. Suggested Tour guide?

    ICEMAN ....I wish that was the only problem .No pay just trying to be nice. but i don't think money would have made it any better with that one. I do my volunteering with the club.. I would rather run alone because if i broke down , i would be alone anyway , I am not fast anymore but like to run good miles ..
  6. Suggested Tour guide?

    NO THANKS, I had enough babysitting last winter.. being a so called tour guide . you remember that ICE MAN . No way to waist a week in our short winter.
  7. Proline Trailers

    SUPER IDEA.. I like those pro line but too expensive to bring to canada and trouble at the border .
  8. Proline Trailers

    well u did good job on ramp NOW the big screen for sled videos
  9. Proline Trailers

    WHAT no glides on the floor ????
  10. Proline Trailers

    THANKS i am looking for all alum trl. so i am interested. in all the pics and mods you are doing to the inside.. SNOWTIME....
  11. Proline Trailers

    pictues we are waiting
  12. Season is Coming

    Looks interesting , keep us posted

    no zr 6
  14. Club Notawissi closed for the winter season.

    yes i have stayed there and food was pretty good . BETTER than my experience at fer A c. ....100 lac last year was pretty good with new owner.. they will be missed .too bad they could not get someone else to run ir for the winter if they were making money .

    hey trailblazer maybe another ride to the rapids ?