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  1. Trailblazer

    Trees and lots of them

    Go big or go home!
  2. Trailblazer

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    That’s a nice run to Forestville and back wish I could attend, sorry to hear about the boys in the drink, shit happens even to the best of us. Yves still on his Freeride? You guys heading up to the Pip via Km31 or Onatichwa? Safe travels boys.
  3. Trailblazer

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    It’s just the first one that hurts, it’s all down hill after that.
  4. Trailblazer

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Would you say hi to him for me.
  5. Trailblazer

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    And empty them as quick as you can, the lighter the tail the faster the trail.
  6. Trailblazer

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Well Ca marche pas ici les photos!!!
  7. Trailblazer

    GROOMERS CLUB 116 please support

    That young lad used to always say when hung over “do 200 miles and call me in the morning”.
  8. Trailblazer

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    Well I’m a little late here again this year and judging by all the previous votes I am left with Xmas day and New Years Day so given that I’ll be going to the next available slot Jan. 5 2019. Hope to ride together again Ice.
  9. Trailblazer

    Looking for a Snowbike partner

    Try a snowbike forum. Good luck with your adventures.
  10. Trailblazer

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Lucky schmucks My Enduro is looking at me with tears in her headlights, a twitchy throttle and a wrestless suspension syndrome. After that broken leg last season she’s itching to pounce. Holidays are coming soon!!!
  11. Trailblazer

    New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    Congrats guys, the Universal is a big player to the start of many sledding trips in and around those regions. Okay now we have to name an ambassador just as we have in the Saguanay , how about “Universal Mike”.
  12. Trailblazer

    Interesting article printed in Snowgoermagazine in 2015...

    The North Shore certainly is a place to explore, my last visit was back in '99 until 2 seasons ago when I went up to Forestville a couple times to ride some QR guys from here then last season I rode the North Shore on two occasions. Really hard to decide between the Gaspe and the North shore they both have unique features. From my experiences trail 3 up to Sept Isles is a good run, almost anybody can manage when groomed, beautiful scenery, look outs, gorges to nice Relaiss. Beyond Sept Isles is just as beautiful but untamed, more of a touch'n go situation and would require a skilled group to continue on. I've experienced it both ways and believe me if you're not prepared you're going no where. Trail 3 ends in Baie Johan Beetz about 100 klms after Havre St.Pierre which is another touch'n go trail, could be groomed could not be, better have some gps tracks. Beyond Baie Johan Beetz theres no more grooming and it's game on (GPS a must have) until La Route Route Blanche begins in Kegaska where the trail is maintained, groomed (to some degree) and well marked right up to Blanc Sablon but the area is as barren and rural as ever. From Kegaska is where the hwy 138 ends and here on in you're very much on your own, you'll be needing back up plans and to be prepared to stay a night in the bush for a rescue should it come to that. Remember the guys that wrote the article did a U turn in Sept Isles. If you're able I would suggest to continue on past Sept Isles up the coast for an adventurous trip you'll remember for the rest of your life.