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  1. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Nice trip nice pics thanks for sharing David always a pleasure to follow along. How many clicks did you pack in on this one?
  2. Dravereus trail

    Looks like Dominique may have made a run down to Pensive. Best to call Clova for confirmation, you know how much trouble the grooming schedule on the app has been this year.
  3. Pirate ride.

    You guys are getting great weather and trails are looking really awesome, Phil go gently on the eye you can get back double vision in the evenings. 😊
  4. Pirate ride.

    You getCrazysnow out of his cabin yet?
  5. Berniers to Les Escoumins and beyond...

    Oh oh!!! I think I smell a 900 turbo tailing the 850. That is such a nice run with lots of regions and diversity in the trail. Great job getting to Gotbout ferry on time and tell Molly there’s nothing wrong with feeding those 🐴 a little, giddy up! 😉 Old man winter hasn’t left the building yet.
  6. March 9th-11th Chenail Du Nord adventure.

    Crazy Americanos We we’re already settled in Forestville for the night when you guys were passing through. Too bad you guys were running late, would’ve been nice to touch base. Nice run boyz.
  7. Nice ride and pics Alain, the Gaspe is le creme de la creme.
  8. Duhamel and surrounding area

    A little
  9. Sept iles conditions

    We looked for that sign and didn’t have any luck, trail gets dumped onto a river crossing then you come back up to the road and that’s it. Was looking forward to seeing that sign
  10. White Road Run

    And it just keeps getting better and better, gotta love adventures. Local weather also reports zero visability today, after the last few days practicing in the flat light were ready for that.
  11. White Road Run

    Right out of the gate we got an issue, Freeride down, more later. RR will fill u in with the details. White Road grease gun
  12. White Road Run

    The norm up here, no helmets just goggles and pile as many you can on the Scandics. Vieux Fort landing strip, got lucky and saw this
  13. White Road Run

    The norm up here, no helmets just goggles and pile as many you can on the Scandics. Vieux Fort landing strip, got lucky and saw this one landing. Was thinking about Lindasledgirl for the following 3 pics As Howard said literally fell apart rolling into the garage, timing??? The boys hard at work, big thumbs up for these two saving the day. Ferry boat leaving Blanc Sablon port over to St.Anthonys Newfoundland
  14. White Road Run

    Labrador arrival as scheduled for Tuesday lunch time made for a lonely ride up or down I should say as the locals do. This is by far has got to be the craziest thing I've ever done, solo'd La Route Blanche half at night and half in the day. Guess I was in Cains Quest mode. Not far into Lab who do I meet in the trail? RR and crew, we are now reunited once more. In the hotel early and out comes the Captain. Yippy kay yeah. Not much going on here I missed all the action the day before. Today leaving Lab it's a flat light day and stays the same all day, made for some pretty hard visibility. Just outside of Tabatiere we another sled issue 2 fold. RRs Expedition popped a spring and into the track it went, it's a goner, the other F3s Yammy Viper's hanger brackets for the upper wheels are showing signs of cracking and are in need of some welding, off we go to the garage in Tabatiere. I think RR will post more on his carnage at a later time. The day is done and another with out a dull moment, checked in to Harrington Harbour at Jeans B&B, 10 on 10 for this spot, she is by far the best cook we've seen up La Route Blanche yet.
  15. White Road Run

    Returned from Sept Isles at 4:50pm, decided not to stay another night in Kegashka rather push on up the White Road closer to Lab but this meant doing it solo in the dark. This is what adventures are all about! Called Chevery but no rooms so 40 k further Tete a La Baliene has and so it is but not before getting to the gas in Chevery before they close by 8 pm. Left Kegashka at 5:30 got the gas at 7:20, great! Doing good time but not for long, missed the left turn at the fork for Tete and ended up in Harrington Harbour, boy does the trail look so different at night. Back track 10 k to the fork and I’m in Tete at 9:15. Missed supper grrr and everything is closed. Tomorrows plan get on the trail early and hope to arrive in Lab for noon. I’m very disappointed I wasn’t able to be there to see Team Maine roll in and missing the opportunity to shake Robs hand and give him my support. That’s snowmobiling.