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  1. I got one of those too, I’m in on more to come from Terry and Co. Dont forget the QR stickers....Iconic
  2. No Pip for me this year JmS, blew my tranny and rear diff, had trouble locating a good used one. In the shop now getting ready. Pip gonna have to wait till next year cuz by the time the bike is back together it’s time for my next holiday then we’ll we we’ll into hunting season and we all know how much hunters like atvs running around in their territory.
  3. Nice ride JmS, I sure do miss riding up there. Did you guys get a chance to visit the underground bunkers at the airstrip?
  4. Doing some research myself for the loop of the Pipmuacan. Tent camping included.
  5. Happy Independence Day from south of the border to all my American friends. Found it only fitting to eat out at this beautiful establishment on the eve of the holiday.
  6. Molly & Terry work wonders off trail.
  7. I don’t recall seeing one in my inbox, could you let me know if I’m up to date or need to be.
  8. Triggerhappy I don’t have much riding experience out of Shawinagan so I can’t speak much of that area. Most of my/our riding is not in the trail network and done in back country roads and pathes north of Mt.Laurier and St.Zenon, I know these areas very well and have done a lot of riding up there. Cabanon would be a good location to do loops out of and/or a 3-4 day trip, Ste Anne du Lac good to start trips from too Rabaska as well good for loops and trips. Cabanon and Rabaska would be safer parking when leaving for a few days all though I haven’t experienced or heard any bad reports of SAdL. In the past I’ve started a few trips out Relais Windigo by the falls but that place burned down a few years back and so we park in SAdL behind the motel and ride out to Rabaska or up to Lunic and beyond, more options there. There’s a new atv/snowmobile bridge built last year crossing the Riviere Lapin so getting to Mekoos on atv from SAdL is now possible with out having to go 10 klms south on the highway risking a ticket to catch a backroad up to Mekoos. An interesting ride out of Cabanon, follow the sled trail up to the dam then on up to Repos and Kanawata, visit Casey and the runway. There’s even underground bunkers around the Casey runway that are interesting visits. Out of SAdL or Rabaska head up ch Lepine to Clova then on to Martins on the reservoir Gouin, from there head west, some nice dams and dykes to see and you can return via Balbuzard back to Ch. Lepine, more runways to see over there too. Good luck with your ventures
  9. Yes I remember, trail started north by the Venison farm between Weir and Arundel while riding along side of the highway. From Pincourt to St.Jovite going up through that trail it was taking us just under 4 hours and a full tank of gas back then. My god I’m getting old. Lol
  10. Would that be the old Relais Des Pins that turned into a paintball place?
  11. I hear Zuesand, it seams we’ll have to log in that odometer reading before starting the trip like back in the day with analog gauges and do the math at the end of the trip.
  12. Did you check what it will he like in 2 weeks.