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  1. We did it a few years ago and going from BG to Martin’s is all road a lot of fast roads, I blew my belt coming into BG. When I have a chance I can send the god track for BG to Martin’s.
  2. Okay it’s time now I’m put’n in my order for some sticky’s.
  3. Nothing wrong with that flank steak, poor man’s filet mignon. Their speciality and they do it well. Nice ride boys, next time stop at Mikes in Bertierville, Guy Lafleurs restaurant.
  4. Been a long time since I’ve visiting your blog JG, had a lot of catching up to do. Keep up the great photography love looking at your wildlife pics.
  5. Oh really! I thought it looked a lot like the new bridge linking Mekoos to Ste Anne du Lac.
  6. Yup 2 years ago we were tunneling through there too, I can image how much more it’s grown in.
  7. Very nice guys glad to hear it went well with out any issues. From Martins into Clova did you guys take the old trail or the highway? Were the blueberries ripe on the look out?
  8. Finally!!!!!...... different dates for different venues! Last year Toronto, Quebec and Drummondville all on the same weekend as in the previous years as well. Toodles to the rocket scientist who thunk this up.
  9. Mike, they will fit across the other bridge further down river.
  10. Best to call while they’re still active during hunting season.
  11. Nice itinerary A little tip, when leaving Barrage Gouin heading towards Obedjewan not far past it maybe 10 or 15 k heading towards Clova for the counterclock wise loop you’ll see a high mountain on your right, sticks out like sore thumb. Look for the trail that’ll bring you to the summit, awesome views and wild fruit for a snack.
  12. Cross the river up the slope and it’s on your left 500’ in like the image.
  13. From north to south When leaving the airstrip on the sled trail going to Casey you’ll cross a cement bridge over a narrow river with some houses to the right on the shore line, straight ahead less than a klm the trail goes up a slope, look to your left for a very narrow path like a hiking trail. That would be it, go 500’ in and your there. Good luck