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  1. A drop in the bucket for a guy who probable sold his business for 10’s of millions. His yearly riding expenses are probable worth just one month of interest. Toodles to the guys success and happiness.
  2. I thinks it’s time you get out of the wine cellar there buddy.
  3. We took that muddy single road for less than 1 klm and were back on the trail, saved us an hour of riding down through Portneuf, skiis were punished for sure! Wish we had a pic cuz I know someone here that would’ve been proud of me. Lol!
  4. Last evening together pow wow splits the group in 2. Jackstraw and a Eric head east to Mattawin while Phil myself and Scranton head north for the hills (more snow colder temps and no towns). Our 6 am departure from the Roquemont would put these boys at the trucks early enough for their long haul home so I pass the message to Mrs.Trailblazer I’ll be home early. Trails are freshly groomed from the night before and are hard as a rock as temps went well below freezing overnight. Well that’s it I jinxed it with the premature message cause not long into the morning departure one of us loses a scratcher and begins to overheat. While stopping every 2 miles to wait 10 minutes for thing to to cool down is not an option, out comes the spare scratcher and we jimmy rig it to the A arm with some hose clamps twist ties and tie wraps, not pretty but did the job for a while. 11:30 arrival at Mattawin we all take care of business and say our good byes, Scranton and Phil are on the black top while I’m just finishing up I see Jackstraw and Eric pull in, did our good byes (hugs’n kisses NOT) and as I’m walking past the Auberge I see 3 sexy looking A/Cs parked in front. 73 LT1 355 360. Snow storm just kicking in as we were arriving. Not long long after black top departure I stop for a lunch break while and while chowing down I’m scrolling through FB, I see a post from low and behold Towing non the less saying he’s stopped in Mattawin for lunch and his sled parked beside those sexy triplets from the photo he posted. Time on the post puts him there about 10 minutes after we left. If we had of known.
  5. Got to see Playhard Bullwinkle but unfortunately he darted off to quick for a snap shot.
  6. 380 klms for today and spending the last night together at the Roquemont, 3 369 23 to bypass Quebec, enough of that uglyness. Turning the dream meter over 1500 tomorrow.
  7. Did you take the short cut to bypass Portneuf?
  8. St. stansilas isn't that near the old cabane a roger??
  9. Well that's pretty easy, they were flying too low. 😏 Ha ha ha
  10. Les Hautes Gorges will be missed, what a beautiful trail.
  11. You're forgetting about the property owner in Pointe Fortune that would charge everyone 5$ to get off the Ottawa river before the dam using his property. Then you somehow escaped by mingling in with others in Campbelton, NB the 25$ day pass to continue on to QC.
  12. 2000 year old ice hmmm....I wonder how many polar bears took a wiz on it. 😉
  13. I concour Last year passing through there was the same.