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  1. Winter Preparations

    Unions!!!! everyone needs a job.
  2. Joyeux Anniversaire Monsieur Iceman!

    Bonne fete mon homme
  3. Winter Preparations

    Is the salt put in a shelter later Don?
  4. Season Finally Mont Valin May 12th 13th

    Really nice guys but all that driving for one day of riding? True diehards
  5. Season Finally Mont Valin May 12th 13th

    Think I saw a buddy of yours posting on FB, lucky saps!!!
  6. Share a video of memories..

    Looks like a lot of fun boyz, a lot of big stucks. You guys need a 24 in the group.
  7. Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    Bonne fete jeune homme
  8. New Trail through Papineau Labelle

    From my cottage on Lac Gagnon to La Petit Train du Nord (trail # 63) near Val Barrette via Parc Papineau Labelle (trail # 53), riding up the old way passing through Laus was taking 4 hours, the new way takes 2 1/2 hours. Nicer trail.
  9. Duhamel and surrounding area

    What's on deck?
  10. Duhamel and surrounding area

    To infinity and beyond Some fuzzy wormholes Nice log house on an island that you can rent, sleeps 6 or 7, 5 single beds and 1 double bed, propane fridge, stove and lighting. 1 wood burning cook stove, 1 air tight wood stove and a stone fireplace, all the tools for a romantic get away. Sone more fuzzy stuff, RR approved. Lol Sure is nice to have a buddy with a gas can on the back. Ha ha ha RR said back in an earlier post that I need to put some tracks down on the lake. Here ya go bud. More locals out for a stroll The rat pack
  11. Duhamel and surrounding area

    Some locals out for lunch Thiscwas the largest dyke. 319 heading up to Mekoos in mint shape
  12. Duhamel and surrounding area

    We’ll back up to the cottage for the week end to most likely do my season ender. Invited along a QR friend as well as an old time ski doo partner with me, GrumpySanta. Friday afternoons arrival we learn 2 other cottage owners I know from home are up for the week end, so we’ll be doing the rounds. 10 klms up the lake we go for visit #1, pound back a few, shoot the $hit and our visit #2 walks in the door, guess that eliminates the next run. So we catch up a little and off we go down the lake another 10 klms hit the trail for an early evening run to La Mulet and back. Next day we have it planned to head up through the Parc on trail 53 up to Val Barrette, take the gas, lunch and on the trail up to the dam and dykes. All the trails thus far were flat and hard as concrete, great for gas mileage. Val Barrettes gas should take us up for the loop and down the 323 to La Minerve for more gas, estimated about 180k no problem I got gas on board, Grumpy left his at home 🤔. We arrive in La Minerve as scheduled but decide to not buy gas, figure we have enough to get back with a stop at another old friends house on Lac aux Castors, doing the rounds. Pound back a few, catch up on old times and before you know the table is set and supper is served, god bless her. Evening gets late and we’re camping out there for the night. In the morning our old friend serves up some frying pan surprise....don’t ask! But it was good. Later we’re out for a back country ride but not before dumping my gas and Grumpy getting a gallon or two from the shed. We ran across several lakes, portage routes that are for canoe campers, visited some empty cabins, ran some roads, some fuzzy some not but they all have plenty of snow!! 80 klms later we’re back for some lunch and another back country shortcut to the cottage but not before monsieur Grumpy runs the GT out of gas. That gas can back home in the garage sure is looking pretty good right about now. Ha ha ha off I go to get the gas with my can on the back, “don’t leave home with out” as they say. It turned out to be one of the finest week end rides I had this season, no drama, no carnage and no gas! Ha ha. 530 klms for the last run and spent with old friends and good times, that’s what sledding is all about.
  13. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Nice trip nice pics thanks for sharing David always a pleasure to follow along. How many clicks did you pack in on this one?
  14. Dravereus trail

    Looks like Dominique may have made a run down to Pensive. Best to call Clova for confirmation, you know how much trouble the grooming schedule on the app has been this year.
  15. Pirate ride.

    You guys are getting great weather and trails are looking really awesome, Phil go gently on the eye you can get back double vision in the evenings. 😊