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  1. A weapon you say, really happy to hear those words from the king of test pilots. All the more to expect from mine when I jump on her. Looking forward to hearing more reports on those Expeditions in testing. Enjoy Valin boys.
  2. Just heard from the boys, they went from Cabanon to Sacacomie 152 klms. They said the trail was groomed to perfection like mid winter conditions. 10” of ice on the lac in front of Cabanon. Guys are riding up to Repos but not groomed yet, they will start next week. Surprisingly traffic was light.
  3. I’ve got 2 friends that drove up this morning to test out their new sleds, I was on the phone with them when they arrived at Cabanon, said parking lot was half full and groomers were out. Anxiously waiting to hear from them.
  4. X2 with Midrange, we have ridden out of Motel Godard in L’Anociation now Riviere Rouge up to the Forestel in Val d’Or on several occasions. 8:30 am departure 6 pm arrival.
  5. Yup it’s closed for another year that confirmed from a conversation with a Cocraine groomer with Sledgirl at the TO show. Too much growth that grows rapidly and not enough volunteers to cut it back, remember there’s a 160+ klms on that stretch.
  6. Anxious I am RR, I’ll be hitting the snow in 2 weeks when we get back from NYC.
  7. Dump the spare gas and head up to Kanawata or Manawan pending on your direction.
  8. Wanna nice place to stay in the area of Chibougamau, not in town but on one of the lakes. There’s no night life like at Hotel Chibougamau but if peace and tranquility is what your looking for with a bit of off trail to get to it then I would highly recommend La Domaine de la Mine d’Or. It’s a B&B but if announced a head of time you want supper they’ll cook it up for you but must be announced prior to arrival. domaine de la mine d'or chibougamau/entity/CgsIuffA3IW-24vAARAB?g2lb=2502405%2C2502548%2C4208993%2C4254308%2C4258168%2C4260007%2C4274032%2C4276710%2C4288513%2C4289525%2C4296668%2C4299259%2C4301054%2C4302814%2C4305595%2C4308216%2C4315873%2C4317816%2C4317915%2C4324289%2C4329288%2C4329496%2C4330862%2C4270859%2C4284970%2C4292955%2C4316256&hl=en&gl=ca&un=1&q=le domaine de la mine d'or chibougamau&rp=ELn3wNyFvtuLwAE4AkAASAE&ictx=1&ved=2ahUKEwjm5cKKyPLlAhXwmuAKHdpvDBQQ65QEKAB6BAgNEAM&hrf=KhYKBwjjDxALGBgSBwjjDxALGBkYASgA&tcfs=EhoaGAoKMjAxOS0xMS0yNBIKMjAxOS0xMS0yNVIA I was their first snowmobile customer back in the early 2000’s. Johnny is a retired SQ officer who offers guided off trail excursions from his place up to Radisson, his wife prepares theee best breakfast ever.
  9. Want to place an order but not working out for clients north of the border. Tried having the order sent to an American address and billing to a Canadian address (my credit card) system doesn’t recognize Canadians. Need help!
  10. Noel is still running that place, that guy has got to be like 80 yrs old, whatta sport.
  11. Very very sad to hear of your loss Andy, so terrible. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Stay strong.
  12. We did it a few years ago and going from BG to Martin’s is all road a lot of fast roads, I blew my belt coming into BG. When I have a chance I can send the god track for BG to Martin’s.