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  1. Back in service on Sunday
  2. Tadoussac/Baie Comeau...…..Baie Comeau/Sept Isles...…..Sept Isles/Havre St. Pierre 3 days up and 3 days back all very doable, if you want to add on a bonus ride you could ride to the end of the 3 in Baie Johan Beetz and back to Havre for an extra day. Good luck and tell us how it went.
  3. That would only make sense given La Vyerendre is closed for lodging this year.
  4. Very doable, I’ve ridden from Motel Godard between L'Annociation and St.Veronique on 2 occasions with a group of 6 and a group of 8 up to the Forestel. 300+ miles. Our departure times were between 8:30 and 9 am. Plan your mileage to run your tank down as far as you can before refueling, regroup breaks only, skip lunch, increase your moving average speed and you’ll be fine.
  5. I remember when you and I left RDL in the morning with some advise from Mikey and made it to the Normandin for lunch time, with a popo stop. Enjoy yourselves and raise a glass to the mayor me. 🍷
  6. Relais 22 express is in good shape I presume 🤗
  7. Snuck out for a last minute decided 3 day ride with the hopes of completing the break in process on the new Extreme. Friday am we drive to Labelle for a 9 am departure, plan was to ride to Mt.Laurier visit the mountain sleep in town then ride north. The Petit Train du Nord is not open yet officially as per say but many tracks riding it. We meet the club director leading the groomer in Lac Saguay and says to us they got the permission from the MRC to groom and started this morning from Barrette. Around Mt.Laurier was thin as expected, the mountain was plentiful. Sat morning we see the trails north of Ferme-Neuve are showing groomed, this where we’re heading. As stipulated it was well worth the ride up to Lunic. One incident with the Sidewinder and the ZR 9000 steering is freezing up. Nicknamed buddy Arnold. After a little snack and receiving some trail info in Lunic we learn trail heading south to Mekoos is in dire straits, I suggest an alternative off trail route down to Mekoos. 3 outta 4 is a yea 1 a nea, not so spirited so he solos down to Mekoos while the rest of us bust through a foot and half of powder 80 k down to Mekoos. We arrive 10 minutes after our solo buddy. Sunday we head for the trucks looping the west side of the Kiamika reservoir crossing a couple dikes and a dam, little rough for about 20 k out of Mekoos some bypass trails around the reservoir but all in great shape back to Labelle. Break in complete.
  8. Nice to hear RR and crew are back in Qc riding again, love following along their trail adventures. Let’s hope this fuel pump event will be least of your worries. Ride safe have fun. Always an adventure TB
  9. Yes Alain more north is the better option, Riviere Mattawin or La Tuque. I heard from a guy in the trail north of the dam and the 360 is in good shape, your favourite.
  10. Season opener yesterday afternoon, decided last minute to give the North a try. IMotoneige showed trails were groomed starting from St. Gabriel de Brandon so off we went with the intentions to go to Cabanon and return. Buddy and I had a mixed bag day, beat up shit right out of the gate moguls after moguls so I give her some shit 30 k later my wrists are boiling and the windshield had popped and lost 2 grommets. Didn’t think it was that rough. Found some nice wide fluffy trails then we got stirred around. Leaving Koubec heading north to catch the trail heading east we see what looks like but not groomed just beat’n down with sled tracks. So we give it a go then another fork again just beat’n pathes and before ya know it after a few forks we’re on google earth google maps and imotoneige, oh did I mention I left my gps at home!!!! Buddy had his but only skidoo trail map in it. So we cross referenced on a few occasions ran some roads to reconnect some trails then 15 k outside of St. Gabriel at 6 pm in darkness we lost it all together and gave in to the road, did the Roadrunner thing. Despite all the adventures we managed to log in 150 k for the afternoon and all though the Extreme doesn’t handle like a sports car like the 137 Sidewinder in the twisties it’s more of a muscle car when the trail widens up.
  11. That’s good news Don, weather bon homme said 20-25 for our area, we got rain all morning then drizzle in the afternoon, some accumulation but mostly ice pellets.
  12. Love the Chibougamau run, keep us posted on the Mistassini leg.