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  1. Made it into Goose Bay via pick up truck, next day we spent it overhauling my contacts partners sled, rear suspension slides bearings new track carbides the works basically, worked in the garage till 9 pm while 30 cms of snow was falling and blowing. Next day we tried to get out but snow was too deep and more snow was forecasted for the coast which wasn’t in my favour for a solo ride down the coastline to my truck. U turn rent a truck and drive myself and sled back to Baie Comeau, ride back to Forestville. Sled ran great with no break down other than a blown belt 100k from the truck coming back, I’ll take that given the sled and original belt has close to 6 k on it and the last 1300 k was off trail. Will have to return another year to complete the loop.
  2. Going great, driving over to Goose Bay today to start the next leg down to the White Road.
  3. Would her father be Cletus Gallichon?
  4. Great job planning this one out Terry looks like you hurdled over all the speed bumps thrown at ya. Real happy to hear nobody got hurt on that little mishap. P.S. ‘Bout those Cats not to knock them down but I’m surprised not more than one gave you trouble. I got buddy’s at home with the big Cats 20 G sleds haven’t been able to 100 klm from home with out a break down.
  5. First aid kit, zip ties and a sewing kit are a good addition to your inventory.
  6. I’m heading up there this week end to check out that new highway.
  7. Nice run boys, thanks for sharing pics and taking the time to post trail conditions. Are you thinking about Havre this year Jim?
  8. I’ve passed by there a couple times already this season and the 54 south to Kiamika has been relocated. 53 north still in the same place as last year which was relocated further west up 63 a few years back. 53 north on the north side of hwg 117 we used to ride through a sugar shack property, this year trail rerouted around via the road. Suspect loss of rights.
  9. Back in service on Sunday
  10. Tadoussac/Baie Comeau...…..Baie Comeau/Sept Isles...…..Sept Isles/Havre St. Pierre 3 days up and 3 days back all very doable, if you want to add on a bonus ride you could ride to the end of the 3 in Baie Johan Beetz and back to Havre for an extra day. Good luck and tell us how it went.
  11. That would only make sense given La Vyerendre is closed for lodging this year.
  12. Very doable, I’ve ridden from Motel Godard between L'Annociation and St.Veronique on 2 occasions with a group of 6 and a group of 8 up to the Forestel. 300+ miles. Our departure times were between 8:30 and 9 am. Plan your mileage to run your tank down as far as you can before refueling, regroup breaks only, skip lunch, increase your moving average speed and you’ll be fine.