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  1. Duhamel and surrounding area

    Update for Montpellier No more parking at the Riopel, property has been sold, private land now. Parking there risks a ticket and towing fees. The City has offered parking at the Sports Pavillon in town. Association Motoneigistes Vallée de la Nation #771 Region 13
  2. Happy Birthday snow farmer and smclelan!

    Happy birthday boys, time to celebrate.
  3. Ice’s new ride

    Congrats on the new ride Ice, she’s back to zero now so you’ve got some work to do. Get’r done!!
  4. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Looking like you’ll be out in the office pretty soon. Here in MTL we are supposed to get our first signicant snowfall of the season 10-15 cms tomorrow, looking forward to pounding the back woods with my Tundra.
  5. Big White Tour

  6. Suggested Tour guide?

    Bail out plan Mark as much as it pains me to say this, is your choice of companions. A good team pulls together and holds they’re own.
  7. Sad news to announce

    Very sad indeed although I’ve never met the gentleman we did exchange emails on a few occasions sharing the loss of both of our wives to cancer. It saddens me greatly to hear of his passing. RIP Mr. Lyons.
  8. Big White Tour

    Last time I was there, race track spectacular.
  9. Mt Valin looking good

    Late ride hmmm.....given the conditions I’ll ride all friggen night. You guys hit it right on.
  10. Mt Valin looking good

    Thanks a lot guys for those internet patchy reports, I know and understand how much of an effort it is to do so and we greatly appreciate the time taken. ‘Nuffa dat Now let’s get back to Team 22 Freeride with the reigns on her??? Giddy up!!
  11. Timbersled kits are illegal on sled trails, you’ll probable have better luck finding opinions on a mountain sled forum.
  12. Suggested Tour guide?

    Private guide....I’m on board with that, did it before, can do it again.
  13. That very well could've been a snow plow blade and given the incident was in Shefferville there are no groomed trail networks there but only beaten down pathes the locals are using frequently so my best guess would be he ran into a snowplow blade that was left on the end of or the beginning of a driveway on private property or a private road leading to a house. In any event very tragic and a loss to a loved one.
  14. Mt Valin looking good

    Which Gen would those skis be RR? I have a pair of Gen 1s, worked Réal well on my RX1 back in '04 but were too squirrelly on the Apex so they were archived. Thinking of putting them in action on the Enduro. The guy in your group with the Enduro, I noticed Simmons up front, did he have to swap the spindles to put them on?