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  1. Hers two. One familiar to many and the other to very few.
  2. Thanks for sharing the details, it’s definitely a winter all of us need to adapt. We’ve been up to the Cabanon twice this year and brought in our own food including our trail side lunches. Did the Gouin have a microwave in the common area or in any of the rooms?
  3. I was as surprised as you to hear this but sad to say get ready to hear more of it this year. With a combination of a slow start to the winter and snowmobile sales emptying showrooms across the province and very little used inventory means there’ll be a lot of antsy first timers, inexperienced riders and many getting back into the sport from being out of it for many years. This is a recipe for more incidents to come this winter. I’ve already experienced this first hand this season, took my my son in law out for a ride and while out there he had to ditch his sled off the trail to make room for an oncoming idiot that was totally on his side of the trail. Sad to say his sled suffered damages but he escaped uninjured. The oncoming sled was in the middle of the pack and the riders behind saw what happened but continued on. Ride safe, Ride on the right.
  4. Wanna do the extra miles you need the extra gas. Where there’s a way there’s a will.
  5. Was that Johnny from Barrage Gouin?
  6. That sucks, that’s the fastest connecting trail to the Valley de la Petite Nation. My route to the cottage.
  7. The old Relais on top of the mountain at Baie St.Paul.
  8. Was up there on atv one summer ago.
  9. You’ll find the picture in the Econo Lodge restaurant La Danube in Forestville. The dam is on a shortcut local trail off the 53 crossing the Kiamika Reservoir east of Ferme a Neuve. The other rider in the photo is Grumpy Santa.
  10. Way off, on the opposite side of the province.