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  1. The trail that I can get on near my house in Hamburg is closed in both directions due to the same crap! I have to trailer now to ride locally.
  2. This is all I got from a friend
  3. Looks like off trail riders again.
  4. Love this helmet. My only complaint was the neck gator too short. I took a Doo balaclava with gator and cut out the neck part and had it sewn into helmet gator. Works great. I see Doo has something similar for 2022.
  5. Alain, you now have competition. 😂
  6. Albie, nice meeting you and thanks for some tips. Ivey's motor lodge was excellent. Place must have been updated recently, great rooms. Had a pub with food inside, our kinda place.
  7. Blueblood, hope you dont mind us posting in your thread. Anyways today was the best day so far. Left Madawaska on fresh groomed trails, they never ended all the way to Ivey’s Motor Lodge in Houlton. 145 easy miles. Very nice place. Went thru Lavertue, Hamlin, Limestone, Fort Fairfield, late lunch in Mars Hill. Most trails were highway speed
  8. Today was another good one, landed in Madawaska, Inn of Acadia. All trails were groomed nice. Went thru Portage, Eagle Lake, Fort Kent.
  9. Using Guru Maps App, had to buy maps to use on GURU from GPS Trailmasters. Works really good.
  10. Mike, started saddlebag trip today. Thanks for the ideas. Today trails were 8-10 mostly 10. Went north thru Shin Pond. That is a nice place to stay at. Then up thru Umcolcus Sporting Camps, nice lunch there. Ended day in Presque Isle at P. I. Convention Center, has food and bar! Our track today in Purple. The second map pic goes north of the first
  11. Mike, saw you this morning in your truck as we were going thru parking lot. Dont go straight south, too many trails closed for logging. We are heading north tomarrow 4 day saddlebag trip. Stay safe.
  12. We are down the road from you at Katadhin. Wish we were at Baxter too. We did 160 mile loop today went northwest then south to Wildwoods. Had 125 miles of 9-10 trails and 35 miles of crap. Crap was from NO grooming not lack of snow. We are doing another loop tomarrow going a little south east and then north east. Should be a little over 150 clicks. We are 5 and can swing by Baxter on way out if you want to join us. Like 8:30 ish. Track we took in Purple, went counterclockwise.
  13. We riding from same starting Sunday. Katahdin Inn, You?
  14. True story, years ago our group was riding in Quebec and I could see another group coming down a large hill side maybe a mile away. I figured we would meet up because they were 90 deg to our right. Sure enough we met at a intersection, I was leading and went through the intersection no problem. When I looked back one of our guys was having a conversation with one of the other group and it appeared they had crashed into each other. They didnt seem mad nor even exchanged info. Reason was, they knew each other because they had tangled their sleds up with each other few years back. Still had each others info. What are the odds.