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  1. 7 of us rode out of Cabanon 3 days and then did a 3 day loop. Overall trails were 7-10. Area received 8-12 inches of snow the day we arrived. Rode thru the following places during the week. 1,000 miles total 6 days of riding. St Zenon, Mattawin, Repos, St Gabriel, Kanawata, Weyomentaci, Relay 22, La Tuque. Only 1 potato in St. Michel. Trails south toward Gabriel were fine. Cant say enough about how much I like this 2020 Renegade Enduro 900 Turbo for Quebec riding. Was snowing good when we left also.
  2. I do not see that as possible. Your just plugged in to 12v power, no way there is a signal to helmet light. I agree the skirt is too short in back. You got me thinking leaving skirt out might be better. Anyone else try this?
  3. I noticed this year if you use two fingers to pan it works better. Also the map stops following your position at times and have to select the round button bottom right to get back. Overall I love the app and use it mounted on my handlebar all day
  4. Ok, we left Repos around 1, maybe some other trip. Trails were mostly very good today
  5. We are heading up to Repos today, maybe cross paths. We group of 7, red Doo Renegade leading. Like to meet and shake your hand.
  6. Yes very sad, I am a lifelong fan also. First saw them in Buffalo, NY in 1975, was blown away! Good luck on riding, we heading in same direction tomarrow. Start riding Monday.
  7. Us, 8 days later. Please give report on trails, thanks
  8. Thanks everyone, Marineau it is
  9. Did this property used to be Motel Des 9? If so I have many memories from it years ago. Landing late at night towing a sick Thundercat, cutie bartender got her dad to come pick it up and put in heated garage. Remember a few girlie channels on tv lol. Cinder block rooms in back of main building and on and on. Late 80’s thru 90’s
  10. Dude that sucks, can you keep us posted on the turbo issue? What were symptoms? I have same motor.
  11. The Marineau (3250, boulevard Ducharme La Tuque) I am referring to is the 1 south of town, thinking that is the one Ice inferred too.
  12. Hotel Marineau or Odanak? Been years since stayed in La Tuque. I remember Odanak as not being Snowmobile friendly?
  13. Snobeeler


    Thanks guys, will make reservations. I remember going there for lunch the first year they opened. Place was beautiful. Indian guy gave us directions on running the Whole reservoir south.
  14. Yes, I would like to think most of us would do the same, hard to believe nobody tough enough was there to keep things from that outcome.