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  1. Snobeeler

    Groomer Contest 2018-19

    January 2nd!
  2. Snobeeler

    All this early Snow....not good.

    My Cheerios taste awful today. 😡
  3. Snobeeler

    Advertising Input

    I concur, they all can read French, some can also read English. Best would be one on each side but if not feasible, some Only French and some Only English.
  4. You do have to go down the road in front of Hotel about 1/4 mile then curl around up onto Rt 157 bridge and cross the river. Little pavement riding if any. Its not bad but not as easy as getting out of Drakkar by no means.
  5. Snobeeler

    Matane Hotel

    All info above is my perspective also over the years. Back in first week of Feb 2016 we had a hard time getting to Riotel. Plenty snow in the hills but not in town! Locals were shaking their heads at us but hey, needed food and a bed.
  6. Snobeeler

    2018-2019 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Looked like a dark brown cover with a tan one on top of the dark brown one, both insulated. My tub uses a lot of juice to keep warm. Okay nuff of my hijack, keep the snow reports coming and thank you.
  7. Snobeeler

    2018-2019 Shawinigan Snow Reports

    Off topic but do I see 2 covers on the tub?
  8. Snobeeler

    Shield Heater Tester

    Welcome Aboard Test123. What kind of sled do you ride. LOL
  9. Snobeeler

    Shield Heater Tester

    I just ordered one, I do not use heated shield with my BV2S but found you can only go as fast as the guy with a frozen shield.
  10. Snobeeler

    Advertising Input

    All very good ideas folks, make sure the internet link on card is large enough font to read easily.
  11. Snobeeler

    He is Alive!!!!

    Agreed, a simple "I heard etc." is a good start but may not get to the right person in larger businesses. Handing a card to the desk clerk and asking them to get it to the hotel manager would be better in those cases. just my $.02.
  12. Snobeeler

    He is Alive!!!!

    Gutz, well said, I would love to hand businesses a card upon arrival every night.
  13. Snobeeler

    La Sarre to Cochrane Usage Question

    Ahh, memories. Been on that trail in those conditions a few times. First time was 15 years ago, were planning to start saddlebag trip from Cochrane into Abitiby region. Called ahead and was told trails were no good so left our bags in Cochrane and rode that trail east toward La Reine . When we got into Quebec couldn't believe what we found, Incredible trails, best we had ever seen. Long story short we went to store to buy toothbrushes and underwear. Saddle bag trip without bags, Bahaha