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  1. Snobeeler

    Trail Info - 3 & 93

    You meant Trail 3 "East" from St Raymond right?
  2. Snobeeler

    Tipping on Service

    Hi neighbor, A few places the gratuity is included. I always ask if its not in writing. We then tip 15-20% if not included as you do. In the case where you pumped gas that was included in the bill I would have tipped for the service only. A few points to remember. Here in the US it is considered normal to not tip the owner of a establishment. It is my understanding that riders from Quebec and Ontario do not always tip and if they do its at a lower rate. That is what I have heard from waitresses anyways.
  3. Snobeeler

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    I use it for turn by turn when desired. When you select start and end points on map it colors the path so when you come to a intersection its easy to see correct turn, especially when zoomed in.
  4. Snobeeler

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    Cant say I have ever seen so much Green and Yellow grooming on the map in 1 day. Enjoy everyone. We start our trip T minus 7 days.
  5. Snobeeler

    Big snow near Tadoussoc

    Incredible! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Snobeeler

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    I actually use my phone instead of a GPS. Its very easy to see day/night. Its a 6S so screen is big enough. I secured the grip warmer to back side of the aluminum flashing using 2 sided rug tape.
  7. Snobeeler

    FCMQ interactive map question on accuracy

    Hi Stan, The Imotoniege app is awesome. Only issue is keeping phone on in very cold conditions. I have had success by putting a handle grip heater under the phone in mount. It would even die while hooked up to charger, using heat has eliminated the issue when below 10f.
  8. Snobeeler

    Big Storm A-Comin'

    I book all mine from the comfort of my house. Others do it on the fly. Depends on your destinations. If its a Fri or Sat I would book at least a week ahead. If its a outfitter they can get full from groups. Its easy IMHO to change reservations if needed on the fly. I also prefer the nicer hotels, so if you could care less as long as there is a bed than on the fly is fine.
  9. Snobeeler

    M&M tour

    Nice reporting Byrd, how does Chalet Temikami compare to Bannik
  10. Snobeeler

    Jackman Maine to Quebec City help/suggestions

    In my 34 years riding in Quebec I have found markings to be excellent UNTILL you really need one. It amazes me how trails are marked in places not really needed but when you pop into a town to a maze of streets with nothing to go by and tracks gone from recent snow. Overall though Quebec clubs do a amazing job.
  11. Snobeeler

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Love it, "Heavy Snow and Ice likely the cause" Driving too fast for the conditions never came to mind?
  12. Snobeeler

    Heading West

    Oh cool video, hole looked worse in photo, video looks better. Thanks for the info.
  13. Snobeeler

    Heading West

    Thank You, Looked on FB to confirm.
  14. Snobeeler

    Heading West

    Great pics and writeup, Thank You. We are in planning stages of similar route. Have couple questions hopefully someone can chime in. Is the section of trail 13 I circled in gray closed tight or is there a workaround? Also, has anyone traveled the section of 322 that I put a red line next to? 322 would eliminate our need to use the closed section of 13.
  15. Snobeeler

    M&M tour

    I also remember the cookers you could mount on your pipe to warm up the food. Nice pics Byrd. Love La Bannik too.