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  1. Same here, we must have crossed paths many many times.
  2. OP is a pot stirrer with his/her first post on this forum
  3. Remember those maps well. I started going up in 1985 and yes they were groomed pretty darn good. First day in Quebec we rode about 2 miles and I had to stop our group and say "Can you guys believe how wide and smooth the trail is". We couldn't believe we rode over 100 miles in 1 day, went from St Gabriel to La Glaciere.
  4. I have the New Klimate Bibs. I thought they were plenty warm for sure. They have 2 zippered pockets in front also. I cut the boot gators out at bottom of legs. No need them for me.
  5. FYI, Eckland is selling them now for $477 US.
  6. Loved reading this story. Enjoy retirement!
  7. Great Ride, you 2 hit it just right!
  8. Nice report, my buddy and his 2 sons were in Matagami and Forestal same nights. Was wondering how it was going for them, now I know.
  9. Stan, nice pictures. Have fun!
  10. That storm will be a easy one for you guys. Gonna be a bigger one following week. Have a nice trip!
  11. Nice ride, also wish my wife still liked it. We took a cab to city few years ago. Driver insisted on taking us to what he said was best Italian in city. Place called Michelangelo’s
  12. Ha, and my post was put up before yours and showed up after, anyways Gramps got his answer
  13. Almost positive it was taken care of. IMotoneige app was showing closed section early season and is not now.
  14. The Colibri now is like the Taj Mahal compared to what it was in late 80’s early 90’s. I remember snow blowing in the outside room doors all night. Threw a few snoballs indoors in the morning. Was so cool riding into the city at night from the west. Miles of darkness then all of a sudden bright city lights. Took the shuttle a few times back then, suburban was junk then lol. Great report neksledr!
  15. 40 was still closed when we went through at 3 PM cost us at least a hour and a half. Not complaining though, that poor soul lost his life