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  1. Pics are loud and clear here. GTRider, thank you for pulling your sled out to get those shots.
  2. Rev39, do you carry whole plastic box inside? There is a bag available that goes inside box and has its own handles. doo4adoo, in the picture above that Daredog posted it shows the 1 gallon can mounted on top of Cargo Box. The catalog also mentions that a LINQ base can be added to top of Cargo lid for additional storage.
  3. Jack, best I can tell it comes with LinQ base kit, especially for that price.
  4. Thanks JAK, can you send me a picture of it? Might be interested in buying from you. The cargo box now has a bag that fits inside so you can carry the bag in at night.
  5. Thanks Gowser, Does the Combo Seat Bag detach easy to carry in? Looks like you could also use the LINQ Adventure Tunnel bag with Combo Seat bag also.
  6. Thanks Daredog. Do you have any pictures of this from the side? Also whats on top of it, Oil buddy? Can the Cargo Top be opened with that left on top?
  7. Hi all, Making the switch from Poo to Skidoo Renegade Enduro 900T next season. I have seen many setups for carrying luggage. Probably will not carry gas as this has never been much of a issue in the past for us. I like the idea of everything in 1 bag. Needs to be completely waterproof. The 2020 catalog shows a "New" LINQ Cargo Box 62 L part # 860201634 that fits Rev Gen4 137" and up. I saw GTRider has this stock on his touring sled. Cant tell from his pictures what it would look like on a single seat sled. His is 2-up. Thoughts welcome and if anyone has pictures of their setup would appreciate. Thanks
  8. The last part that will fail on that motor is the Turbo. They are very reliable considering those RPM's
  9. At show last night Doo rep said only difference between 2019 and 2020 was colors and the digital gauge which GSX800 said. The promotion on 2019's now is 2 yr warranty and $700 rebate, which is not good enough in my opinion. Anybody get quotes on out the door prices on these 2019's?
  10. Ahh, the memories. I spent a few hours with Lance years ago with a seized crank shaft. Got booted from his gas station when it closed and spent some time at the local pub up the road before finally getting someone to deliver myself and sled to NorthBay. I must say that town is one of a kind.
  11. Pipeman, I have been reading your threads over at DooTalk also. I am seriously considering a switch to the 900T. There are some 2019 leftovers around here, trying to find out what if any differences there are in 2020.
  12. I like the shadows going by from windmills in the beginning.
  13. Ha, I thought I got caught speeding at first. thanks for replies.