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  1. Shield Heater Tester

    I just ordered one, I do not use heated shield with my BV2S but found you can only go as fast as the guy with a frozen shield.
  2. Advertising Input

    All very good ideas folks, make sure the internet link on card is large enough font to read easily.
  3. He is Alive!!!!

    Agreed, a simple "I heard etc." is a good start but may not get to the right person in larger businesses. Handing a card to the desk clerk and asking them to get it to the hotel manager would be better in those cases. just my $.02.
  4. He is Alive!!!!

    Gutz, well said, I would love to hand businesses a card upon arrival every night.
  5. La Sarre to Cochrane Usage Question

    Ahh, memories. Been on that trail in those conditions a few times. First time was 15 years ago, were planning to start saddlebag trip from Cochrane into Abitiby region. Called ahead and was told trails were no good so left our bags in Cochrane and rode that trail east toward La Reine . When we got into Quebec couldn't believe what we found, Incredible trails, best we had ever seen. Long story short we went to store to buy toothbrushes and underwear. Saddle bag trip without bags, Bahaha
  6. Not how it’s done !

    Phil, would do, or Have Done Bahaha
  7. Cote Nord Planning For Next Season

    We did this recently. Started 4 Points Quebec City. Then Coronet in Sac a Couer. Then Le Manoir in Bae Comeau. Then Comfort Inn in Sept Tilles. You can make it 7 days by going to Lac St Jean beginning or end.
  8. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    Never could understand why so many ride the middle, especially after snow. Laziness is part of it I assume. I ride the side because its always smoother among other things.
  9. Pirate ride.

    Okay, whose got the Beef Jerky? Bahaha
  10. Pirate ride.

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I call those "slot car trails"
  11. First time to Sept Iles

  12. Moose killed

    Believe it or not, a lot of folks who have never seen a moose in person do not know that they will run till death if followed by a sled. Hopefully this thread will educate a few. I am sure though that most if not all on this forum already know this.
  13. Northbound 2018

    Jeff, thanks for the great report and pictures. We sometimes drive partway home like you did. Another option in future for you is Cornwall. That's where we stay, nice area and places to crash.
  14. White Road Run

    Now that's a great picture of JR.
  15. Where's Bill???

    I knew Rob's wife had passed. Rob too?