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  1. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Oh NO Ray, you just jinxed yourself! LOL
  2. Levis accommodations & trails end

    Jack, rode out of Four Points last year. Was a lot of construction going on so not surprised that trail is gone. Rode out of Comfort Inn years ago, trail started at parking lot. Used the chips machine for food though lol.
  3. At work with Iceman

    Cool stuff Ice, thanks for sharing.
  4. Looks like a nice first ride!
  5. New Laws for Next Year

    Jack Daniels to stop making liquer. Just saw it on their web site.
  6. Icemans Season Ender part 1

    Great ride, report, and pictures. Can't believe how much snow is still up there. Salavating on my keyboard.
  7. Carnage on Highway 55 near Magog

    That last hit was a hard one, hope they are alright. Video shows the best course of action if you drive into something like this is the ditch.
  8. It's all about the timing tour .

    Great report and pictures, thanks for sharing.
  9. New TQ45

    That's great news Jack.
  10. First Time Gaspe Trip Report: 02/28 - 03/01

    Great report, thanks for sharing. I have a lot of those shots in my memory bank.
  11. Iceman and Friends head east.

    Ice, and most importantly the new sleds are safer. Bahaha!
  12. first tkme gaspe trip help

    A bit of info, I have been on the section of 595 that you did not hit (Green Trail) 3 times. Saw Moose there all 3 times. The 597 that Ice mentions is high speed having a blast riding
  13. Trip no. 6

    Just keep in mind, EVERYONE in the vehicle needs to have Nexus to use Nexus lane.
  14. Not one but

    No Ray, just a 15" track on a Polaris. I like that picture cause it kinda infers the cop was chasing the sled LOL
  15. Not one but

    Hope you don't mind this hijack of your thread Ray but your trailer story is bringing back some memories LOL. This is what happened to us coming home in 2008. The first picture is priceless, my buddy looking at what was left 15 seconds after getting rear ended.