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Team Vermont, heading nord


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Thanks for the pics. Hope you guys have another fabulous ride. Will be coming up Saturday and can't wait. Cant remember when the Gouin had that little of snow going into late January in quite some time. Did Volkswagen move their headquarters there ?  LOL

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A fun couple of days so far 😀 All fresh groomed from Mattawin to Repos. Pretty good from Repos to Kanawata though we did most of it in the bush. Kanawata to Parent a bit bumpy they Awesome to Gouin. Spent the day going to La Dore for lunch and back 😜













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1 hour ago, NH-Moose said:

Looks nice up there!  Did you use Arrivecan when crossing. I know its no longer required, just curious if its easier, or a waste of effort.

Looking forward to following your adventure, and heading up soon too!

No ArriveCan for us .. all back to pre COVID days 

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Yes , the Otter slide and den are a first for me to see , Would have been awesome to see Ollie Otter sending it down  ! Fun times in the Backcountry today  .













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Very nice trails both ways all the way from Mattawin to Casey.  Casey to the 83 junction bumpy every time we have been on it this year.  83 good at least until the Gouin turn off.  Buddies we met up with confirmed 10 miles either side of parent still terrible as it was a week earlier.

We ended up in La Dore for lunch one day.  Restaurant closed for the day, no servers.  Very low snow compared to other places.  A few warm days they will be starting all over again.

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31 minutes ago, snowmaster2112 said:

2.90 is about about 8.65 a gallon American after current exchange rate

almost borders extortion 

when I got my 1200 new back in 2020 and rode that 10K miles that season it would have cost me roughly 8600.00 in gas for the season. Only paid 9700 for the sled.

Gas $5.00 a liter @ Abitibi Canyon N. of Cochrane, Ont.!

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6 hours ago, markusvt said:

Lots of upgrades at Kanawata.  New barn, new grader, all new windows, new sliders looking out over the lake.  And a new gas guy and a new server, (I'll leave it at that, but worth the trip).  Gas is $2.90L.  

We spent Tuesday night at Kanawata and heading back with truck to pick up a buddy with a back injury. 😡

we were told Mario sold the the lodge and still running things. New owner some developer from Montreal with money to spend.

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