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Ender Spring Fling 22’


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Relive outtake #1) We're proud/not-proud of the story behind the photo below. If you look closely you'll see some ripples. It's not quite the 3' moguls you might see around La Cabanon or Mt Valin on a Saturday.

But at this point we're ridiculously spoiled, so after the the La Passerelle du 49e clubhouse/relais, we rode 2km of these mini-moguls and turned around to beeline back to the perfect trails we've been Pacman'ing this past week.

"Life's too short to ride bumpy trails"



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Relive outtake #2) It wouldn't be right to include the photo below in the story. Because it's not representative of what we've been riding this week. This is a steep south-facing hill that was already beat down to skinny by thru traffic. So it didn't hold up to the heavy rain 2 days ago, or the brilliant sunshine today! (Plus, for sure, it's a reminder of typical late-season trail conditions)





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Amazing to still be riding across staked lakes and rivers in April. Trails are still amazing, but soon the sun will take its toll and the brown spots will multiply. The groomers will stop grooming, and that will be that until next season.

After some initial equipment malfunctions where flexibility and a sense of humor got us through, its been an amazing 2 week long season ender with 2 great riding partners.

Hope you all enjoyed the ride along with us!









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An amazing double-header finish, to an amazing double-makeup season, with absolutely amazing cohorts!

I can only hope to bring 1/10 of what NH Moose & Iceman bring to the party, on- & off-trail! Merci buckets!...


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2 April Saturday  End Game


Out to face this last day for this adventure and for this incredible season. Feeling especially thankful this morning for having great friends like these two to spend time with doing things we love together. Teamwork makes the dream work. On and off the trail. 


We are on sleds and rolling out around 8:30. Was one other sled in corral. Gentlemen came from St Raymond through Lac Edouard up to St. Felicien. Today he was going over the Lac and to Chicoutimi tonight. Back to St Ray on 23 Sunday. 


The plan was, as usual, mutually agreed upon. We leave uo 373 through Relais Buttes. The cold overnight has made it all crunchy. Not icy, but scratchers are deployed. Amazing how a little bit of heavy flurries last night can be emptied outof fields by the wind onto the trails making nice fluffy drifts. We get to 93 and head toward La Dore. Tank em full. We head off on 93 direction Sciere 54. Leaving La Dore near groomer garage. Two guys are there they look like club guys. I pay no real attention other than notice them sitting there. Trail All drifted here has not been touched in a while. We plug on. It gets better then sketcy. Not far up i arrive at right turn and there is no more trail, been opened up by a bulldozer. Game over here. Playhard arrives and says he got flagged down by guys at groomer garage and from what he got from conversation with them was fermer, no go that way. Sounds about right. So like all other times we pivot. There is talk of going around through Resto du Chef and trying to bypass the bulldozed section. However we decide juice aint worth the squeeze. We were going to do 45 miles up and turn back just to check it out. Not today. 


Next.....back on 93 to 373 across through Normandin and over to 93 again up to Girardville all mint trails here in our “honey hole” no need to look any further. We initially plotted plan b as riding the 373 passerelle trail east from Girardville opposite what we did the other day. Got some gas in Girardville then up 93 to 373. Passed one two uo and saw 2 other sleds headed west near Normandin. Ripping fast and smooth all the way to Chalet Relais there. We start to head down other side and we were feeling it. Not gonna do it. It’s just not uo to our standards. It was a solid 7-8/10 trail but I knew as did my brothers that back in the “honey hole” were all 10. Back we go down 373 to 93 then its a small part of 93 up to Lac Jim we have not been on yet this run, this is perfect as it will help complete the Pac-Man. After Jim we stick on 93 down the bump out. Up the orange a bit to gas in St Thomas. Then retrace our steps to 93. Getting warm now. Trail has started to turn to mush. Time to get this over with we have ridden the good out of it here. Back to local orange past site touristique chute d’ours and hook up with orange across river back to 373 and down through Relais Buttes. Squshy trail now sun is making things very melty. Soft but good all the way home. 


Wrapped uo a fine 2 weeks. 

End of the season 21-22 that started for me in December just after Christmas and finishes today 2 April. 

Nice to have the boys back in country. Just missing one. Next year we fix that. 


Thanks all for being along for the ride.


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