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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Hi Mark,
    It is lightly snowing now but windy. Looks like 5 to 6 inches on the ground. Forecast is for heavy snowfall today and tonight and very strong winds.
    My experience, and maybe others can comment, is when there is bad drifting, don't try to go out on the sled.  You can get mired really bad. Pick trails with the least fields and power lines.
    Safe driving.
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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    After a foot of snow yesterday we thought the trails would be soft with no steering grip. Wrong. Despite the sparse groomer report this morning, many trails had been groomed, and those that weren't were still packed from yesterday's traffic. Plus we met lots of groomers during our ride.
    All was well until we decided to take the green trails back to RDL from the Verte club house and hug the St. Lawrence. Quite a ways in we lost the couple sled tracks we were following. Conditions were drifty and deep snow. We doubled back a ways and found an old trail a couple sleds used and was going in the right direction. Really a sketchy trail and surprised we made it thru to the main trail. Then had any miles where some wheeled vehicle went thru. There were areas by the river where all the snow was blown off the trail, and along the river with huge ice heaves. Once we got to the helecoptor pad the rest of the way was fine.
    We did see one stuck groomer. He had a helper who was putting big pieces of wood under the cleats to get traction. Never saw that before. Worked slick.
    The snow in many areas is now deep enough you would not want to try off trail, even in some of the fields.

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    SnowCrazed reacted to RoadRunner in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Mike, looks like you guys found some good going too today, as we mentioned at breakfast, we went east towards Rimouski and down to St Gabriel de Rimouski for a great lunch at the Restaurant de table Le Maman. I would definitely stop here again for lunch.  We to were pleased with the conditions. Yesterday when we were out the snow was loose and pliable, last night the base set up nicely and we had very similiar riding conditions as Mike described, and on top of that a Blue sky day!  One definitely will not be disappointed with the riding in this region now. We talked with a gentlemen in Rimouski who said that this good snow had just come with that storm and the riding was not that good prior.
    Tomorrow we head east to meet some friends riding up from Lac Etchemin.  We will connect  for lunch at St Pamphile with them and ride back to RDL for the night. Here are some pics that resemble Mikes, just great conditions for sure
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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Brutally cold day but an epic day of 200 miles of perfect groomed trails hardened by the arctic blast. Even the sleds liked it, they were slot cars. Coffee at Club Hiboux (like Club Med only much older crowd).  Lunch at the club in St. Pamphile, and headed over the mountain. The mountain trail was the best its ever been, and Jak and I were grinning ear to ear at the end of those 40 miles. Add in a lot of sunshine and an average speed for the day of 41 mph.

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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    First day of riding for the new season. I was a little worried if the conditions would be good enough. Well, from what we saw today, it was  amazing, midwinter conditions in most areas we rode.  Yesterday's afternoon flurries left about 2 to 5 inches in most areas. Trees are caked with snow. The groomers had been over about 95 percent of the trails we rode. Jack and Sandi, Jak, and I had a great day.  Ate at Chevelliers Club House.
    We started out going west along the St. Lawrence. Not as much snow there, but enough that it was very good. From then on perfection. We next headed south to trail #5 and dropped down to 561 going south. We went down the lake, it used to be 35 and is now 561 this year. Lake was kinda slushy in spots. Got gas then lunch. Continued southeast on 35 to almost Cabanno and began working our way north  weaving in and out of some of the loops off the rail bed.
    Sandi did an amazing job leading followed by her posse of misfits.
    FYI   My ATM card would not work this year at the ATM inside the Universel. Desk clerk believe a new ATM card with a chip is now needed. Drove down to the bank and their's accepted my card.

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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Arrived at RDL.   Looks like about 10 to 12 inches of new snow by the hotel, hopefully more heading south and east. Groomer has not been by the hotel yet, front desk says the club called and they will be out dragging in force tonight.  Light snow just started  few minutes ago and the area does look wintry.
    Driving up through Jackman, looked a little iffy for riding but probably okay. North of St. Marie,  Montmagny and across to RDL looked like it might be okay.  Few swollen streams near Montmagny.  Only saw one groomed trail the whole trip. Very few tracks tracks on a few trails, none on most, but, the storm was only yesterday.
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    SnowCrazed reacted to smclelan in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    So just to be clear, a QuebecRider member is going to be beat with a frying pan by a lady that doest want to have her picture taken, and you are going to buy them a beer, 40 miles away in RDL.  I did not want to miss any of the fine details of your contest.
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    SnowCrazed reacted to revct1 in 2020 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    Well I was out with the GutZ boys and got back late.  Good thing is no disaster.
    This morning I take off heading to the Delta.  I'm a little late and the boys are waiting.  They were thinking about going up towards Milot.  OK.  A lot of that area was groomed last night but the Millot trail gets groomed tonight.
    We are off on 383 to the two bridges.  Bumpy.  On the other side of the bridges, 93 is still pretty good.  Running along thru the scrubby pines.  Dust in the air and smiles on our faces.  We get to St Ambroise and turn left onto 93.  Going past Relais Montangarde I notice a couple of vehicles.  It looks like they are getting ready to open for the season.
    Cruising along on 93 we turn right onto 554.  From here on up, the map shows all groomed.  We are at Relais des Lacs in no time.  We aren't ready for a break with the trails this good.  Trail 328 to 554 north.  So good.  We catch up to a couple of two ups.  they slow down and let us by.  A quick thank you wave and we are back up to speed.  Left thru the blueberry fields and right on 367. 
    We get to the junction at the top of 367 and 373 just before the river.  Decision time.  Relais Vilain or the truck stop at Milot.  Its a little after 11:00.  We opt for Relais Vilain.  On the river and we are at the relais in a few minutes.
    We go in and order lunch.  The sleds keep rolling in.  It's busy today.  Always good food here and super friendly wait staff.
    After lunch, we get back on 367 west.  This is one of my favorite rides.  When 367 is groomed, it is so much fun.  It seems like we are at the junction with 93 in St Monique in a blink of the eye. 
    I've been negligent and forgot to fill up the oil on the 850 today and yesterday and when did I do it last?  My low oil light has come on.  We aren't that far from DRC in Alma.  Lets head there and grab a liter.
    We turn right on 23, cross the Alma bridge and take local 562.  Oh the groomer hasn't been here yet this year.  Boy this is tough to take after such a nice ride on 367.  I hope that water crossing is frozen because I don't want to u-turn and ride this a second time.  We get to the water and yes it is frozen.  The ice huts are out, it is staked and they are a lot of tracks.  Lets go DRC is only a few miles away.
    Around the airport and there is DRC.  Oh not so good.  They are closed.  That's right, it is boxing day.  Ugh!
    A quick check of my oil tank and there is still a fair amount of oil.  It is just below a quarter of a tank.  We can't do anything here.  Back on the trail.  We stay on 562 and turn left onto 383.  This is a little better.  We get to Relais Genouille and this is busy.  It is now around 4:30.  The GutZ brothers decide to take a break here.  I give it some thought and tell them I'm going to continue on.  I'll run 83 all the way back.  I ask them to keep an eye out for me on their way back just in case.
    We part and off I go.  Take it easy Jack.  I'm in no hurry.  Reasonable speed, conserve my oil.  No need to do something dumb.
    The first part of 83 is rough but the headlights really light up the trail and it is easy to pick the best path over the bumps.  As I get closer to the Delta, 83 is deteriorating.  This is falling apart.  Bumps and more bumps.  I take another look at the oil tank and still good.  From the Delta to the Sag is the worst section all week.  I pull in and park in front of our room.  Sandi is there waiting and has a big smile on her face.  It's late but I'm back and the sled is fine.
    A big hug with Sandi and boy does it feel good to sit in a soft chair after trail 83.  She is feeling better.  She said by noontime the stomach had calmed down.  She just put her feet up and relaxed all day.
    This was a very typical early season ride.  Some good trails some bad trails.  Enough snow to ride out of the hotel on but as always, a little more snow would make things nicer.  The temps were mild, -15 C to 0 C.  The trails need some cold temps to let the snow pack really firm up.  The snow cover gets soft during the day and gets pushed around.
    Plan your trips folks.  the season is here and there is no time to waste.  Our next trip is going to be at RDL starting January 14th.  We hope to see Mayor Mike there and a few other QR members.  Be safe.
    Jack & Sandi
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    SnowCrazed reacted to revct1 in 2020 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    We are back from our ride and back from supper.  Sandi had a Greek style pizza with artichokes, black olives, red peppers, feta cheese and I have no idea what else was on it.  I got to try a little piece because she couldn't finish.  It was good!  I would have never ordered it but I might now.
    So this morning, where do you want to ride?  It is Jan 1st and not every place is open.  I ask at the front desk if they could call Auberge des Battures.  Other QR people have had great things to say and we have never stopped there.  The receptionist makes the call and yes they are open for lunch, yes the trail is open but not great and lunch is only a big brunch buffet.  Usually we have something light at lunch so I pass on the Auberge.  We will have to hit it some other day. 
    Could you call Relais des Lacs please.  She calls and yes they are open but for breakfast only.  They are closing at 12:30 today.  OK make a reservation for us please.
    Back to our room and plan a route so we end up at Relais des Lacs by 12:00, our reservation time.  There are four of us today.  Michelle and Chris from Mass are joining us.  We have to cross the two bridges and then how about a big loop on 367.  OK sounds good.
    On the sleds and our normal route from the Sag on 83 to 367 and cross the two bridges.  A little rough as expected.  On the north side though, 367 is pretty good.  Thru St Ambroise and 93 has been groomed.  Up thru the potato fields and Sandi is beating feet.  A little fluff on the nice smooth trail is just what we need.  We pass the junction with 328 to Begin and then the next junction where 328 goes toward St David.  This is just fine.  A little further up by the cabins on the lac there is some logging activity.  Nothing today being New Year's Day but a lot of wood has been cut.  The snowmobile trail winds back and forth crossing the new logging road.  I hope that logging road becomes the trail next season.  It is wide and gentle.  Oh one can only hope.
    The logging stops just before the junction with 482 to Onatchiway.  367 is now on the original trail all the way to Relais Mont Vilain.  There is one section just before the local trail to Lamarche that is not groomed.  A few miles of bumps here.  There is a swampy section that the groomer can't pass yet.  After that it is fine to Relais Mont Vilain.  We knew they were going to be closed from when we stopped here the other day.
    Sandi drops down on the river and off she goes.  Not groomed of course but no bumps.  A couple of miles later and Sandi gets on the connector that brings us from the river back to 367.  This is still good and what a nice ride this is.  Running along the blueberry fields, wide and flat with just gentle turns.  We get on 553 and Sandi gets us to Relais des Lacs at 11:45.  As they say up here, Perfect!
    Only one other sled but a pretty big group of at least twenty that must be locals.  They drove here.  We order a light breakfast and sit back.  We chat about how nice the trails are and no one is out riding.  We have only seen a couple of other sleds today but that is how Jan 1st is, quiet.
    Back on the sleds and u-turn.  553 to 328.  Watch out for the drifting here in the fields Sandi.  Oops!  I didn't realize you were stopping.  I'm off in the poof and with a little body English, back on the trail.  A stop at L'Acension for gas.  Easy stop right on the trail.  Sandi continues down 328 and turns left on 93.  I know this is going to have bad spots but lets go.  The new detour at Alma for 93 to get around the road work that was going on last season.  Some thin spots in the fields and hills and then on the other side of the hill is all the snow that has drifted.
    After St Nazaire 93, which was bad, is now fine.  The groomer made a pass last night and turned the ugly into the pretty good.  Thru St Ambroise and back on 367.  We cross the two bridges and pull into the Sag.  Home once again.
    Another day on the trails is done.  As usual, some good and some bad but it is still riding.  It is starting to look like winter.
    Jack & Sandi
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    SnowCrazed reacted to revct1 in 2020 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    This morning the groomer map shows a lot of activity last night.  Let's stay south of the river today.  I wonder if Kenogami is frozen?
    We get on the sleds and head 83 west, 367 toward the two bridges.  But instead of going to the north shore, we get on 383 towards Spence Ski-Doo.  This was groomed last night and it is nice.  Very refreshing compared to yesterday.  The snow cover is thin in spots with a little brush sticking up thru the trail.  Under auto route 20 and right staying on 383.  Sunday morning and no traffic.  We cruise by Spence and wind our way around to the end of 383 that drops down and meets 83.
    Let's go take a look at Lac Kenogami.  The groomer made  a pass as far as the lac.  Yep, the lac is frozen and there are many tracks on it.  I'll go first.  Sandi is a little skittish of lacs.  Pretty smooth.  No drifting or ice heaves.  We get to Relais Grenouile.  It's open and a few sleds parked here.
    We'll u-turn and go back across Kenogami.  I'd like to run the length of the lac but I know Sandi isn't going to agree to that.  We get on 83 and this has been groomed.  It is a little thinner in snow cover because it gets so much more traffic than 383.  A little snirt and some brush sticking up thru the trail.  Overall the groomer has done well with what he has to work with.  Local trail 2 is closed.  I wonder why?
    Just before the intersection with local trail 7 there is a detour sign pointing to the left.  This must have just been cut thru the woods.  Pretty rough and more dirt than snow.  Watch out for the rocks Sandi.  It's only about 1/2 mile long and we are back on 83.    Nice riding in the fields where the terrain is already smooth and it doesn't take much snow cover.
    We stop at the Delta.  A fair number of truck and trailers here.  They are parked in the same area but no snow bank to enclose them.  Just part of the parking lot now.  The new snowmobile enclosure looks, ah, maybe not quite as secure as the old pool area.  We park the sleds and go inside for a late lunch.  No crowd here.  We must be behind the rush today.
    We relax.  No hurry.  Just a short loop around town.  Mid day here and it is quiet.  We finish up lunch and get back on the sleds.
    83 east back to Chicoutimi.  In a little early today.  These old bodies don't take a beating like they used to.
    Jack & Sandi
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    SnowCrazed reacted to revct1 in 2020 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    Hello Everyone,
    Another season has started.  Boy does it feel good to close up the shop and head north.
    We left Connecticut early this morning.  Drove up to Valcourt and picked up the trailer and sleds.  I had brought the sleds up a couple of weeks ago to get them to Canada for the winter.  Not much snow thru Vermont.  A little in the Eastern Townships but not enough to ride on.  About 30 miles before Quebec the drizzle started to freeze on the road.  In Stoneham it turned to sleet and then finally it turned to snow.  All the way thru the park it's snowing.  The trail that crosses at L'Etape had been groomed and it had sled tracks on it.  We didn't stop at L'Etape but there were sleds in there.  This is a good sign.  As we continue up, we see more trailers heading north and south.  The southbound guys must be the ones that were up over Christmas.  One of them may have been EastMark.  Hi Mark.
    We get to the Sag and there are about ten trailers here.  There is snow cover and the groomer map had shown that it was groomed here in town.  We will see if we can get any info at supper.
    Happy trails.
    Jack & Sandi
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    SnowCrazed got a reaction from Snobeeler in 900Ace Turbo owners thoughts?   
    Hey Snobeeler, FWIW, the 2019 promos only apply to "in season" sleds so if you found an XRS or X it wouldn't apply. I think more favorable to the $700 cast back on the 900s is the 0% for 60 months they added in March to the 900T promo. That 0% equates to $1700 savings in interest if conventional financing is needed. When 0% is offered, I'll always use someone else's money while mine works for me.
    As for prices, I bought my GF a 2019 Blizzard 600R for $9,750 last month. I was comparing that to a 600R red Enduro at $10,700. Both those prices were with the $1500 cast back that's on the 600 vs. the 0%. There is a 900T red X with 1.6 and quick adjust listed at $13,888 near me. 
    Doo really stuck it to New England dealers this year and made them take a lot of inventory. My dealer has nearly 50 sleds in stock and I see lots of other dealers with loads of stock. I'm wondering if Doo will help them by making the 2019 promo better in the later half of this month.
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    SnowCrazed reacted to GT Rider in GT 2019   
    After lunch we get on 55 west. I stop to fuel up. We went 120 miles my gas light comes on at the gas station. As we go west the snow tapered off. We take 55 to 549 and head for Mont-St Maglorie. The trails are in nice condition up to the turn off for the view. It’s not a great day for viewing but we go through the motions. It always feels colder on the mountains. There is a breeze that makes your hands hurt. 

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    SnowCrazed reacted to GT Rider in GT 2019   
    35 was looking in good condition. We passed a groomer coming toward us. We take 557 toward Saint-Pamphile. 557 is in fantastic shape. We find out later the we had passed Mcstar. Sorry we missed them. We make our way the the clubhouse go in and sit down. In comes Mike, Joe and Jack. Sorry mike you can’t get rid of us😂. 

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    SnowCrazed reacted to revct1 in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    Oh oh!  It just stopped running coming out of that last corner.  It felt like it was firing on one cylinder for hundred meters and then came to a rolling stop.  Did it run out of fuel?  No it was full of fuel 40 miles ago.  Blown belt.  No. 
    Boy there is a lot of steam coming out from under that right side panel.  Hey Mike & Joe, I don't remember seeing the pink snow when the sled stopped.  Hmm?  The anti-freeze bottle is empty.  We can only move the primary clutch about an inch in either direction and it makes a funny clunking sound. 
    13,000 miles on the 850.  I thought these were going to go further than the 800 E-tecs.  My last two E-tecs I had 15,000 and 13,500 no rebuilds on either.
    Sandi isn't with me on this trip.  First time she couldn't make it in years.  Her new 600R is in the trailer!  Should I?
    Jack & no Sandi
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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    My first sled was a new '65 Olympique, so I remember fondly all those old sleds.
    Today was another perfect day of riding, St.. Pamphille for lunch. Trails flat and smooth as silk. Happy hour with Jak and Jack. Then Jack and I had a fantastic meal at Symposium (an earlier post I mistakenly called it Suspension Restaurant). Later a drink in the Bar with Eastmark and wife Lisa. Then a huge honor, Gt Rider was in the lobby and introduced me to Towing (Alain) and wife Krista.  GT Rider and Towing in the same room. It doesn't get any better. Hopefully GT rider writes up about his ride to Isle Verte, sounds great. (He is posting on the Gaspe section, Gemma's pictures are wonderful). 
    Perfect Day. Even stopped by police for a paperwork check. They were really friendly and nice. Saw Canadian AAA picking up a broken down Polaris. And got up this morning and thought my sled had a litter of kittens.

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    SnowCrazed reacted to jak in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    We get stuck tomorrow Mike your on your own, I can't even walk on pavement never mind 3' of snow, you know my knees. See you at breakfast.
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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    Better than not riding. Friend rolling in tonight, then a few more off and on the next couple weeks. I ride alone maybe a third of the time. I just love to ride, and I never get tired of the same loops out of RDL.  Plenty of past years saddle bagging, just getting old, I guess.
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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    Arrived late afternoon to RDL.  Rode out to the club house and back. Cold, extremely strong winds, and mega drifting. I am sure many trails are not passable.  Trails looked freshly groomed last night but in a few places it was hard to get through the drifts. From the club house tried to go west on Trail #5 but looked blocked big time by drifts
    Room 165 (way out back).
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    SnowCrazed reacted to Oilman in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    Just arrived by sled and checked in at the Universal! Great day of riding!!

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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    GKW and I have rode yesterday and today, the first two days after the storm, and I don't remember the groomers getting the trails back to normal so quick after a big storm. Both days we saw most everything freshly groomed and riding has been fantastic, not to mention all the trees laden thick with snow

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    SnowCrazed reacted to mikerider in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    It seems I thought EddieSkiDoo and SkiDoo 420 had other plans to 'stuff the monkey', not the devious one they went through with.
    I asked George about his weekend with these two riders and their trip together, he starts screaming 'best ride ever!'. 

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    SnowCrazed got a reaction from PLAYHARD in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    Whatever you do, don't feed it after 10pm. You will be in grave danger!
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    SnowCrazed reacted to revct1 in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    It will be fine Mike.  A little freezing rain just gives a little slip and slide.  Maybe do the monkey dance to entertain the snow gods.
    I agree with NekSldr, Monkey George should go for a ride with you.  He may meet another monkey out sledding then they could monkey around!  
    Jack & Sandi
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    SnowCrazed got a reaction from mikerider in 2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions   
    Whatever you do, don't feed it after 10pm. You will be in grave danger!