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  1. Well, with all that size and weight they are limbering you up to ride the new Yamaha !! Just kidding, had a MachZ and my 1200 is no light weight!!! But at least it starts in the cold!! LOL GutZ
  2. Big White Tour

    ??? Your Mac, IPhone and Ipad are Apple? What happens when you try to install? GutZ
  3. I had one of those go off in a saddle bag and pour all over the Trail.... Sexy Everywhere!! GutZ
  4. I use this for similar issues like skid plates and add-on lights, etc.... You can find it on the web, I use the 6mm one. Later GutZ
  5. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    I wish I had a garage..... So the rest of you don't stand in the cold back yard and tinker? GutZ
  6. Happy Birthday GuyZ GutZ
  7. Ice’s new ride

    Didn't notice she had any.... Your Right. GutZ
  8. IMotoneige now available

    Downloaded it with no issues! Checking for Grooming this AM. GutZ
  9. Snowmobiling & winter camping

    Well that's due to the "Incident" with the Moose... But we don't speak of that! GutZ
  10. Snowmobiling & winter camping

    I've stayed at the Sacacomie, Nice..., But I've heard they don't like Snowmobilers. GutZ
  11. Ice’s new ride

    So the Chassis and Suspension is fair game? Air-Ride, Titanium A-Arms, Custom Billet Rails to make it a 146 with a 1.6 Ice Ripper? LOL GutZ
  12. Mt Valin looking good

    That's OK, we all get a little over excited this time of year!! GutZ
  13. Ice’s new ride

    Need Help...We can Pull the Head, Port, Polish, NOS, Turbo??? WOOHOO!!! Very Nice! GutZ
  14. 2100km Loop Guidance

    How about The Ravage? And they support the site! It is kinda near it and suppose to be real nice. GutZ
  15. 2100km Loop Guidance

    You may want to adjust for a possible "Down Day". Just to pad your return. I like the 4Points in QC. Relay 22.... not known for their accommodations, but the pool is nice, it can work in a pinch. Hotel Chateau Roberval was nice enough. Le Petit Manoir, I think I've seen it on the way to the Fairmont and it looked good too. Later GutZ