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  1. Right! Air Medic Too!!! Gettin' Old, Need all the help I can get!!! GutZ
  2. That reminds me I need to subscribe to the SPOT Tracker. GutZ
  3. This is a great idea!!! If the tape is good you just kinda lean into it..... Zero effort!!!! If it lets go.....hmmmm.... Maybe I didnt think this through..... LOL GutZ
  4. HAHAHA, turn the tables and say to the Marshal , you are making a "citizens arrest" .... but you'll go easy on them if they go home now,,,, GutZ
  5. Working from home does not mean "My" home...... hahaha GutZ
  6. Nice! What did you put for your Quarantine plan? Thanks GutZ
  7. Testing a copy paste. GutZ
  8. OptiDeltaMediaCron!!! ( Twice the Hype as Omicron !!) ( let's hope it is the only bad thing about it, for the hospital workers\staff sake ) Noooo!!! We will live with it for ever, like every other coronial virus, sooner or later it will reach a point where the variant is similar to the Flu and be included in everyone's yearly booster. GutZ
  9. You're an Outlaw now!!!! Curfew Breaker!!!! LOL GutZ
  10. Hey Mrs GutZ said more Lock-Downs today? Any News? Thanks GutZ
  11. I remember a website with a preplanned set of places.... I think this was the group\site. https://www.tourisme-gaspesie.com/en/visiter/aventure-blanche-/7240046.html Along with what Fuse has said, it should be easy. Also Look at where Iceman just went too. Later GutZ
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