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  1. I can get this opinion cheaper on Ebay form China or Delivered in Two Days from Amazon. I don't understand what your saying.?.? LOL And by the way he is selling a very nice Helmet, so if your looking for an O2 Helmet, give him a call\PM. GutZ
  2. I think I have those, they are the Klimate Bib. I like them, they are warm, they fit well, only complaint is the lack of pockets compared to the older KLIM. * Contact Culater on Dootalk for KLIM Stuff. GutZ
  3. Looking on the positive side..... Maybe Big Sales\Discounts to Bounce Cash Flow once we all get through this. GutZ
  4. And you were complaining about the one you had..... LOL Hope he's Ok! GutZ
  5. I thought it was "hold my beer, and watch this" LOL They were riding like asses and way on the wrong side, but I hate to see anyone get hurt. GutZ
  6. What!? Getting out of it? GutZ
  7. Sounds like 1200 discrimination!! I love my 1200!! ............. but will trade for 900T.....LOL GutZ
  8. GS, Did you not like it?? GutZ
  9. I'll add Free WiFi, Direct TV, a Well and Solar Panels! Then I'll list it on AirBNB! I think the rate will be 2 Rouge, Lasagna, and a quick salad.... all for the Tour Guide! LOL GutZ
  10. Looks like the Patterson Film! You found him!! LOL GutZ
  11. Linda just sold me your Cabin!!! The Closing is this Friday. I got a good deal. But you can use it anytime. LOL GutZ
  12. He's a SamSquatch!!! WOW! GutZ
  13. Take the Doc with you and get out there!!! They can monitor your\trail conditions!!! Feel Better! Dont screw with your health. GutZ
  14. MrGutz

    GT 2020

    Thanks for sharing!! GutZ