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  1. Chalet Mont Valin

    Snow Cover still looks pretty good! Are they grooming? LOL GutZ
  2. Oh,one of those new portable ones! GutZ
  3. Summer Updates and Repairs

    LOL!!! I need a new jar. My label fell off! GutZ
  4. Summer Updates and Repairs

    HAHAHA... His Carbon Footprint is like a Sasquatch!! GutZ
  5. Summer Updates and Repairs

    LOL.... But I need to support 3 sleds and a Red Rocker, If this works to my plan I can give this one to LongHair, Retire "Spare Parts" (the 600 etec) and get a Turbo 900 next year-ish or 25000 miles which ever comes later. But if you have some parts you don't need..... GutZ
  6. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Bring a QuebecRider and IceMan Sticker!! GutZ
  7. Summer Updates and Repairs

    As for the Springs, wow were mine sacked! With the new spring and inserts I can barely compress the rear suspension, which is making the reassembly into the chassis a little more challenging. I have also refreshed the custom spring rollers and "Adjusted" them to allow room for extra wheels. And I just noticed in the picture my slides say Yamaha! They are the Teflon insert ones and even with all the issues last year seem to be holding up real well. I'll see if I can snap a few Pics of the Front End to add to this. New Air Ride and all. GutZ
  8. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Next is the Rear Shock end. Skidoo uses a crappy bushing assembly that nearly flops around. Precision is not their goal! So employing similar methods I created this for the Rear upper shock connection\mount. I have added some poly wheels as well to assist with the track smacking the shock mount and causing small dimples in the track. The dusty particles are pollen. Remember I don't have a garage. GutZ
  9. Hey GuyZ Since it is slow on here and I still can't say the "S" word at home until at least September I thought I would share some of the repairs and updates I've been working on. After this last season of constantly losing upper idler wheels, shocks, springs, bushings, bearings, etc... on the rear suspension I have tried to focus on fine tuning and re-enforcing the rear suspension. I purchased new Springs for the rear, sent out the Mid Shock to have FAST fix the Airbag and rebuild the shock, the Rear Shock went to Ian (at Monster) , Spring Spacers and a set of bushings. Well.... the I did not like the play\slop in the Front Arm's Bushings so I set out to fix it. What I came up with is this: This has taken the slop out and I will test this over the next season. I also expect a smoother motion as it now utilizes small roller bearings. The Grease Fitting is from when I was running the factory bushings. I may utilize it again in v2.0. GutZ
  10. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    It only causes excessive beard growth! Interestingly JG shaves clean every morning. LOL GutZ
  11. summer solstice

    Gotta start making reservations!!! Where's my maps!! GutZ
  12. The Challenge

    Spring Testing..... You use what ever snow you can find. With the info from the Potato Field in Quebec, the air flow is less than sufficient to bull maximum RPMs or support the NOS. I installed POD Filters on the Carbs and we did a little more testing. This reveled that we were not climbing all the way up the Clutch. I'm working on a customized airbox. Here's a quick look at our last test session.... I hope it loads!! IMG_2589.MOV GutZ
  13. Quebec Rider Meet Tomorrow?

    That would be something!!! Banner Sized in the background!! GutZ
  14. Do you see it? Amen.

    Holy $h!t GutZ
  15. 44th G7 summit The 44th G7 summit will be held on June 8 and 9, 2018, in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada. This will be the sixth time since 1981 that Canada has hosted the meetings. Wikipedia Venue: La Malbaie Host country: Canada Start date: June 8, 2018 Location: Manoir Richelieu Follow: 43rd G7 summit I think I have some Fairmont Points we could use!!! Anyone near by, that snap a few pics? Later GutZ (Leader of the G1 Summit)