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  1. TRAITOR!!! LOL Trailblazer should be able to point you in the right direction. Later GutZ
  2. We've used Klim for years and it's good stuff. The Klimate line is what we are moving to now to reduce having to layer up. That being said I have a Choko Jacket from Bill that is waterproof and insulated, very warm and recommend it as well. Later GutZ
  3. We are on the "Best Helmet" list too, yes we had shield issues, but they appear to be resolved. Easy to install the communicators, field of vision is great, quiet. GutZ
  4. Well I booked our first trip of 2020!!! Leaving Ma. on 1-1-2020 and staying 5 nights at the Delta. Too Soon? GutZ
  5. I feel that the Quebec City Traffic is due too the bottleneck that is caused by Rt3, the Auto Bridge located in QC (Ease of Access to North Side), Tour Groups Launching from QC that Fly in. Just plan accordingly, take the time, Enjoy the Ride. GutZ
  6. Weekends are for Tug Hill!!! LOL GutZ
  7. JG I like the pic of the Stand of Birch. Thanks Again GutZ
  8. LOL Get a million cans of the spray foam and fill the basement, now you have a house boat... maybe.... It hurts to see all this destruction... but look on the bright side.. at least it's not a forest fire. GutZ
  9. Well, if yous guyz are a little adventurous...... Today May 2nd 2019 GutZ
  10. How much for the Bananas? LOL I have 6 of those I should sell too (BV2s! Nice Helmets! GutZ
  11. YOU ARE KILLING ME!!! It's warm and no snow here! Later GutZ
  12. Happy Birthday Groomer!! Thanks for the gifts you give us all! GutZ