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  1. Mrs GutZ, Gives it a thumbs up too! Lazy River! GutZ
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to All!! Or if I can translate this to Canadian.... "Happy Thursday..... Thanksgiving was a month ago...." Stay Safe GutZ
  3. Those are not jumps every 100 feet?......oh.... LOL GutZ
  4. Good Question, our 2018 1200 with the 1.6+ Ice Cobra was doing the same type thing, but with 10,000 miles on it. The Newer IceRipper 1.5 is what I'm looking at for the next round of tracks. GutZ
  5. They caught Covid!!! -The Turbo's Cough and Sputter. -They need to be Quarantined for two weeks at the dealer, waiting for parts. GutZ
  6. I like the cruel and unusual ... mostly the unusual.. Punishment! Keep it up! Virtual riding is the best I may get this year... Thanks GutZ
  7. Do you have any Demo Videos on the Track Tool? Tension_Alignment Tool.html GutZ
  8. Great Tools, Great Guy, Great Customer Support!! GutZ
  9. Mike, I can do just about anything.... but flying a helicopter in reverse.... I even think that's crazy. And where are we going to find snowmobiles in Florida?? Tom? LOL GutZ
  10. Hey... That's no excuse.... Road Trip??? Think of others stuck on this side of the Border...dealing with withdrawal... and no pictures! Thanks GutZ
  11. If we just stand back and observe what has happened, it is pretty amazing for the system and the democracy. -More Voters than ever have registered to vote, and voted. -More people have found causes to stand with. -IF either side looses, the loser will have received more votes than any winner in US History. -Social Media again proves it is an Oxymoron, by driving us all further apart and becoming less "Social". -The seed that the Electoral College is no longer needed, is really starting to sprout. I'm sure there are other items I'm missing, but we will all have to come together behind whoever wins and move on...I hope..... GutZ
  12. haha, Trip Planning: -Drive north on 91. -Turn Around at border. -Shed Tear.... -Drive Home.... -Review 2021-22 Trail Maps..... GutZ
  13. But... is a Frogs Ass Water Tight? GutZ
  14. Thanks for the update! GutZ