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  1. Wow, Pipmuacan, that's up there behind Mt Valin, Big Place. GutZ
  2. I started reviewing this and we are not as bad as we are...... No, we are the people our parents warned us about.... Ok, Maybe we don't hug trees but we are not ruthless polluters who don't play well with others. GutZ
  3. We get the 3 Month Coverage for about 50 CAD each. Hope to never use it. Ever. Call them, they were very nice to deal with. Thanks GutZ
  4. Do we need to change the website name, crap, make it something easy to remember. All kidding aside, more trailz, more better!! GutZ
  5. I'm not done with sled maintanence!!!! and reinforcements !! They can't arrive yet!! Later GutZ
  6. "Sat phones come in handy when you need to order a pizza or whatever!" mmmmmmm, Pizza!! BonJour... Est-ce-que vous livrez? Où, entre le chantier à bois et Chibougamau. Prénom.. GutZ
  7. 25k if they are called out. GutZ
  8. There's one for the Split Rails! GutZ
  9. Hey All I can go by is that ,everyone who I have met , who have SnowTrackers, love them and I've never met anyone with the Split Rail Skis.... Take that for what it's worth. Later GutZ
  10. Thank God they don't need one for the sleds!!! Now an Incompetency course, or Incontinence course.... LOL GutZ
  11. Just thinking.... how about a big can of the expanding foam, the kind that is used for insulation??? That stuff is a goooey stickey mess, may get you out of the woods, or last the trip. GutZ
  12. TRAITOR!!! LOL Trailblazer should be able to point you in the right direction. Later GutZ
  13. We've used Klim for years and it's good stuff. The Klimate line is what we are moving to now to reduce having to layer up. That being said I have a Choko Jacket from Bill that is waterproof and insulated, very warm and recommend it as well. Later GutZ