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  1. I call that a Vacation!!! or Retirement! GutZ
  2. Jack Is that just south of the Gas Station on the Hill? Petro Canada I think, we stopped there over new years with you? GutZ
  3. Now we need Team SnowMaster2112 Stickers, "The Beer and Beaver Tour" !! IceMan, Great Pics! Thanks GutZ
  4. FYI GutZ
  5. You fit more passengers that way, some on the seat ,some under. So that should be a lesson to all of us, dont do stupid things, but if you do, Please video it and post it here. GutZ
  6. I found on ebay a yard of Gore-Tex for 20.00 Was going to make blanket for my passengers with it. It may do the trick. GutZ
  7. Did you see this Car on the Trail? GutZ
  8. WOOHOOO!!!! I got the reply from my email to the FCMQ today..... That I sent on the 13th of December..... HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! All is good. Later GutZ
  9. I just took another look and it is showing #3 is closed in that area. I'm sorry. Later GutZ
  10. Funny to see how quickly the power drops off. Good thing Four Strokes don't loose that kinda power! LOL GutZ
  11. I believe the Four Point\Dbl Tree to the Casino ( Fairmont ) is not blocked. Just north of La Malbae\Casino in St Simeon is blocked. Later GutZ
  12. I dont like Body Cams, for no particular reason (other than all the Jonny Standups use them) , but in this case it would be nice to have "Real" evidence. GutZ
  13. He was drunk, I heard them read him his rights, I'm sure we can find others that heard it too..... We just need to make sure the stories match. GutZ
  14. That Crossing is a Real Winner Sometimes!! Dont Invade the USA!!!