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  1. Oh... Oh No.... Have you seen us...... Speedo's may not be a great choice..... things you cant Un-See!!! GutZ
  2. MrGutz


    Yup, new one came in with the Chip, .... That new Mach 1looks nice..... hmmmm LOL! GutZ
  3. MrGutz


    of course, I loose shit too easily. Keep it all together, I even throw a CC in the Dash Bag for Gas!!
  4. MrGutz


    I use Arctic Cat Stickers on the trailer and never have a problem...... Leave the doors and ramp unlocked and everything...... LOL I'm kidding.... GutZ
  5. Especially if the river crossing is a little thin! GutZ
  6. Hahaha Yes it does! That's a Pissed Off Poppa!! GutZ
  7. No... but the weed is reeeaaal good..... therefore it may affect your "Altitude..." LOL I'm kidding... GutZ
  8. Pull the black case at the base of the seat post, you'll see the wires coming from the key switch, cut, strip ( the wires...) and wrap them together. This should energize the controller. And away you go!
  9. Little thin and snirty... I see Rocks Poking up. GutZ
  10. I dont know what you're thinking, the trailz there are not even groomed? GutZ
  11. Mike Any pics of the cabins or lodge rooms, it seemed like a good place to base out of for a 3-day with Mason and Brothers. He's getting good quick.... too quick.... Leaving his poor Uncle in the Dust!! I did not want to deal with downtown trails in Milli with him. Thanks GutZ
  12. X2 We get some in the very front, but we are Neandertal Mouth Breathers..... So its expected, LOL! I've used a little wax ( Auto Type ) in that area and it reduces it and allows it to release easier. Maybe some of that ceramic coating in that area would work better....hmmm GutZ
  13. Obviously the groomer was not staying to the right..... At least I see the guy jump up after the crash, so I hope he is AOK. I can see it happening, you're cruising on a set of trails you know, little day dreaming, relaxing and then "Is that a groomer?!." Lucky Guy. GutZ