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  1. From what everyone has indicated recently is that there should be plenty of snow, and I would watch the iMotoneige App and try to access the local club sites that are on your route. This time of year the closer to the river you are the thinner it will be. Later GutZ
  2. I thought I was planning too early, LOL GutZ
  3. Yo G! I like the Black and White Pics! All the rest too. Thanks GutZ
  4. That's What Google Translate said? Point, click and it translated it! LOL GutZ
  5. Are those tires Trophies ? GutZ
  6. MrGutz

    3 M tour

    HAHAHA! Failure is always an option! GutZ
  7. All Green around Quebec City Today when I checked. Go!! GutZ
  8. Trying to get the Prescription filled this weekend, even if it's a short trip!! GutZ
  9. LOL, It was not us!! Neither on the sled or in the chopper. We shot it down with homemade Potato Guns and a can of AquaNet! Good Times! GutZ
  10. Yes, so use this at every "Out of the way" cafe!! I would trust Play Hard.... but maybe confirm what the menu at least says. Like I said, the longer and steadier you hold it the better. (Sounds weird...) Even if its literal, you maybe able to ID Pigeon Liver Sauce before you order it. Cooked and Burnt! LOL GutZ
  11. Hey All, I've been under the weather this season, real tired (Work\Sleep\Work\etc...), so I have not been able to post and read as much as I wanted to, but I did find this Update (At least to My iPhone) and it could be Super Useful. So early this season I found that if I used the Google Translate App I could take a picture of a French word or words with the app and it would translate it and display it as plain text, even off the TV (News or Weather). We were reading (Looking at the Pictures) a Menu and I said "Hey, try this...". Pulled out the phone and app and there must have been an update, as soon as I put the phone over the menu it instantly translated the menu using a "Virtual Reality" interpretation. This was to the point it translated the text on the menu\background\paper\etc. I've included pics of the menu. Both are the exact same menu. The steadier you hold it the better the translation. No, it is not perfect. I did download the French Language language pack for the app a long time back, dont know if that is still needed. It is a FREE App. Wow, Technology!
  12. Listen, if you think Texting and Driving is hard, try it on a sled, I just want MY HALF of the trail, it's just I want the middle half....... Be Safe!! And stay off my middle side..... LOL GutZ
  13. I think that may be a long day. Ice Hotel is at Val Cartier Tubing\Outdoor Park. We saw sleds at the gas station out front but no marked trails. 1/2 way is in the Quebec City Area if memory serves me. Lunch stop I'm not sure, Sorry. I'm sure someone has a good route. #3 from QC to LaMalbae. Later GutZ