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  1. "Bold New Signage" BNS this model year? Either way sounds good!! GutZ
  2. WHAT, Im never wrong, 50% of the time, the half of that time ( 50% ) i'm corrected by the wife.... SO.... 50% of the time and 50% of the other time = 100%..... I did not do well in Calc 3. LOL GutZ
  3. Another 50, you sadist... LOL Thanks GutZ
  4. Not knowing where to put this, but in the daily briefings from the WH, and my Scewed View, this is what a saw in the Picture. I'm not picking on the President or saying its a cloaked Foreshadowing..... Just the right alignment of lamps and painting. Sure looks like a Nuclear Meltdown Disaster! LOL GutZ
  5. Thanks and Think Snow! ( Not sure what my Birthday Wish should be, Snow or Open the Border ) GutZ
  6. Thanks GuyZ, I never thought I'd make it this far, I assumed a catastrophic accident would have wrapped this all up already. Leading possible causes: -Do you Smell Gas.... -Who'd put a light in a train tunnel.... -Let's go camping in California.... -Going to the Cape to try out my Seal Skin bathing suit.... Thanks GutZ
  7. Thanks! Try'n too, Cant go out... Cant go to QC... and Maine does not even want me......
  8. I dont even have time to believe half the things I read!!! GutZ
  9. Thanks Mike, We may see you in Maine! GutZ
  10. Thanks GuyZ, just proves, careful what you wish for! I still wont grow up!!! GutZ
  11. What No Sugar Free Marmalade!! GutZ
  12. I try not to voice political views online, as it tends to be misconstrued.... But... I saw this on the news... WTF! really!!! WTF!!! You make the rules and then claim you did not know..... I waited 5 months for a haircut, knew the rules, etc.... Maybe I should run for Congress..... Later GutZ
  13. Hey, No Political Pics in this Thread!!! LOL Thanks to all for the Pics! GutZ
  14. Nope Cell Phone use While Driving..... A Back Hoe.... I hate it when those things sneak up on you at 1 to 1.5 MPH. LOL GutZ
  15. Hey, Here's why you check stuff every year.... IMG_4753.MOV Crunchy Goodness! GutZ