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  1. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_07/image.png.2a9ec2bc521fdacfd3acbf4b91688176.png I like the signature! Thanks for sharing! GutZ
  2. One with a bad Ankle, One with a bad knee... we are all falling apart! I guess sitting on our @$$es for the last 2 years made us all soft! LOL GutZ
  3. The funny\unfortunate thing is, he'd actually be 40 Cent but called\refered to as 85 Cent. I see it in most thinks these days.Ben and Gerry's Ice Cream is not longer a Pint but the cost remains the same, Chicken is packaged at less than a pound a package to keep it under a price point, Cereal... same thing. List goes on and on. This has been happening for years, but now with Inflation it real hits hard. GutZ
  4. -Fill out the App. -Upload Vax Card, not sure you need boosters, just the 2 Jabs. -Have a plan to fill in, in the App. I have been putting the Hotel Address as my Quarentine location. Should be good. GutZ
  5. In Bah Harbah now, same deal, restraunts share staff. Limited room cleaning. Ranger Staff is Over Worked in Acadia. But same story across all industries. Trying to relax.... but called in to action because we have no-one else..... Love all the Pics. From Everyone! Later GutZ
  6. Happy July x to everyone! Fill in your appropriate pronoun\date\etc..... LOL! GutZ
  7. http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_06/Bottle.jpg.8ce15bc8e6829a40f791975169263f7f.jpg If you've seen me; call 1-888-Quebec-Rider
  8. Large Order of Poutine offered as reward for Missing Photographer! http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_06/Missing.jpg.174e0453a826ddab6d8f972a5e5f7f42.jpg GutZ
  9. Gotta wait at least 3 months from shot. Was hoping to wait.... GutZ
  10. I'm resigned to the fact that I need one, wanted to push till April at this point. Keep us informed on how it goes..... Mason will keep your sled warm if the early part of the season is off the list! LOL GutZ
  11. Soo.... Where is our Bearded Friend???? Did I miss something, or did he move into the Summer Residence\Office? I'm starting to get the DTs from lack of snow..... and his stuff gets me through! Just a little bump........ I dont want to end up like this guy... just driving around the back 40! http://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_06/image.png.78af343c90a2459b9eaae59194fb28a6.png LOL I hope all is good! GutZ
  12. They Jabbed the Hip, its a week out and it is better..... But maybe 75% back to normal. I've been taking it easy to give it a chance to do it's thing. Later GutZ
  13. If someone is looking to add a 2022 Trip: I have not read it yet, but looks like what a lot of us have done... but now in the Summer....... https://offtracktravel.ca/ultimate-two-week-coastal-quebec-road-trip-itinerary/ Link Disapeared when I Posted This, Sorry. GutZ
  14. Looks like it would be fun for the Kids ! hahaaha! GutZ
  15. Is that the procedure that inflames the joint, and allows the body aggressively repair\attack the inflammation? GutZ
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