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  1. I'll try but he may be able to out run me! GutZ
  2. I have that outfit... and I Rock It!!! GutZ
  3. 2 Separate Shows I believe. GutZ
  4. I agree that the Online passes will make a better system and will be more efficient. We just can't forget that "Face Time" is a very important. The club may\will become a faceless monolith and online code. Maybe we should all try to be a little more involved with a club? Later GutZ
  5. Opened App and it showed trailz across LSJ! GutZ
  6. *** Breaking News *** Bill just told\emailed me that they are not allowing him to sell passes this year!!! (or anyone) With purchasing them on line this year, are we able to note "Why" we are choosing a particular club?? G's or Bill's or "your name here" should get some credit? Maybe this year I'll get one from Bill's club, Groomers, and another maybe from Iceman's But it would be nice if they got a Nod from the club for the efforts they've put in. Later GutZ
  7. Detonation, Fuel\Octane quality, water\moisture in the fuel, no smoke\smell ( yes etecs smell ( a little )), looking for\carrying oil ,etc... And Chris at C&T Powersports (one of our supporters and a good guy ) has a programmer that he used last year and will give enough top end, get a hold of him. Later GutZ
  8. I don't think there are many options in Clova..... Tamarac and\or Clova Hotel and\or Schoolhouse , all owned by a Domenic, from what I was told. I've heard good and bad. Others will have better info, but it's a start. Later GutZ
  9. Love the Helmets. We have 3, and once the shield BS was straightened out they were great. I did get an extra Cord\Controller, just incase. The magnet base in the back keeps you from being able to just plug in to the helmet with a regular cord. Later GutZ
  10. Looks like Nov 15,16,17 But it is in Montreal. GutZ
  11. Hey... Wait A minute!! I Didn't know we could do Custom Orders!! You see I have a Speedo that needs some strategically placed emblems...... LOL!!! Later GutZ
  12. They are going to attach a piece of paper and a real nice Skidoo Pen to the dash board. With proper directions on how to use it and the Trip A feature to compute your Trip B. LOL GutZ
  13. Mini GutZ is really liking the upgrade and upgrades. What is the Min Age for ATV\Quads in the Qc' ? Later GutZ
  14. I dont see the stickers and I was going to place a second order, for SnomoGary and SnoMouse, and I'd like to add them in. Let me know Thanks Don
  15. I haven't received my order yet??? LOL Thanks GutZ