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  1. Well this may have already been discussed but it appears the old Four Points is now another brand: FYI GutZ
  2. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    We can organize a search party, but he would be my first pick to lead it! If we have a good picture we can get him on the Milk Cartons! GutZ Not for Navigational Purposes. GutZ
  3. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    I usually "Open mouth, Insert Foot" which without proper coordination ends with a broken nose. GutZ
  4. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Looks like a little bit of open water.... And some thin coverage..... But looks nice and relaxing! GutZ
  5. New Gear!!!

    I'd like to... but I am working on the RR! GutZ
  6. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Yes Sir, Right Away Sir!
  7. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Well the second video of the Cummington Driving School explains alot!!! Clients of mine always suggest the Fair, Chris and Mike George, they have Gas. HAHAHA. (Oops, unless you live in that area you won't understand the joke) Looks like a good time. GutZ
  8. the '' rock ''......kaputt !!!

    I had a One "Logger" Elan back in the day! GutZ
  9. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Nice! Now put some skis on it and land it on LSJ?? GutZ
  10. Summer Updates and Repairs

    I'm actually towing the sleds, they just wont get off! GutZ
  11. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Usually in the Shawinigan Area, hmmm.... Damn Vandal!! LOL GutZ
  12. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Bumpers: Rear XP Rack Bumper Front XP bottom: Front XP with Bush Bar Wrap Around: 1200 Front "Tusks": GutZ
  13. Summer Updates and Repairs

    You should see the front ones too!! It seems we were always getting rear ended and having the lights broken when we'd stop for lunch or what ever. You come out and no one's around but red plastic is all over the ground and bent bumper. Or your hood has scrapes on it from someone who backed into you and onto your hood. I've had to replace the rear tunnel cap twice because it was soooo bent up. Now if you hit one of our bumpers.... YOU will know it and I won't have to replace part so often. And they are cool looking. I'll find pics of the front ones too GutZ
  14. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Thanks! Not bad for a 2011 with 16000+ miles!! GutZ
  15. Summer Updates and Repairs

    Finished!!! Now I have to remember how the rest goes back together. GutZ