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  1. I believe someone said last year you can stop at the first club house over the border and get them. GutZ
  2. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    Mike You've been there? Can you get us discount on the SPA side? LOL GutZ
  3. New Advertiser: Hotel Universel RDL

    WooHoo Thanks for letting us know!! Bumped into many a QR there! GutZ
  4. Man Down

    Glad you're on the mend!! 1 in a 100! Play the lottery? Later GutZ
  5. Which trip is best???

    A Shuttle Service that Ferries you across the river... hmmmm. LOL GutZ
  6. Which trip is best???

    Levis? Lots of Road riding, LOL!!!! and you end up in downtown QC! GutZ
  7. Which trip is best???

    IF I had to categorize the 3 trips, if it helps: QC-MtValin, Easiest and Very Scenic. Gaspe, Very Scenic, Must Do, maybe not the first time with Wife. Flexibility may be key. St Lawrence tour, Adventurous, 3 Ferry Crossings, Great River Views, Rt 3 can get twisty between LaMalbae and Tadoosac. So now that's as clear as Mudd.... I'm sure others will pipe up. GutZ
  8. South Shore

    PLEASE Call and Confirm. It's been a few years since we were there. It's always an Adventure!!! GutZ
  9. Whose Ex is This?

    Too True. GutZ
  10. Whose Ex is This?

    With New Trailer last year I could hide it in there...hmmmmm... She'll be "I thought your sled was Red.....", it just looks different in the trailer, no lights. LOL GutZ
  11. South Shore

    Hôtel Sawyerville 18, rue Principale N.Sawyerville (Qc), CanadaJ0B 3A0 Just a suggestion, Hope it helps. GutZ
  12. South Shore

    Long Hair and I started in Sawyerville, from the Sawyerville Hotel, nice, clean, friendly, good place to start from, small....., I'll see If I can find the info on them I had. GutZ
  13. Whose Ex is This?

    I'm hoping next season.... The household Finance Commitee (I'm not on it) needs to approve. Too Big to Sneak it home. GutZ
  14. Just bought our QC trail passes

    Valin Ski Area!!! Thanks Ian at Monster Performance and Passions!. GutZ
  15. Whose Ex is This?

    I want one of those!!! (Actually an Enduro 900 T) GutZ