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  1. Have a great retirement Mike, wishing you all the best. Good trails & good fishing to you. Enjoy Deano
  2. OOps, missed it. Happy Belated Bill. Wishing you many more Happy Trails. Dean & Beth
  3. Great pictures everyone. Looks like a great time. Ray, looks like you ate your way around the Lake. Great pics thanks for posting. Wishing I was there & great riding to you all. Deano
  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery Bill.
  5. Nice ride Ray ! I'm on same sled as last year. But I liked it so all is good . Ready to get riding again .
  6. Just signed on........ another deplorable.
  7. No prob Ray, come on over !
  8. Last time I went to put brakes on my trailer I saw so much rust. I had my guys pull it in the shop & & put 2 axle assemblies in it, complete with brakes ! lol
  9. Happy belated Birthday Don ! See you when the snow flies !
  10. Thank You Rob ! For this site as well as the other ones. I remember a nice day ride we did together some time ago, 340 ish miles. You or your riding bud blew a belt up on Mt Valin. Other than gas & lunch, one of the only times we stopped that day. Good times ! Best wishes to you. Deano
  11. Hi Ray tell Gemma hello. Hi Dave. Wish you guys were here. This is a season ender for me, so I'm takin in every mile.
  12. Tour du Lac today 239 miles. Blue sky, sunshine & awesome trails. Fun day !