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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Wow! Very cool Groomer! Those people must have been tough as nails!!!
  2. Snowmobiling & winter camping

    I've stayed there. No issues, they were great to us. Had a few Porsche boxters in the garage with studded tires for racing on the ice. Pretty neat.
  3. Exactly. Most of the time we get the waitress or waiter apologizing for not speaking better english. Which I think is funny because we are guests in their country! 99.99% of the people of Quebec have been wonderful to us. Thanks!
  4. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    32X40. Perfect size for me. Drains in the floor for melted snow. Heats up pretty quick but I now keep it at 53 degrees all winter....for the dog! Wouldn't want him to get cold! And thanks!
  5. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Am I the only one with a RAM??!! 2016 Ram sport.
  6. GPS

    Good point. That would be great! Thanks. No biggie about the glove box. Not used much anyways. I have the medium windshield.
  7. GPS

    Did you get a specific Garmin Nuvi? How did you mount it? I have an 850 with the battery in the back. May be able to get a wire from battery up to dash...
  8. GPS

    Good info. Already I'm realizing that spending $150 for a compass is not a good idea when I can get the that Garmin Nuvi for $110 on Amazon! And it appears I can get the trail system downloaded so that is good. Peace of mind kind of thing.
  9. GPS

    Got a new sled, 850X. It does not come with the compass function my 1200 had which I really liked. I normally lead and sometimes its nice to know your heading in the right direction! I looked into getting a Marlin Quest compass but they are $150.00. For that kind of money I may be better off just getting a GPS. Not sure. I would only be using it in Quebec. 2 trips planned this year. Been there many times and have never really had any problems using maps. But I had some questions and thought I'd post up for you experts! What would be the best for my needs? Do they have the Quebec trail system that is downloadable? How accurate is it? Easy to see during the day? Easy to mount on an 850X? Any pros or cons you guys can come up with? Cost? How do they work in the cold? Thanks. I'm going to start my own research but thought this would be a good start.
  10. Woodrunner loop

    I'm also from CNY and we always stay in Maniwaki at Draveur. No problems with leaving vehicles there for 5-6 days. I've been riding in Quebec for years and didn't know that area was called the "woodrunner trail". Have ridden most of those trails too!! Personally I would call the trail to Chibigamou the "big loop". The trails are all good. I like the remoteness of the area. doonali, how is Chateau Logue? We had to get our permits there last year as Draveur was out and it looked pretty nice.
  11. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Groomer, your pictures are great. I thoroughly enjoy looking at them! Thanks my friend!
  12. first arrival!

  13. the one lane bridge is gone on TQ 83

    Mother nature is a beast....
  14. flooding in Maniwaki

    WOW!! Glad things are getting better Jack. By the way...Austin also ordered an 850...
  15. Great topic. I spring checked an 850. My 2012 1200 has 17,600 miles on it now. It was to the point where I didn't trust it and I'm crazy about the maintence on the sled. Would probably be ok but I don't want to be the guy holding up my friends because I brought a high mileage sled. And my 1200 has the original stator. To me, no point in taking out the engine to replace a perfectly working part, but they can go anytime. I've heard many good things about the 850. And, we used to take 2 trips to Quebec a year. Now we take 1 which will keep the miles down. As far as the oil, I think most places sell Doo 2-stroke oil. My plan will be to carry a quart and if I'm at a gas station that has doo oil I'll get it and top the oil tank. I think they have a pretty good range on 1 oil tank. I did that with my 2000 SXR and never even used my spare quart. Of course I put any oil in that! We had a sled run out of gas on our last trip. Trail 63 I believe. Left lac Troute to take 386 to Kitcisakik. Could have gotten gas at La Verendrye but that would have added at least another hour. The Sidewinder ran out about 10 miles from Kitcisakik. The 3 1200's were fine, the light wasn't even on on mine and the Pro X was fine. Of course, the SW has the smallest tank and the Polaris has the biggest. I carry a gas caddy only on Quebec trips so it was no biggie. For the windshield, I will go with the high I think. The X I ordered comes with the medium. Will also get the side things that the mirrors mount too. I believe with the high windshield the handguards will still work. Hopefully that will give enough wind protection. I've ridden in -40f up there. Brrrr!!! Not sure what I will do for the gas caddy. I have the old style ski doo one and not sure I can make it fit on the new chassis. I also have the old style saddlebags that went across the seat. Will try to see if I can reuse them. I hate having to buy new things when the old ones I have work perfectly well! Although I really like the linq system. As far as the cost of premium fuel and oil for 2-strokes, the sled I'm getting cost $14,000 out the door. The higher priced fuel and oil does not matter in the grand scheme of things to me. Keep the ideas coming!