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  1. Joyeux 56th Groomer!

    Happy Birthday Groomer!!! Thanks for all you do for us!
  2. Another great run up to Parent.

    Looks good Jack. Get some miles on while you can! Sorry we missed you this year.
  3. Drakkar & Club Odanak - Restaurant?

    Not a fan of Club Odanak. We stayed this year. Food was not good, toilet busted in room, other issues. Its a nice place and I expected more.
  4. next weeks weather

    Not a bad problem to have! But glad to see you guys can get out and enjoy yourself's!
  5. Rain rain go away....

    Yup sucks. Have a trip planned for week of 2/26. Probably gonna cancel. Pretty discouraging. But it is what it is!
  6. More Trip Advice from the experts

    Yes I believe we ran into them. From NY? Trails in Shawnigan were perfectly groomed. We were the first on some. 83 could use a little grooming but still good.
  7. More Trip Advice from the experts

    Great info on Odanak. Thanks! We are at Drakkar in Shawnigan. Lot of snow here. Nice place. Very accommodating. Next stop...Windigo.
  8. Question about Balbuzard

    I was there 2 years ago. I wore my boots to the main lodge and carried my shoes. No big deal. Super nice place. Expensive but whatever.
  9. More Trip Advice from the experts

    All booked. Drakkar to Windigo to Mont Vilian to Club Odinark and back to Drakkar and then drive home. Hopefully the weather cooperates. Thanks for the suggestions, I used them all! Emailed Odinark. Got a confirmation immediatly.
  10. More Trip Advice from the experts

    All booked except for Roquemont. Playing phone tag with them. Thanks for the help!
  11. More Trip Advice from the experts

    Perfect. Thanks Iceman. Just what I was looking for.
  12. Our plan is to drive to Shawnigan on Wednesday 1/24. Good safe place to stay? Thursday ride to Windigo. We have stayed there before and like it. Friday ride to Mont Vilain. Never been there. Any good? Saturday ride back to Shawnigan. Or stay somewhere in between and make it a half day Sunday. Any thoughts on this itinerary? Trying to stay where the snow is and keep the drive down. We have no reservations or anything yet. I was going to wait for some of your input. Thanks for the help!!
  13. Trip advice

    Ha ha! I'm taking Friday as a vacation day and calling in sick on Thursday!!! Can't burn two sick days at once this early in the year!
  14. Trip advice

    Issue is we all have to work Wednesday. Then drive up. So anything over a 6 hour drive could put us arriving way past midnight. End of the world? No but I like to enjoy my trips to Quebec and pushing hard like that is not enjoyable. We have another trip planned for end of February. Just gonna play it by ear for now. Thanks for all the suggestion. We'll make the decision next week.
  15. Oh that sucks! Give it another try though, most of the time the riding is phenomenal! Mother Nature can be a real.... We've had to cancel a few trips in the past and glad we did.