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  1. Totally agree with this! At my work, a large brewery, people in my department started feeling ill to the point we all socially distanced ourselves. Half of my department went home early. This NEVER happens. The next day, massive call-ins. It went through the entire place like wildfire. I was leaving for my Quebec trip that Sunday and getting sick was the last thing I wanted! Anyways, lots of people had the same symptoms as COVID-19. Some tested positive for the flu, some did not. I was one of the few that did not get I'm either immune or just waiting my turn! I'd go with the latter, I'm not that lucky!
  2. I spring checked a 900T. Was happy with what they gave me for trade-in. All the accessories on my 850 will fit my 900T. I justified it by realizing I had my 2012 1200 for 18,000 miles. Can't get that from a 2 stroke. Or maybe you can but I wouldn't feel comfortable taking it to Quebec on a 1000 mile trip! I work in the Beer industry and the brewery is running hard right now. Hopefully it stays that way. I feel very fortunate to still be working. I just hope the cure for this isn't worse than the actual disease...
  3. Jean Guy - Do what's best for you! Many many thanks from all of us in Syracuse, NY for all you've done! You made our first trip to the Gaspe many years ago turn into about 4 more! You answered all our questions without fail even though I'm sure you get the same ones every day! Keep the pictures coming! Its one of the first things I check when I fire up the computer!
  4. We booked Hotel Chibougamau. Food across the street. Friendly local bar nearby or does the hotel have a bar? Thanks for the replies!
  5. What’s your opinions? I know it’s limited. We’ve stayed at was ok. Also at Marina...also ok. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for sharing your adventures Snowmaster! I'm always impressed with people that do the things they love instead of coming up with excuses why they can't! Safe trails!
  7. Can only get them online now? We normally got them at the hotel where we launched from. They are saying it’s only online now. Is this true?
  8. What is your opinion on that type of groomer compared to the one you use?
  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your adventures with us! Very entertaining! Little bit of white here in Upstate NY...frost...👎
  10. I missed that...So the cafeteria style restaurant in Le Domaine is closed? Being torn down? So only fuel is available, no food? That was always our lunch spot!
  11. Rebuild Joncas!!!!! First place I stayed at on my first sled trip to Quebec. So I have great memories of that area. Sucks places are closing down or not offering lodging. Is there anyplace open that can be reached from Manawaki? If I remember correctly Trout was around 270 miles. Thats about the limit for us on the first day out. Hi Jack!
  12. Thats too bad. Nice place to stay. So that means La Verendrye and Truite will not be open. La Verendrye still sells gas I think? Big losses for that area. Still weird riding by the Joncas entrance!
  13. Wow! Your pics are even better than usual Jean-Guy! Maybe its the fall colors? Thanks for sharing!
  14. Well that sucks. We've gotten gas there and it seemed nice. Wanted to stay a night sometime.
  15. I remember this truck! We stopped and talked about it. Snowed in, appeared to have just been left there all winter. Are you saying it hasn't moved since??? Thanks for the pic too...showed my riding buddies!