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Ender Spring Fling 22’


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Tracking the Spring Fling 22 ridders. 10:47 on 83W heading towards Relais 22

Yes there 1:04 Taking the Gaz , Gritts and chewing the fat !

They gone stealth 2:08 shut down satellite ping pong on me..

On the move finally😂 . must of been a nappy. Following their crumb trails back to the Aqua Pool !

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5 hours ago, doo4adoo said:

Not me, we're heading out tomorrow for 3-4 days. Waiting on weather to decide Gaspe or Val D'Or, I'm leaning towards Val D'Or. If I stay home I''ll likely have to cut my grass lol

Please report back what you find.  Having a similar debate.  Looking at Sainte Anne Du Lac north.

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I just came in from the Gaspe 24-28.  Still has 3-5 feet of snow.  Looked for for the Iceman Yamaha with red stuffed animal everywhere.  No such luck.  We are planning an April fools trip thru Chic Choc's April 8-11th.  Fools only.  For anyone who still needs a season ender the Gaspe will most likely hold another couple of weeks.  Ten day weather forecast looks great.

Cheers Mac

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30 March Wednsday

Met QuebecorBust here yesterday upon our return. In he comes riding solo. Great guy I definately admire his passion said he could not find anyone to jump in on this trip and said hell with it I am going riding. Corey I like your style. Seriously big respect. We broke bread together and shared stories of course. Mrs Ice got plenty of info on lots of different rides (good and bad). 

Woke to clearing skies, mrs Ice is southbound blacktrail at 8 I load her gear and kiss her goodbye. We did not see Corey at breakfast and figured he was sleeping in. We talked of him jumping in today with us but we gots to be getting on.

Discussion at Breakfast all about yes weather. We threw it all around. First instincts were to run today to the mountains to Valin. Be at KM31 or Ontichaway tonight. Better odds of less rain at elevation. Forecast as usual has been evolving by day and we need to maybe adjust to it. Original plan is Relais 22 and back. We know trail is mint. Finally after 2 calls (onitchaway and KM31) both got no response only answering machines.

we decide stick to the original ride. Relais 22 it shall be

to be continued

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So close to seeing you guys ! 

Thanks for the Icemanhttp://quebecrider.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2022_03/20220330_133742.thumb.jpg.a5fc9ec31240a262aa0e19e62921ba73.jpg goods  👍 😁


Our mission to Gouin n back was a success 


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30 March Wednesday 


Unlocked and now loaded. We leave hotel before 9. Confirmation of what we had already thought to be the case. Team Vermont gives the Intel report direct from Relais 22 trail is more than good, connected with them this morning. 373 South icy in some corners otherwise tres bonne. Fast run to 83 and its real nice. All the trail we seen up here been mint. Probably you guys are tired of hearing it. One trail after the next just do not disappoint. St Hedgwidge for Gas. Go for Launch. Race Track to 22 end to end. First time in a long time down this trail. It’s changed a bit, big reroute not on my trakmaps. Probably logging earlier in season I am guessing. Seen 5 sleds between St Felicien and St Hedgwidge. At second warming hut NHmoose and I swoop in. 5 two ups big gang just getting back on the sleds. Definitely they are heading to 22 for lunch like us. Well we ain’t following we are leading. We pull ahead past relay and wait Playhard comes rolling in. He knods gives the Thumbs up we run. We hammer it to last hut before 22 its moved right next to sweet new bridge. This trail is big most places but not all it’s surely a favorite. Little bit of everything from big wide road size running sweeping curves. To tight twisty stuff mixed in along the road and a few other spots. Playhard was feeling this trail calling. We answered the call. We take a decent break here. We are wrapping things up and we hear the gang coming. Off we go. After the Bridge all the way to 22 is white carpet. Little soft on top but hard under it. Not white Asphalt it was better than that. Get to relais 22 got gas. Go inside to eat. Probably 12 sleds or so. Some just coming out. Only the front section of relais was open to seat people back room closed. Not as many tables but they handle business there. Kat was great. We had been there all settled in maybe a half hour and the gang behind us arrives. By the way from Roberval to 22 only one sled headed the other way. Grest lunch and we pay up and sled out. Only 2 people out of everyone in the place when we arrived went up 83 they left os we arrived 2 guys from la’Dore talked with them a bit. They been gone an hour. We rip on back toward Roberval. We retrace our run on perfect trail. Now we take local orange 6 miles before St Hedgwidge and go for St Felicien this way. No bad trails uo here. Hooked back to 373 and take first gas as you arrive in St Felicien. Not the easiest in and out here. But gotta do it. Late season problems.(oh the horror) into hotel after 5pm. 

Epic ride today. End to End 83 to 22 and back never seen it perfect like this not a ripple. 


We wait on weather to determine our next endeavor.


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18 hours ago, Snohorse said:

83W heading towards Relais 22

Ding ding ding!  We were indeed there!

Y'know how various rides can cause various emotions? Well, as soon as we turned onto the 83 west, the uncontrollable response was... giggling.

As we were treated to (spoiled) most of these past 2 weeks, and all of these past 2 days, trail conditions were redonculous.

Here's yesterday, looping Girardville's upper 373 with Mrs. Iceman:


And here's today, out-n-back to Relais 22 with the 3 Amigos:


Tomorrow we continue our side-jobs (just like everyone here) as meteorologists, and based on our findings we shall surely respond accordingly.

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As forecast, we got the "wintery mix" this morning, snow turned to rain.

NH Moose and Iceman stuck it out. I only made it a few miles and turned tail and headed back to the barn.

My eyesight's not great on a clear day, worse on a flatlight day, and really bad when wiping rain with gloves that have a couple of weeks of trail smudge on my face shield.

Full disclosure: I didn't see much better on my alternative activity, road trip to pick up the trailer wheels at Canadian Tire, but it was far more cushy with far less consequences!


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