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  1. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Old pics are always fun any word from the clubs of when they expect to start opening trails i would think some areas likely have more and im sure you would like to get to work and start meeting your friends at the clubhouse
  2. St Raymond North?

    That's great news as it appears the missing section was done last night so open all the way up to possibly the Delta or nearby
  3. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    Well with about 2 hours to go i think i will concede but even though I didn’t win i will sleep well knowing its going to be soon with this snow storm
  4. St Raymond North?

    If I am seeing this right it looks like the trail from St Raymond north has been groomed and maybe just maybe by the weekend the one section likely l'etape north could be done to connect from above. Or is this just the gromer installing signs etc and not really ridable yet. Any one with info and wants to shoot me down and take me out of this fantasy please jump in. Thanks Mike
  5. Ice’s new ride

    That's a sweet ride, as I age I was certainly thinking of it more with the power steering and certainly some Yamaha models ride better than others, not sure if she will be part of Team Ice or not.
  6. IMotoneige now available

    Just on the fcmq site and shows available all i need to do is figure out which password it is for me to buy
  7. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    I was never a big Mopar guy and had many Chev's but in 2011 I bough a Durango and it surpassed my expectations until I kit 190K km and then had issues. Traded to a 2015 Grand Cherokee with the eco diesel. This is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned. I have 123Km and all I've done is change the oil and a set of tires. Everything else is stock. I drive about 50K a year and in summer its 8.6 l per 100 and about 9.6 in the winter. It pulls by 23' larson like nothing and fuel then is only 13.6 l per 100, triton style enclosed, same a breeze. I will but another but I am interested in the new Ford 150 diesel that will be coming. Apparently it will have about 3000 lbs more towing than the Ram
  8. Lépine road(Pensive area)

    Thanks for sharing any word on how the trail will route this winter? also is Rabaska closed as well? I don’t recall seeing them on the new map
  9. Ceizur bridge closed this winter

    I was looking at the woodrunner map the other night and wondering with Notiswisi being closed what would happen with this section. It wasn't clear but I would actually take the old ice bridge and that section of trail over the bridge and that section. Seems like I could never time it when it was nice that trail and seemed a lot longer to get to Clova.
  10. FCMQ map

    I was wondering that myself especially when i see the boys pictures and comments of some grooming at Valin
  11. Duhamel and surrounding area

    Thanks for the update great news
  12. Groomer Contest 2017-18

    I don’t check in one day and i missed alot guess i will be an optimist and take dec 12 i can tell you the beaches here in Cancun are nice white sand and appear to be groomed well
  13. Insurance Rebate

    I have 2 million with my policy so youre ok if i take you out :)
  14. Insurance Rebate

    This link was available last year and its tied into the FCMQ site as well. I and I know others on the site used it and usually had our checks back in a matter or just a few weeks at most A lot easier & simpler than the previous system they had. Mike
  15. On line trail permits

    I see the FCMQ now has online available. I guess what we need from Groomer, Bill and maybe some others is the codes or club names to input so the money goes to the correct clubs per there site instructions. Mike