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  1. laval sled show pics-2019 sleds

    buying a new one?
  2. What was on Trail 83 3/17/17

    I went through that last season. Couldn't believe the amount of sleds & people. Only down side was the trail was beat bad to Roberval :(
  3. Connector Trail South of 100 du Lacs?

    my buddy went up that way this past weekend and said was great. He stopped in at 100 lacs for drink as well, all good
  4. Trail report

    Also said trails were perfect
  5. Speed Limit 70 kmh (42 mph)

    I got a speeding ticket last winter on the rail line not far from Trailblazers chalet. I know there was police ahead but thought they were at the junction so was still doing 94kph. just under $300, my buddy who was behind me was some how going faster and his was mid $3's
  6. Update on grooming

    Thanks for this Are you done for the season or do I recall you're off to Gaspe?
  7. Trail report

    Spoke with my buddy and he got up Saturday and trailered from Mt Laurier to St Ann. Word was trails not that great between. This is where we usually ride from but since he was only going to Clova was hoping to extend his ride. He left things to Thursday before he called to book and all the northern places were booked. I suggest at least for Saturday booking in some where. Wish I could join you but have to work part of Friday Mike
  8. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Cool, Thanks Will have to see if I can find a recruit to go next weekend or so
  9. PLAYHARD Ender - Mauricie/LSJ

    Where is this? cant find it on the map and I usually go towards the delta but this looks like a nice option thanks
  10. Trail report

    My buddy left from either mt laurier ir ferme neive this morning i will get an update Monday and let u know
  11. excellent news! That's such a nice run when its in shape
  12. Just an fyi alot of this section hasn’t been groomed in 3 weeks i would call La Verendre lodge closer to your depart date to see if its been resolved otherwise it won’t be a memorable trip in the way you want just my 2c
  13. Abitibi temiskaming

    Ontario is mostly volunteer but Quebec they get paid
  14. Abitibi temiskaming

    We just came back from Lac Faillon today and went up from Le Domaine. Trails from there to the reserve were awful When we pulled into the Domaine this aft there was someone practicing the use of the groomer. Apparently as the story goes the previous operator of 10 years had a disagreement and quit and they haven't been able to fill the spot. We spoke to another rider at the gas pumps at the reserve and he's from Val'D'or and said they've also had some issues with getting operators. I can tell you the usual nice ride up through was bad. It got better just after the gas at the reserve and was great up to Lac Faillon Also I didn't' realize they made the trail change where you need to ride to the Laverendre Lodge now. This adds about 30+ miles and much is tight & twisty. If you don't need gas I suggest taking the old route which is literally just 5 miles of some rough on the old road. Mike
  15. Sept iles conditions

    Curious to know if there is a sign at the end that says "The end"