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  1. Poor year for me with only 2400 miles. All but 1 day were really great conditions through. Thanks to Dave and Eddie for having pitty on me and taking me with them on a 3 day run. Thanks again guys.
  2. Was this Lottery just the US or Canada as well? I've been a cat guy the last while.
  3. That’s actually pretty good Thanks
  4. Mike How did your 900 ace compare to the 900T when you were out with yours friends at the gas station for mileage per tank? Thanks Mike
  5. Yes you hate to see others get hurt but they were driving like morons. Couldn't make it but his first words sounded like "hows my sled"?
  6. Thanks for the stories this winter. I'm sure most of us would have loved to hang out with you on your adventures. Hope you can do even better next season! We''ll all be here following along.
  7. That's fabulous. Sure hope I'm doing the same in 2 years when i pack it in
  8. thanks for keeping us amused and updated this season. Sad to see it coming to an end. It’ll be another long summer for all of us. Me i have a 3 day ride this weekend. Might be it 😞
  9. We rode it about 2 weeks ago from Moose Valley and was well marked in that direction and great trail
  10. Im not an expert in the area but about 2 weeks ago we took the trail I think you’re referring too. It was well marked. Shows Amqui and L’Assension and then splits. I forget the mileage but I think it was about 3hrs to Point a la Croix from Moose. We gased in a small town on the Que side. Nice ride for sure.
  11. Took this Tuesday from rdl and it works great Mike knows his stuff!
  12. Have you been out this winter or have I missed something?
  13. Mike, Nice putting a face to the name yesterday. Disappointed we didn't get to meet George but then there was Farmerold. We took the trail recommendations and was a great choice which had us back at the truck in Levis at 1. Got home a little later last night as we lost a trailer wheel coming into Montreal. Enjoy the 2 weeks and hopefully run into you again next winter. Mike
  14. We did a run this past weekend and came in from the 85. First part of their trails were nothing great but once you got in they were wide fast trails. We had lunch at Moose Valley and then took the trail toward L'Assension?(spelling) and Point a la Croix for the night. Would look to go back. Great scenery & trails.
  15. Mike,

    As i get close to my retirement days and look forward to doing more of this sledding as you are. My question is do you get a better hotel rate than posted when staying his long? 


    Another Mike