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  1. Whats tbe date and where can we stay?
  2. so the Pavement smoked salmon is actually road kill?🤣
  3. I was there Friday nigh. Was tough finding a place to park the rig. Wow there's an incredible amount of snow this season and they just got upwards of 30cm more.
  4. Was at the Ravage Saturday night as well. No Tomahawks left for dinner 😞 Trails were excellent!
  5. Rode the trail on Saturday, Only 2 signs up. Not sure if others are gone for souvenirs Trail was in top shape!
  6. doo4adoo

    GT 2019

    Tremendous pics and write up Thanks for these
  7. I used to race the Invader and the 9500 blizzards back on Mcgregor lake back in the 70’s. They were quick. My el tigre was often no match. Fun back in the day with so many different brands
  8. just to add that GPS is very helpful for those that don't have it when the weather turns ugly. Large open areas often are the worst to try and navigate and even areas where there's splits in roads etc. Its a little peace of mind. Mike
  9. Thanks RR We did the Levis to RDL last weekend by 5 one way and 35 the other. Having had a taste of the area and with the abundance of snow this winter trying some areas we never have and this and Cote Nord being the last 2 to explore. Will investigate the places you mentioned. Thanks Mike
  10. Any suggestions on routes and where to stay assuming 200 miles daily? lookin at trying the area out in the next few weeks Thanks Mike
  11. I think it depends on the dealer. My shield wasn't terrible and she just asked what it was to put on the warranty form and gave me a new one. BRP & dealers know these are problems
  12. Jack & Sandi Finally got out this past weekend for the route you proposed. Left Normandin about 9 and did the 5 to the 35 and then the 526. Stopped at the Tims for gas & coffee and the relais at Tourville. Relais was a zoo. 1.5 hours to get a burger. All the same time was on our side. Pulled into the Universal after gassiing up by 4. Great trails all day and 235 miles. Universal was hopping with sleds and hockey tournament. Yesterday we decided to get an early start since a storm was expected after lunch for much of the province.. Well early for us was on the trail at 7;45. Checked the app and 5 was green. Little traffic for most of the morning. Got gas at the Relais and then at Tims in Montmagny.. Snow started just after this but wasn't terrible. Back at the truck for 1:45 with 215 miles.. Home at 7 last night. Now having ridden this area I will certainly look at some options for other loops. Not sure why but never expected trails like this in this area. Usually I"m always running north. My only comment would be just shortly after leaving Normandin there's a rail crossing. There is one of these stop signs but should be moved back and better signage as to what 's there. I coasted to the stop at the same time a Via flew by. Scared the crap out of me. Happy Trails Mike
  13. Got a call Friday afternoon that my new shield was in. These are a 1v9 so different. Just in time for my weekend run. Worked well so far.
  14. Im a really smart guy with big brains
  15. That’s great news. Mine failed this past weekend. Called dealer and am on the list when they arrive. Back to the Bv2s this weekend i see in the new catalogue they will have a 3xl for next season