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  1. Looking at the updated iMotoneigne map and my interpretation is it wont be open any time soon or this winter. Anyone have any intel on this? Thanks
  2. doo4adoo

    Laurier, 100 Lacs, Laurier Jan 11 , 12

    That’s unfortunate for sure glad no ones hurt. Sleds can be replaced. Us not so easy
  3. doo4adoo

    What is your favorite snowmobile gloves?

    I have an old pair of Altimates. Last year I felt they weren’t that warm anymore. Well I changed my windshield this season and it has better coverage for my hands and this past weekend when it was very cold was toasty warm. So remember to consider that as well.
  4. doo4adoo

    Oxygen Helmets

    Here is what was at dootalk
  5. doo4adoo

    Oxygen Helmets

    BRP had an update memo dated Jan 11 2019 that i saw on dootalk my interpretation is shields marked 1v8 could have issues If I can get a clean scan i will upload later
  6. doo4adoo

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Thanks for this Jack I think that's our next ride in a couple of weeks.. I like that we can go one way and come back another. Good snow is forecast in the next 10 days as well and should on;y make it better. My only last question was the police concern. I'm not a maniac but it bothers me when you are on these express routes with a 50 -70 kph speed limit and they decide to do radar. Maybe I'm wrong but I think these are more populated areas where this could happen. Again thanks for sharing your notes with us.
  7. doo4adoo

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Looking at your trip and have never ridden this section west of rdl. Wondering a few things. How long of a ride is this typically? Is this a busy section that on weekends could have the police out with radar? Is there another return route one might suggest and lastly where to leave from in Levis that’s clean and safe Thanks in advance mike
  8. doo4adoo

    mini report & oxygen review

    yes we usually don't stop there if we are going west but since we're going south it only made sense to put a few insurance liters in especially since we had already been lost for 22 miles 🙂
  9. OK so there's no pictures, don't adjust your screen. Too cold for that this weekend. We left La Glaciere Saturday morning. Haven't stayed there before or left from there in maybe 15 years. Clean room, secure parking etc. Was looking to start as Le Cabano but so does everyone else and no room. So a leisurely 9 am start. We took the 65,345 and 360 to Matawin. All good coverage and at least 8-10 or better. No complaints from our group. Gas and quick snack at the station and on wards to La Touque by 355. Had nice lunch at La Touque at Marineaus? gas and on wards. 73 North to Relais 22. Smooth sailing although at times i did consider the road asits straighter and easier on the old body but stuck with it. Gassed at Relais 22 and on wards to Windigo for the night. 83 was freshly groomed and we passed him going in the trail to Windigo. Beauty! Side note. Clab has detoured a section from here as I belive logging will be starting. They said the original trail was still being used by others and it was decent and we took this. The new section had tigs galore. Never been at Windigo in the past and I though I was in the wrong place. Picture looked different but then maybe I should update some of my pics as well. Opened the door and nice women says Mike? Guess I'm at the right place or a long lost girlfriend found me. Reasonable dinner, wings, smokes meat, fries combo and cheap wine. All good but WiFi intermittent at best so early to bed. Only a few others in for the night. Showers are great if you're short and thin. I hate short plumbers who put the head to low. Sunday breakfast and ready to go until I realize my engine oil cap was off and oil has sputtered out. Not good. Fortunately the cap was under the engine and Martine had some 4 stroke oil to top me off. Nicely groomed but lots of snow dust. Look down for a second and there's many stop signs and 90 corner. Opps! Well lets hit the brakes and turn quick. Bad idea. I see the roll coming so I bail. No fluffy snow for me to land in. Hard packed. Ouch. It'll be a few days before I walk properly. Sled OK other than a crack in the plastic. Lets go to Werotaci? Again all groomed the night before but where they detoured we stuck to the road/trail which had lots of snow overall but watch the ice in sections. One buddy had sled issues just before town so held us up for a couple of houses until we found the right Indian to truck buddy an sled back to Laglacier. And then there were 3. Carried along the 83. Hadn't been groomed recently in my opinion but those who ride it know that's OK. Still wide open running. Looking for the 345 south towards Cassey. First intersection says detour and points to keep going. OK but a little worried as the map hadn't shown grooming so not sure what to expect A while later here's the intersection and a beauty ride down through Casey to Kanawata for lunch & gas. So been there once before and remembered to turn left. Well surprise. Trails changed this year. Back to Lodge and they said go back 10 miles turn right and that's the trail. This is a nice trail with the exception of maybe last section coming into Repo's Place is empty so we get some gas and onward.. We take the 33 and 63 back to Le Cabono as that's where my buddy who went back earlier is to meet us.. Being a Sunday and this close to civilization some areas were not as nice as other but honestly good still . Won't matter now as we passed 2 groomers. Pulled into Le Cabano and buddy is there and truck toasty warm for us. Success all around. We all have our body parts and they function. To summarize trails were good almost every where. Very little crap. So now haw did the new Oxygen helmets do?? Well very good. Performed as advertised. We had 3 and one had a new shield from the previous weekend and none failed. Warm. at times I had to crack it open. The little switch I didn't play with to adjust, The only thing is the front lower piece that's not within the helmet will ice up and depending on temps if you're opening & closing will need the ice picked off so its closes tight. Really enjoyed the no mouthpiece and the quietness. On a side note mine is wired to a the rear battery with an inline fuse. Be sure to have extras in case the magnetic piece hits other metal when its powered and causes a fuse problem. I carry extras so was OK. So I will be returning the 2 extra shields I brought along for insurance. Get out and ride! Mike
  10. doo4adoo

    Oxygen Helmets

    Loiselle Sports, 3 locations but I deal with the Embrun
  11. doo4adoo

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Very sorry to hear this. Its never easy but he's leaves behind a great legacy and a great son!
  12. doo4adoo

    Oxygen Helmets

    I just spoke with the local. They had just ordered 10 more in since I talked to her Monday. I asked if I could buy 2 in case we needed them over the weekend if there was failures. She said Mike take them and if you need them then its warranty next week, if not just return them. I drive an Arctic Cat. If and when I do buy a doo, they are my dealer. I always hear stories like that from this dealer and they are not a small shop either. Always service first.
  13. doo4adoo

    Oxygen Helmets

    Helmets have a 4 year warranty I believe. My buddy was out om the weekend and his shield is no good. Dealer replaced it. According to Dootalk there was a comment from one of the admin who is after the BRP reps, etc to make a statement on these. Will see I guess. I thinking of buying an extra shield to put in my bag this weekend in case 1 of the 3 of us has an issue. Hope it works out.
  14. doo4adoo

    Season starter

    Thanks Let us know. I like to do the run up from Mt Pellier to Mt Laurier for lunch & back
  15. doo4adoo

    Season starter

    Thanks We're going to go via the Relais 22 and then back down the other side on 33 on the Sunday. I know Repos is not a great spot to stop and only been through there once before and couldn't remember the gas situation along the route. We carry gas so famous last words, we should be good lol Any real word on how the trails are around the chalet yet?