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  1. I don’t recognize this place but i often launch from St anne so a bit confused where exactly are you and is there another picture that might be more easy to recognize? last place i stayed at was cheZ tammy I believe thanks
  2. Its unfortunate that we are loosing many of the outfitters this and last winter. I'm guessing its hard to find staff and make a buck. I much prefer staying at these place than the towns and chain motel-hotels.
  3. yes these last few treads have some outstanding photo's Better protect them, I can see these being taken for a magazine
  4. For those looking to chill out a bit this winter, there's a deal for you. I might visit but i prefer a 70' room temp when i sleep
  5. Another option could be to head north a bit to Martins for a rustic adventure stay
  6. Got a spare as well. Dont want to be out in the middle of nowhere with a problem
  7. I tried today but line was poor and she didn’t do English i sent an email will see
  8. I was wondering this myself last week their fb page doesn’t appear to ave had anything since last December i might put a call in next week and see what’s happening will post
  9. Thanks when you've moved in for the season I’m sure you will let us know the conditions
  10. Is this run always available or is it weather dependent for the crossing Thanks to all
  11. Hey something sled related to think about, days are getting shorter I'm told 19-20 Permit prices posted
  12. I don’t think it matters at this time of the year. We’re all so starved for sled talk we read everything:)
  13. Had 1 shield replaced this winter and enjoyed it. I think in the warmer spring weather which I never got to enjoy that this might me too warm. I found I needed to run it on high to keep it clear which when was cold was fine. Yes some would crack it open a bit but I find that defeats some of the reason I want this helmet is because its so quiet. Still really enjoyed it