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  1. Nice reports but haven’t heard how or where George is yet I thought you two were in separable
  2. Rode up the 23 Friday. Worst ride ever. Horible. Yes strong words but it was brutal. Apparently a bit better now issue is volume of sleds and not cold enough. We came down the other side 355/73 and great to good
  3. Its perfect Rode it today. First tracks for most of it. Enjoy
  4. Happy New Year 🥳 and Happy New decade Looking forward to it and all that it bring
  5. I’m going to see him today. Between the bureaucracy and weather he only got transferred in over night. From what I gather he needs a stint? More to follow. Thank you
  6. Quit telling everyone. You’ll ruin it for the rest of us
  7. K Thought if if was this week I could join you My regular partner in getting a heart tune up and done for the season
  8. Thanks for all of this Most of us ride and never take the time you’ve done to get the local feel for these areas. I know i will visit these areas with a different outlook now. Super stuff. Mike
  9. When are you looking at riding and for how long?
  10. Say it ain't the mom No need to worry about keeping to the right. Must be something weird going on in the area. My buddy had a heart attack on the trail yesterday. Last text i received from him was a picture of a straight stretch that said 100mph. Yes he's still alive and apparently in good spirits. They were at the warming hut about 60 miles from Matagami we think and the son was able to stand on his hood and get cell reception and called 911. Ambulance & Police arrived. Apparently there's a hospital in Amos, good to know. I believe he's being shipped by air or ambulance today to either Ottawa or Montreal for surgery. No apparent side effects but he will be disappointed as I'm guessing his season is over. Hope to visit with him in the next day. So back to the jail & Beavers, I know he'll want to hear the latest as well.