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  1. Let us know if you run into any others like this. Will be going in March, I think-hope Thanks
  2. This is a rare item as they are no longer offered Changes helmets a few years back and time to clean up $60 CA plus the ride PM if interested Thanks for looking
  3. MFGS are making bigger gauges as we are all getting old and loosing our eyesight I'm told
  4. Have been hearing a lot of good hype on the new Poo. Still for me I have to stay 4 stroke until I see better longevity on the 2s motors. Not sure if yours has the new gauge but its appartemtly pretty trick. Hopefully you're in the path of this snow that's on the move now.
  5. Update. So mystery man came good in that he sent all his license and other information to my buddy. Sled was registered in Indiana. As of late Sunday night he thinks the pass insurance will cover the damage. I'm pretty sure he's in for a rude a wakening on that. Also apparently he was the 2nd sled. 1 st was a 2 up and he was in the middle and ended up in the ditch per se shortly after having to swerve away from my buddy. At the end my buddy gave him his gas from the Linq so he would make it back to the truck with the other in tow. Buddy still waiting for adjuster and has accepted the fact he might have to ride a Doo rental for part or rest of the winter.
  6. Well in theory yes. But the guy apparently had no ID or papers with him. Sled wasn't his, borrowed from an American who likely left it this side of the border. My buddies insurance will cover his regardless but whether they get money from the guy who hit him is a question mark. Will know more later this week. Bad part is nothing moves fast these days and often parts are back ordered, new sleds in general are hard to find, most sold out as everyone wants toys this year. Riding season is very short.
  7. Apparently when his partner came back he started getting abusive with my friends until he realized his buddy screwed up Real class bunch
  8. My buddies went riding this weekend. He's the Cat guy in the picture. Apparently about 20 miles from Meekoo's the Doo came around the corner on the wrong side of the trail. How often do we see this crap. Anyways he's fine as not hurt. Just getting dribs of what happened so far. Apparently the Doo is a registered USA sled that he was using-borrowing. Anyone here missing a sled? Looks like both will be written off. They were able to get a room at Meekoo's for the night and will limp it back to the Cabano tomorrow or I'll get a call and collect them. On a better note when he was calling around this week most places were full for the weekend. Fer Cheval, 100 Lacs and Relais 22 and Cabano (not surprising). He was supposed to be at 100 Lacs and only got a room with a recent cancelation. Realis 22 gal said snow was very thin in their area and groomer had only passed once so far. Windigo apparently only opening in February. So all to say the weekends are holding up alright for our friends in the north. And lastly word was trails were great!!
  9. Does anyone know if there's a sled loading ramp at Forestel? Thinking of going solo next weekend and rather not pull the trailer if I can. Thanks
  10. There is a CAA sticker on the units. I believe its only claimable for Quebec residences though, was asking for a friend 😉
  11. That's why I prefer to ride more north and more remote where there's less of these newbies. As i am usually point man I often feel like a target in the busy areas.
  12. Microwave in the common area. We had a coffee pot and small bar fridge and set table for 2. We has the large room on the right at end with own bathroom as well. We also had our own trail side lunches. Probably saved a bunch of money doing it this way as well not that was our intentions. lol
  13. Our first Pandemic ride of the season. Considering lack of snow in many areas the map showed our best success for shortest commute would be the run from Saint Ann du lac to the Gouin. Map was showing green for go. We each drove up separately and met in Mt Laurier. Nothing available in Saint Ann as all booked. Comfort Inn was a happening place. Parking lot was full of trucks and sleds. Picture included. I thought at first they had Valet parking as there was an attendant. No he just there to tell us where to park so everyone could get in. Registration was easy but had to sign a form saying you're healthy and only people of same address in room. They gave you a list of restaurants that deliver. St Hubert was our choice. Spoke sort of to a guy, he's French I'm not and the gist was trails weren't very good but he had only gone local. Woke to find only a small amount of snow. Was disappointed as I had expected more. Off to Saint Ann to launch. Arrived and the lots & street were packed with rigs, more than I had seen before. Given this was one of the few areas its understood. Plan was the local up to the 13 and then 83. Off across the lake some slush but nothing of concern. Once off the lake the trail was used. I'm guessing the trails being good is like going to the bar and at the beginning she's a 5 and then as the nigh goes she becomes a 10. Well onwards. In fairness it did get better and some areas were actually good. Still rather be riding than sitting at home reading the latest on Quebec Rider 🙂 We stopped at Fer Cheval for gas. Wasn't overly busy. They have set up 2 fire areas to relax and warm up. take out was available and some enjoying a beverage. Pictures included. Off we go towards Parent. Trails OK until about 10 miles before. Once you're in more of the bush and off of the roads its big need of snow. We opted for the road where we could since there was a couple of inches of fresh. Gassed and grabbed a snack as it was lunch time. We were luck the weather was about -2 C which is pleasant. Decided with snow on the road to well take the road. Nice 60 miles of smooth running to the Gouin. Check in was easy and the same drill. Off to our room. They have the main entry-dining area closed off. Its just the lounge area where you enter-exit now. So it was room service Drinks started at 2;30, dinner we opted for 5;30. Place was booked for the night as well. Options was fish or chicken with a soup and desert. I opted for the chicken and sugar pie 😋 Picture included. If you are a group of 2 you had to eat in your room, we were 3 (buddy & son) so we could eat at the 1 table in the lounge but had to have masks if not eating. They also gave you your breakfast to put in the fridge for morning. The 2 fox came by for scraps. Sorry none from me. Woke the next morning to maybe 4-5 inches of new snow, picture attached. Nothing to make the day a challenge. We had planned on going back the way of 345,33 and 53 but we heard gas lines were long at Repos. Not surprised as Manawan is off limits. While we were getting short changed on the snow up north our spouses sent us pics of over a 1 foot at out places with the the note of Hurry home to clean please. So we hit the trail a bit earlier for us at 8 and went back the same route. No pictures today. Just gas & go. Road back was good. Did get startled when we came across the snow plow but the road is big enough for us all. Once we hit Parent and down trails with this new snow had really gone to shit. Oh well. It was interesting when we arrived back at the truck our 2 rigs were the only ones there at 1. Day before packed, next day empty. Must all been day riders. Typically many rigs with people out saddle bagging. Maybe it will change as more snow comes. Overall good run for the first of the season. With this new snow in many areas and colder temps this week it should only get better.
  14. Yes it appears a storm coming through many areas Saturday. While I don't like riding through storms looks like I'm heading to Barrage Grouin from Lac St Ann for Saturday night for my first ride of the season. Will be thinking of all of you as we break trail.