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  1. Hey something sled related to think about, days are getting shorter I'm told 19-20 Permit prices posted
  2. I don’t think it matters at this time of the year. We’re all so starved for sled talk we read everything:)
  3. Had 1 shield replaced this winter and enjoyed it. I think in the warmer spring weather which I never got to enjoy that this might me too warm. I found I needed to run it on high to keep it clear which when was cold was fine. Yes some would crack it open a bit but I find that defeats some of the reason I want this helmet is because its so quiet. Still really enjoyed it
  4. Mine came in English through a different provider today
  5. For some reason the pics not showing for me must be the poor wifi in spain will check it out when I’m back
  6. Just wondering if any of the gas can be installed to the top or is it to heavy?
  7. Do they ever But how will they look in 2 weeks when i'm back from Spain.....
  8. Nice pics & run for sure If i didn't have to go to Spain with the Wife I'd be riding!
  9. Never made it to that bridge yet question. Is the site lines good enough to see if others are coming or do they have those portable traffic light at each end:)
  10. Whats tbe date and where can we stay?
  11. so the Pavement smoked salmon is actually road kill?🤣
  12. I was there Friday nigh. Was tough finding a place to park the rig. Wow there's an incredible amount of snow this season and they just got upwards of 30cm more.
  13. Was at the Ravage Saturday night as well. No Tomahawks left for dinner 😞 Trails were excellent!
  14. Rode the trail on Saturday, Only 2 signs up. Not sure if others are gone for souvenirs Trail was in top shape!