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  1. Here's a recent article from Washington Post
  2. I used Trex years back. I like the appeal of not having to refinish. That being said i found its lost its luster-finish over time. That being said they say the newer product is apparently better. Not sure of the pricing today but what i found to be crazy is the price of those little plastic install clips you need to use. I ended up finding them in NY for considerably cheaper. I would use it again for sure. Might have to sell a sled to pay for a deck the size my wife would want. Stay well.
  3. Just listening and the Premier of New Brunswick is basically saying for now-summer unless the area you are coming from is good you won't be allowed in . Obviously winter is a ways off and this is not Quebec but a sign of possible times a head. I heard and not sure if it always works but that someone took off their front licence plate and passed through the Quebec check point. They have no front plates while most other provinces do and just assume you're one of their own.
  4. I was thinking of similar, but more of whats your favorite day loops. Next winter the good lord permitting I am looking at changing some from saddlebag runs to having a base and doing loops. I know Miker is the expert on the RDL sector but wondering if others have more areas and good options. One of my favorite trails if Le Domaine to Val D'or The original Lepine Road trail was a favorite and frankly any part of the 83
  5. Well on a positive note the Province of Quebec today announced some openings and other provinces are starting as well. Trails still closed in case you were hoping for a late run.
  6. Maybe your dream retirement job-business awaits you Mike, 🙂 Lets hope its not so
  7. On a more positive note; The first link now wants you to open an account, Considering they are making an immediate production run of this while still testing makes me think they are on to something. We can only hope & pray. But then I get a bit worried for quick tests. For those of you who have not seen "I am Legend;" the movie here is the outline; Clinical trials to begin this week as Oxford researchers race to develop COVID-19 vaccine The testing is expected to take several months, but the researchers have already teamed up with seven manufacturers in Britain, Europe, India and China to produce one million doses by September and millions more by the end of the year Here's another story on it
  8. In Canada the banks at least are letting you defer like Vic wants and extending your mortgage for up to 6 months. That being said I here its only for home owners and not rental properties so there's likely a few small landlords who will be in trouble. Business wise the government has some money plans being rolled out but really aren't well geared for all the small business man/woman in my opinion. In the end I would say the hospitality industry is going to be hurt the most. Even if things start opening up soon there's likely still a lot of fear from people to go back to a sit down restaurant and even then they will likely have to social distance so it won't be full. We need a vaccine period to get things back to normal. That being said I will still be willing and happy to go and give as much business as i can in the Abitibi, LSJ and Gaspe regions if they let me 🙂
  9. Warning for Language Ticked Off Vic: A Message to the Government |
  10. Ok but what will those numbers look like if nothing was done?
  11. For the most part its the people who want to put money above human lives who are bitching the most. Yes there's a lot of average people being hurt and would like to get back to work. I think most understand the situation. Lamb forgets that we are doing this so the rate is not spiking and significantly more numbers dying. Yes I don;t like this as much as anyone else but like a lot of things in life put your time in and you will get rewarded. Hold the line folks. Trump lost about a billion i understand.
  12. Ya I couldn't care less about the magic but those chicks, I mean ladies soldiers are quite something! I certainly couldn't shoot them, Interrogate absolutely.
  13. I'n not sure I would call it compensation yet. It appears to be more of tax deferral and interest free loans for a period of time. Changes daily so we'll see. I hope as many will need help. That being said our kids will e paying this forever.