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  1. Team Travels

    Negril is great r u at Hedo? stayed next to it once many? years back wild stories from there Wife said no to going over lol She doesn’t come sledding either, more of lets say a conservative person enjoy but leave the cliff jumping to the locals
  2. My new Mistress...from the beginning.

    Cool rig for sure but im thinking that’s going to keep you busier next winter
  3. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Wow Those are prize winning shots of the night skies
  4. Season Finally Mont Valin May 12th 13th

    Anxiously waiting
  5. Mourning no more

    You have to pass my place on your way to Mt Laurier just sayin
  6. Mourning no more

    yes I've got a few boxes of goodies for the summer sled project. Like you shore1066 I'm not going to sit around when friends cant make it but get out and ride next year. Some great conditions were missed and I'm getting older so now is the time.
  7. Thanks for this i was really hoping it was over but now I’m thinking maybe one more ride.......
  8. A winter that doesn't want to die.

    Yes but will they groom
  9. A winter that doesn't want to die.

    This past weekend Left The Roqe and went to the chalets & spa The 83 west was not really open all the way, fyi Mt Apica is CLOSED. That presented a problem since we said lets not stop at L'Etape and gas at Apica Fortunately there were some sleds carrying gas and we traded a belt that a guy on a yami needed and made it north to Hebertiville
  10. Mt Valin

    Im heading to St Raymond tomorrow night and sledding north Saturday morning no destination yet. Will see where the trails take us
  11. She's Warming Up : (

    I think the fat lady is going to back off. I just received an email alert for Mont Sainte Anne saying 28cm in last 24hrs Lets ride!
  12. Val d’or

    Balbuzard closed already. Clova I believe is also closed and im not sure about gas as i heard they were out lac faillon is nice place and has gas. About 6 hour ride up from le domaine if you’re starting from there
  13. St Raymond Clubhouse?

    Perfect thanks
  14. St Raymond Clubhouse?

    When u leave the Rouqumont going north a few minutes down the trail u pass what i think is the clubhouse. Is it and if so how do you get there by truck? Thinking next weekend leaving from there as trail usually much better at this time of season than the hotel. Thanks Mike
  15. parent area

    yes but beware. I've tried calling Clova yesterday and today, no answer. Called Balbuzard and they are closed. I forgot to ask if anyone there to sell gas. So best to call around and see where you can eat, gas and sleep. I'm sure Parent is a go being that its a town.