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  1. Man Down

    Get ya rest and get ready for the season! Be well ice...
  2. Valcourt

    We are putting in at Drummonville tonight, and riding towards RDL. I've heard the snow is good, trails are groomed, according to FCMQ.
  3. Suggested Tour guide?

    Hey Ice, I’ll be your wingman! Sounds like my kind of work!
  4. Hotel Bernieres, St Nicholas, Levis

    Hi Tom, couple of us are thinking of leaving from Berniers this Friday and heading up and around Gaspie. Thoughts on leaving from Berniers?
  5. BRP Synthetic 2 stroke oil

    Hi, the medium skidoo linq bag easily holds 4 quarts of oil. And I would take that. I've done longish tours and bought oil wherever I find it, and leave the ones I brought only for emergency. Oil consumption on the new 850 not as good as the 800 I find so better to be safe. And absolutely tape the lids. They will leak even if unopened which can be a real pain.
  6. 2/ 2017 UPA Trail closures

    Its over, for now. Minister just suspended tax program, let's ride!
  7. Adventures of Team Iceman

    We are headed to onatchaway, then prolly down to la baie.
  8. Adventures of Team Iceman

    Hey Ice! Couple of us are right with you! Took same route yesterday from l Etape. We stayed in hotel Jardin last night. Planning route today. Look for us. Will do same. Blue jacket, orange doo. Skidooccio out.
  9. Gaspesien Adventures

    Great picture boss! I love it! Tells the whole story :)
  10. Season Opener 2016 GO TO THE SNOW!

    These pictures are killing me, we will be there this Saturday!
  11. 2016 Jack & Sandi's trip

    For all of us getting ready to ride, your reports are excellent! Keep up the good work and thanks!
  12. It's for Real

    A little thin :(
  13. It's for Real

    Long summer, lol, but I stand ready to ride! Traded in the Hamburglar sled, and replace with all black, back to basics.
  14. It's for Real

    Hey Iceman! Very entertaining thread, thanks for pushing it along Here's hoping to see you on the trails real soon!
  15. Gaspesien Adventures

    These reports are fantastic, and solo no less! Courage...