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  1. Right on, I've been riding 5000 miles a year in Quebec areas, for the last 10+ years. Most of the time on a Skidoo Renegade. I live in southern NH. Don't smoke, light drinker. I may not be the best or fastest trail rider (whatever that means :)), but I won't hold up the group. Typically on the sled by 9ish, off by 6ish, love stopping at clubhouses along the way, especially for lunch! Its about the smiles, not the miles. Oh yeah, and I'll ride just about anywhere...
  2. Agreed, signaling is a false sense of something, but I'm not sure what??? If the last guy signals that he is the last guy in his group, what does that mean? Now there are no other groups coming??? Never! You always ride as if someone else is coming, be safe people! Stay to the right at all times...its simple.
  3. Hey QR peeps, seems my riding partners have vanished this year, and riding solo isn’t my best idea, so just wondering if there are like minded riders out there. I’ve got plenty of seat time, so I won’t hold you up. Was hoping to do a short trip this Sunday Feb 23 through Thursday Feb 27? Always fun to branch out and meet new people.
  4. Do it, great place to start from, I'll show you 🙂
  5. Yes I gassed up there a couple of weeks ago. Quite nice and easy access.
  6. 2500 miles on it so far. Some pretty extreme Québec conditions. Absolutely no issues. If it gets close to ice or fog, I plug it in and it’s perfect. Best helmet for me ever.
  7. Thank goodness! All is now right with the world 🙂
  8. I was told it is a land owner issue.
  9. As of last Wednesday, it was closed.
  10. Yes, it should be, but when 3 branches off after the small warming hut, it had not been groomed at all, then after st simeon, it turned to a singletrack, which brought us to a camp access (I figured that would happen based on the type of sled track), so then we broke trail for several miles, then back to a singletrack, which only brought us to another camp access, then the trail turned bad, and GPS showed we were still at least 15 miles from the ferry, so we turned back, since it was getting late. I was told by another group that it is a landowner issue that has not been resolved yet, at least as of last Wednesday.
  11. Did you go through your dealer for this? Mine did not know about it?
  12. I've got 1450 miles on my O2 helmet, and I have had no real issues. It iced up once bad, but the freezing precip could not be beat by anyone in my group. I'm coming from a Bvs2, and although that helmet was very good, I'd say this one is better, due to the field of view and ease of operation, does not seem to be as finicky. Most of my miles have been without it plugged in, but when things get interesting, or super cold at night, plugging it in has always kept the shield clear. It's a lot of money, but at this point, I'd say it is worth it.
  13. Be careful on the 3 past St Simeon, trail closure was in place last Wednesday, we could not pass to get to the Taddoussac ferry, friends of ours had to flatbed to the ferry crossing. Not good. We ended up doubling back and setting out the next am on an alternate route up to Valin.
  14. Get ya rest and get ready for the season! Be well ice...