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  1. Anyone know the story why the 63 from Classic to Le Domaine remains closed as of Jan. 13th? This section of trail surely has had snow for a month, and is largely bush roads. Downed trees from ice to blame, and lack of volunteers would be my first guess? Midrange, I assume u know the story? Heading somewhere near that area Friday AM... Thx
  2. Might even been worse than 0.15% ( 0.015% ) ... I missed the "to the exponent of -4" at the right the calculator... but ya, it simply further solidifies my argument the the ON gov is giving next to nothing back to support sledding.. $500K is a joke compared to the $ spent/taxed in the industry. I believe $3.3B was on the high end of the est., but never the less the % is extremely small regardless. Again... thankful we have the quebec option
  3. Yes, we are fortunate to have QC nearby, as mother nature is not being kind to Ontario and south. Then on the funding front, QC drop $3 million on the one single project, a new trail near Tremblant to connect two sections( that is now held up by politics ), meanwhile Ontario in Sept. 2019 offers $500K a year, in a on-going funding agreement to share across the whole freaking province. Ontario sledders are getting screwed IMO. The same press release stated sledding generates up to $3.3 Billion/year in ON. My math says the govie is giving back 1.5% .... what tax is %1.5? Sledders buy gas and booze... both taxed closer to what 20/30/40% and we get 1.5% back! I can't be happy with that deal. Just got in from cutting local trails... nothing open so I keep brushing trails to get outside... makes the evening pints taste better with football. Pics are of one of our local swamps west of Ottawa that I just spent some time in... now in prime shape as we have the cattails all dealt with to let the frost in .. trail "BEAST 206" - large
  4. All green as of the Sunday AM update on the map.
  5. Well, they must have had some success as the 386 from Swisha north is marked as Open/Fair today. Volunteers are starting on the 43 from Temiscaming today heading east towards Swisha... another 100 mile stretch of various logging roads to tackle. A few more years before my kids are older and I have the freedom to get out on just jobs. For now I am relegated to smaller trail jobs closer to home.
  6. From the Pingouins Club FB page. There is ice damage with many hanging trees to clear. From what I see the groomer has been through once.. but I assume there is a real mess to clean up. I am still tied up marking my own trails around Ottawa west as the call for volunteers has not filled all the holes yet. For those that are depressed with the lack of snow, this is a great way to get outside and burn off the Christmas turkey. ------------------------------------------------- UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will need the help of volunteers to assist with the cleanup in Rapides des Joachims (Swisha) next weekend (December 28 / 29). Crew will meet in Swisha @ 8AM. There is overnight lodging available at Moose Territory Lodge (100km above Siwsha). You will need to bring sleeping bags and food if you wish to stay overnight. Text Brian Dubeau at 613-639-5043 for more information. Please let us know if you can help Thank you in advance...
  7. The is the same thing that occurred around the Sudbury region 20 years ago, particularly the west side. Endless lodges closing so next to nowhere for sledders to stop at. Unfortunate. A few friends ran some of those lodges, and gov. red tape had a part to play. Just setting up a fuel tank in the corner of a parking lot to pump gas had thousands of $ in protective barriers, inspections, etc... all to be used for 2, or 3 months max.... very hard to get your $ return back. The endless push for safety has no bounds.
  8. Val-D'or has/had a groomer based in Le Domaine. With the buildings there torn down this fall.. not sure the 2020 plan? For the south 386 ... there is groomer based in Swisha. 386 north groomer seems to come from Val-D'or area Nothing based @ the Pavilion in the past.. but would be great/central if there was ... with keen operators of course to keep it on the snow! Yes, the 386 is awesome when smooth.. hence so frustrating when rough and the groomers are parked/broken/etc. Grooming stopped last year before the snow even began to melt, which again was not ideal, but with few club members in a remote area that is all we can expect I guess.
  9. Thx for the info CNC and midrange. The grooming history shows Val'Dor already did a first pass on the 386 heading to La Verendrye ( but trail is still marked as closed ). That is well ahead of some years. I had bad luck(not smooth) with the 386 last year south of the pavilion. Maybe the lack of over-nighters will lighten the load on the trail, assuming the same frequency of grooming. It is a tough go to groom being 100 miles each way out of Swisha.
  10. There was an french article by CBC radio a few weeks back ( can't find it - came from Temiscaming FB page I think ) where some quebec tourism person was quoted as saying there are many options to stay around the La Verendrye park. Will have to ask them... as none of us know of any winter options! Looks like Trout Lk Lodge is also closed for the winter now as well. This is a horrible loss as this area has great snow. I would have hoped for the opposite where the QC tourism supplements the seasonal workers wage to entice employment in the remote area. This is based the rumour that lack of workers is the reason for not offering overnight accommodations.
  11. Put up a sound wall just like highways do to replace the trees that were cut, light up the stop signs/driveways for good visibility.. done deal.
  12. Man.. would have liked to swing into QC more time the last two weeks but the stars did not align for me this spring. U make it back up yesterday as planned?
  13. Might be a day too late with this... but. 1: There is a nice large bridge here the 386 heads north 2: Don't take this local orange trail unless you like up/down/twisty Lots of downhill from 2 - 3 3: intersection is a Y... might not be marked as a trail ( orange was not groomed last year.. possibility was this year ) L - Gas @ Lances easy to find. - last 5 miles into Lances is road(but usually perfect) ... only 1 small bush section just before town.
  14. So, we did the trip as planned.. .Meekos, Kanawata, and CanadaAdventure. 95% perfect trails and awesome weather! St Micheal des Saints was no issue Sat afternoon.. a few bumps the last 30km once the 360/33 met.. but we just ran the Manawan Road between lodges. Smooth and ice covered. The 345 out of Repo was marked as the 33 over and over until we hit the local 20. That thru us for a loop as the paper map we had was incorrect and showed the 33 T off the 345. Gassed up at Auberge Du lac Taureau .... 145 miles from Kanawata... 3 800/850 Poo 40.6 to 44.9L, 800 Cat. 39.9, 850 Doo 34L so the Poo were maxed out with 45.4 L tank. We had spare gas on board if needed. 345 was best trail of the trip IMO. 63 over Tremblant also nice.. but first 25 miles on the east was in need of a groom Sunday AM My 800 Poo died 30 miles from the truck Sunday... 5900 miles... only got 700 miles out of the last rebuild. Super happy this did not occur east of Parent Friday evening! All in all very happy... tons of snow of course, that is a given, and superb effort to groom, and sign the corners.
  15. Sounds like bad news to me.... Temiscaming club has an active FB account.. ping them. I would be avoiding it... long trail if rough... beauty when groomed. Take the 386 to La Verendrye Pavilion instead.. or on to Trout Lk if V is full. Depends on your full weekend plan???