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  1. scorpionbowl

    What is your favorite snowmobile gloves?

    Not sure this is advice, just what I do. For sure, any glove with a built in liner is useless, try getting wet/moist hands into them, not easy. Maybe a separate liner into another glove is a good idea, but I haven’t tried it. When it’s cold, say 10F or less, i use gauntlets with thin gloves like manzella. This has a lot of advantages, thin gloves make the hand warmer very effective, during most stops you can leave the gloves on (maps, pictures, etc) and most importantly, I can keep one finger on the brake for extended periods of time. Maybe gauntlets are another debate, and u need the right ones for sure. Once above 10F or so, I use slightly thicker wind proof gloves alone that still allow easy one finger breaking. Either way, I always carry gauntlets in case I need them, or a thick pair of gloves in case the hand warmers break. Except the one time I forgot my gauntlets on a very cold railbed run and Florida Snowman loaned me his gloves till his hands got too cold, lol.
  2. scorpionbowl

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    But that was probably a lost day riding, which is priceless. Marty's sled was fine today, one time it took a few tries but we only have one more day to go. Got us thinking, why can't you tow the sled to start it instead of the rope?
  3. scorpionbowl

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Hi Jack, that's a funny thing because Marty's 850 did the same thing yesterday, but didn't have a problem on day 1, both similar weather days. I had a similar problem years ago with my 600 Etec. Grime must get in the starter, and it won't always pop out to engage the gear on the clutch. Starting a couple times usually ends up working. When it gets bad you can spray grease on it while starting it or give it a tap with a make shift hammer.
  4. scorpionbowl

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Levis to RDL, 270 miles. 75 to 55 to 35 to 5 all perfect 10 except for minor drifting in the fields. Beautiful day, wicked base on the trails, pulled out 2 Canucks. if u think it's cold u picked the wrong sport. We usually only stop for gas, but I was able to get one pic, didn't get a pic of the amazing sunset into the hotel.
  5. scorpionbowl

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    I want to say 16" is the only width for the 137" skidoo ice cobra, so you may get it by default. Mine is 3 years old, so maybe they have both now...
  6. scorpionbowl

    Upcoming trip

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that cheap, maybe they raised the prices on the burgers, lol.
  7. scorpionbowl

    When will it stop?

    I’m surprised more people haven’t had these encounters given all the high mile riders here. It is surprising that more of these encounters happen here in the US, specifically NH & VT, I have no experience in ME, but presumably it’s because in Quebec the wilderness to civilization ratio is so large compared to the states. For sure the Quebec gold mine for moose on snowmobile trails is the 595 on the Gaspe, North of La Cache, the moose crap on the trail is evidence enough. Everywhere else I’ve been in Quebec, it seems more like a random encounter. Here’s what I do and recommend, but will appreciate other thoughts. Most of the time when u first see the moose, stop as soon as possible, and most of the time he will start running away from you, down the trail. The one time this didn’t happen for me was in VT on a small trail to a mountain lookout, it was a beautiful warm blue sky day and a young moose was sleeping in the trail. Once he got up, I nudged him along the trail, starting and stopping several times until we got to the top and it was easy to wonder off, maybe 15 minutes for a mile. For most cases, when the moose starts running away, maybe 75% of the time, they will dart left/right into the woods in a 1/4 mile or so, great for everyone. The other 25% or so is the problem, and is usually an issue when the snow is very deep. In this case, there are four options, first is the topic in this post, chase it till it dies, second encourage it to get off trail, third drive by it, or fourth turn around. Encouraging the moose off the trail seems to work well for me. Once he starts running away from you, stop and wait, preferably when he gets over a hill or around a corner where he can’t see you. After a couple minutes at least, start up the sled and ride up on him again, he will likely just continue down the trail. Keep repeating this until he gives up and goes in the woods or you give up and resort to the other options. Only twice did I need another option, once was on the 595 on the Gaspe, I believe that trip was with smclelan (?) and it wasn’t a long encounter till an open field where it was somewhat safe to pass. The worst was by club scott where starting and stopping went on for well over a half hour with no end in sight, at that point you know the moose a little and take a chance at passing him on the trail in full stride, not knowing if he will dart right into u as u approach when he gets startled. It’s scary, but at least it’s almost a fair battle between man and moose, we would either both get very injured or both walk away. I can’t recommend that technique, it’s just what I chose. The other cases I can’t speak to are, during the encounter the moose charges you, this seems to happen to groomer often, lol, or a sled arrives from the other direction.
  8. scorpionbowl

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    It’s a good thing I’m administrator, I’ll just take the money from the moderator budget, lol. And as a further show of appreciation, we will throw in a year supply of film for your camera, color, no less...
  9. scorpionbowl

    When will it stop?

    Post your tips for getting around them here, I could use some. I ended up passing two in the trail, that's like Russian roulette and scares the hell out of you. Once in VT and once near Club Scott he wouldn't get out of the trail using my technique, chase them around the corner, shut off the sled and wait, repeat...I wonder if an air horn would work?
  10. FYI, C&T Powersports has just signed up to support QR for another two years. For those who aren't familiar with them, they are a local, small business that make tools and accessories for all Ski-Doo sleds. They only focus on Ski-Doo sleds, because that is what they ride and know. For those who like to maintain, tweak, and tinker with their own sleds, this is the business, anything from clutching, gearing, brakes, engine, steering and traction. Let's thank them for their support...
  11. scorpionbowl

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    I have the ice ripper 1.6” with about 3500 miles on it. Love the track but I noticed at least one outside lug has torn off.
  12. Not sure if we’ve ever had this yearly topic, so hopefully it’s short, but it should be informative. From various Facebook posts, it seems like two sleds were stolen from a trailer at auberge la cuillere a pot in St. Donat, some time overnight 12/29/2018.
  13. scorpionbowl

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    Good point, I just have my truck with no trailer so I can park anywhere. I would think you would find something along the way in La Baie, In St Felix the gas stop used to have a restaurant, but now it’s just a credit card pump last time I was there, so you could probably park there, others may know better...
  14. scorpionbowl

    2019 Jack & Sandi's trips

    It’s going to be a zoo up there for sure. For at least one day, I would consider the black trail to La Baie or St. Felix to get you to the Claremont express, you know it’ll be great and quiet around there.
  15. scorpionbowl

    Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    That’s in the middle of nowhere, were u looking for Santa? Did u take the truck or ATV or reindeer?