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  1. This should be in the French forum, but for the English speaking folks, this is 4-12” of snow in the sweet spot from Sunday to Monday 🤪
  2. Hi Groomer, Nice to see u r doing well. Maybe I’ve missed it, but what do u plan on doing this winter without grooming?
  3. Not sure if I will do it, but if I do, trail days would be Monday to Thursday...
  4. Since it seems clear that riding in Quebec this year will be limited to Quebec residents and a select few, it seems best to create a new set of forums to address this new reality. So we ask that you try to adhere to the following guidelines... - Continue to contribute to the original QR forums with experiences or information specific to riding in Quebec. This could be trail reports or useful information from those stuck outside Quebec. - COVID specific medical or political discussions should be in the general discussion sub-topic. - Advice or experiences on how to get to and ride in Quebec this season should also be in general discussions. - For those Canadian residents who can’t ride in Quebec but would like to discuss other options or their experiences in their province, please use the CA residents forum. - For those US residents who can’t ride in Canada but would like to discuss other options or their experiences riding stateside, please use the US residents forum.
  5. For sure there’s no spot for typical Quebec riders in the states and it’s not an easy transition to make if u need to. I’m fortunate that I have a home and off grid camp in Vermont and I’m perfectly happy acting like the people we see in la tuque and monts valin who load up there sleds with all the supplies they need for the weekend. its very similar to what groomer posts about his camp. You load up all the food, beverage and supplies u need. Once u ride into camp it’s probably 10 degrees inside, so u light the wood stove and start to unpack and settle in. Before u know it, it’s 80 inside and dinner is ready, as are the drinks. After an early breakfast, u get in a good ride before the crowd comes out. Later in the day, you ride to all the other local camps and socialize. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed and look forward to doing, even more so this year...
  6. Do you see many moose in the water? There’s a pond near my camp where they like to eat some sort of plant, like a lily pad, all you see is their head sticking up.
  7. Heard the extension is now 9/21/2020.
  8. The comet is higher now, but starting to fade. Took a close up shot, and had another shot with a meteor in it. You can tell it’s a meteor and not a satellite, because the color changes as it enters the atmosphere. These are likely the last shots of the comet, but there is a meteor shower coming up.
  9. Should be right under and near the Big Dipper...
  10. Some may recognize this spot in northern Vermont, from last night.
  11. It’s much easier to see at night, for now anyway. A couple hours after sunset look just above the horizon where the sun set.
  12. Add another month, now it's August 21...
  13. Anyone in a dark location might get a chance to see a comet over the next week or two. It’s transitioning from the morning sky to evening sky over the next day or so. It’s more convenient to see just after sunset, since before sunrise is extremely early. Right now it’s just over the horizon to the NW, so u need good long distance views in that direction. The good news is that it gets higher in the sky every day, the bad news is that it gets dimmer every day. After sunset it will be at its highest elevation and move below the horizon as it gets darker, but the good news is there is no moonlight at that time. i took this picture Friday morning around 3:45am. It’s looking northeast, The brightness in the sky is from the sunrise and moonlight even thought it was still dark out. It wasn’t visible to the naked eye due to the light pollution, but now that I’m back home I’m hoping to get better pictures at night, but the weather forecast isn’t that good. Maybe @groomer, @ckf and others can also get a shot...
  14. Just in case, I’ve reserved Quebec residents will only be able to join if the trail system doesn’t open.