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  1. Finally a solution! See u at the QR gathering next month...
  2. Good luck breaking down in Chibougamau with one of those. Maybe it would be fixed by the next season...
  3. We should be discussing if the border will be open next season....
  4. Looks like you do better at keeping the sled out of the rhubarb compared to the ATV and groomer, you should use it more, lol.
  5. off in the rhubarb again, just like when you were grooming 🤪. At least you don’t need an excavator anymore to get you out...
  6. Been to this one Mark, when it was closed...
  7. This is just another crazy politician looking to move up the hierarchy. This and self-driving cars are 30 years away, anyway...
  8. Isn’t the phone booth next to the porch, left side?
  9. This should be in the French forum, but for the English speaking folks, this is 4-12” of snow in the sweet spot from Sunday to Monday 🤪
  10. Hi Groomer, Nice to see u r doing well. Maybe I’ve missed it, but what do u plan on doing this winter without grooming?
  11. Not sure if I will do it, but if I do, trail days would be Monday to Thursday...