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  1. Love that place. Hopefully they saved the velvet Elvis picture.
  2. The habs are just using Covid as an excuse, there aren’t any fans because they suck ass this year 😂
  3. After Nov 30, Canadians going to the US [for short visits] won't need a test. I haven't heard anything about changing the test requirements for US citizens going to Canada.
  4. FYI, I don't see any posts deleted in this topic.
  5. Bridge looks a little short 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Here are some various Northern Quebec webcams... https://meteochicoutimi.com/cameras-en-direct
  7. Starting in November [likely], vaccinated Canadians can travel to the US by car, train, etc. You don't need a negative test, unlike the idiotic Canadian government requirement.
  8. COVID testing will cost more than the permit!
  9. I hope it’s higher up than that bridge, or else it won’t last very long...
  10. Just creating a new topic for people to share their latest border crossing experiences. It’ll be nice to see who’s the first... Any tips on how to manage the crossing will also be useful, especially the negative test, and where to get the test, and at a reasonable price. Maybe iceman or other residents can chime in, but it seems like they will use the app and your cell phone to track you while in Canada? I would definitely delete the app when you cross, and if possible, shut off that phone and use another.
  11. Your memory is still good for QR’s oldest active member 🤪
  12. So you old-timers must know the name before it was Roquemont? Certainly super old-timer Iceman does...
  13. Always a QR favorite. Anything new next door?
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