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  1. Let’s welcome QR’s newest advertiser, the Hotel Universel in Rivière du Loup. For anyone who wants to tour the Gaspe, this is the perfect starting point since it’s easily accessible by truck off of highway 20, with secure parking and all of the amenities of a large city and hotel. The city and hotel are easily accessible by many different snowmobile trails and all of the major sled dealers are nearby. The amenities are too long to list, but include secure parking, two restaurants, indoor pool and spa, WiFi, and great television. The hotel has over 200 rooms, but you should still make reservations, especially on weekends and holidays. On your visit to the Universel, don’t be surprised to run into fellow Quebecrider members, and feel free to chat about your trip in the forums.
  2. Shield Heater Tester

    I haven't seen a new member popup, did he try to sign up? That is probably the best place to start while we work on updating the advertiser page. There's also a "Contact us" link at the bottom of the forum home page that should work.
  3. Advertising Input

    FYI for those interested...there have been almost 2,000 registered users since day 1. Over the last year there have been about 400 active members. During the peak season, there are up to 125 active members in a day, with 85 members active on a typical winter day.
  4. Advertising Input

    That works because u know what quebecrider is, someone seeing that on the counter wouldn’t know if it’s snowmobiles, atvs, or motorcycles. The ad was just an example if a business wants there own. The generic one could have the larger code like you’ve shown.
  5. Advertising Input

    I've tried putting together the various ideas. I'm not sure of the sizing for the qr code, maybe someone else knows. I've shown the saquenay club ad on the card but we don't have that finalized. Any other thoughts or comments? Once we finalize something, we can get a french version made up also, or maybe French on one side English on the other, but that sounds expensive. In the US we can get 500 standard cards for $10, unless someone knows of other deals...
  6. Season Opener 2018

    That stretch of 355 is always perfect, it’s the north stretch that always sucks...for me anyway. happy trails...
  7. Ice scratchers

    Too many problems when u leave them on all the time. I keep a pair in my bag and the time u need them it only takes a wrench and 30 seconds to put one on. You only need one, so if that breaks, you also have a backup.
  8. la cache !!!!

    I wonder if its rating will be upgraded to 2-stars. Only 1-star rating I’ve ever seen, proudly displayed anyway...they are top notch in my book...
  9. Hi Garyw

    I need to get the PayPal option up on my Trail Pass post.  Can you do iot?  I asked John several weeks ago to please do it but it hasn't happened yet.  If I knew how I would do it myself but I don't know.

    Thanks, Bill

    1. Saguenay Bill

      Saguenay Bill

      Sorry about the w after your name.

  10. 240Km New Trails North Of Lac St Jean!!!!

    That’s not the trail, if it was, that loop would be about 2000km
  11. 100.00$$$ question for webmaster !!!

    Groomer has carte blanche, I think that's the saying. Maybe try for a few days and see if it changes. If it's a fundamental problem and not a glitch, I'll check with my boss...
  12. Site Usage Data

    Since we are entering the quiet season for QuebecRider, I figured I'd post what the activity looks like over the entire year. The graph below shows the weekly number of new posts over time...
  13. Season Opener 2017

    That ain't the best place to roll the dice 🎲🎲...
  14. QR Upgrade issues...

    You can mark the site as read, so after, when u click unread content the list will be empty until new stuff comes up. Is that what u mean?
  15. A few days around Saguenay (12/28-1/1/17)

    Not much to get excited about from the map above but we decide to check imotoniege and head south to 3. It doesn't take long to see 16" of powder plus new drifting from the wind, so we have to backtrack. Imotoniege shows the C900 groomed half way which doesn't make sense since he doesn't turn around there, he goes to the 252 intersection. Starting out is perfectly groomed, one pan wide, so he hasn't returned. We ride on, skies are getting blue and the wind strong. We meet the groomer turning around and on the sat phone, probably updating imotoniege. Of course no one has touched th 93 or 252 from there, so we bust through drifts back to chapelle. After a quick break we expect hell to Valinouet, but lucked out because the groomer made one pass and was getting ready to turn around. Today was one of those brochure days where around every corner was a view you would see in an ad...