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  1. Just in case, I’ve reserved Quebec residents will only be able to join if the trail system doesn’t open.
  2. Latest rumors around northern vt are that the border will be closed for the rest of year. I heard the July extension well before it was announced, just not sure they would stretch it that far instead of month to month.
  3. May be worth starting another topic for this. When u park, u may want to back in and put a gone fishing plate over your front plate, especially coming from a hot spot. We won’t know how remote u really are unless u r offline for a week. Groomer probably has better internet at his camp than most of us, lol.
  4. Not sure what that bird is, but it ain’t no loon. Sounds like u have a good trip planned, let us know how it goes and good luck...
  5. TBK! Most people know not to mess with an admin...
  6. This topic is a good idea! We all have met several friends on QR who all have the same common interest of snowmobiling, This pandemic effects us all in different ways, so having a place to debate, discuss, and share our experiences is important. Let’s try to limit these discussions to this thread, and if you think it’s not adequate, please get in touch with one of the staff and we will try to make additional changes.
  7. No shortage of TP or sanitizer over the last 5 days in Charlivoux/Saguenay. Just a shortage of grooming...
  8. No need for scratchers today, Claremont to st Raymond. Things should be good till the next serious warmup or rain.
  9. FYI, the Claremont express is a pile of garbage today. And more important, the Casino is closed at the Fairmont.
  10. Ok warming, world peace, and this topic won’t be solved in this thread. One thing everyone here has in common is safety, so let’s all ride safe, have fun, and accept our differences...
  11. Hopefully they get the bill. No indication of bad weather, sounds like inexperience and bad decisions. Take your gps and cell phones back to tug hill guys...
  12. Chapelle opens this Friday for the season, grooming should start around then, for about 4 sections of trail anyway.
  13. I'll look into this, but it looks like you have over 180MB of space available, and you haven't even used 1MB.
  14. Actually, after another drink...these intrepid guys promote 1 week trips, so NB is a lot cheaper compared to Quebec. Who needs Quebec’s 12,000 miles of trails for a 1 week trip? If NB could promote a few 1500 mile 7-day loops for $125ca versus $220 for Quebec they might have something...
  15. NB has a big challenge, in general they are the most expensive to ride per mile based on trail passes, by far. People only have so much to time to ride, so unless u r a high miler, why go there? Quebec is a far superior trail system, and nearby Maine is a ton cheaper than Canada.